What Are Heat Guns Used For

What Are Heat Guns Used For?

Heat guns are commonly used to blow hot air and you can find them in labs, workshops, and engineering applications. It is an amazing tool to strip paint or wallpaper, remove product labels, soften super glue, apply vehicle decals, thaw frozen pipes, remove flooring, repair furniture, and more.

These are some of the common uses of heat guns that you get to see around. But there are plenty of areas where heat guns are used even by professionals. Still, if you are wondering what are heat guns used for, continue reading the post to learn more about it.

What are heat guns used for?

There is no denying that heat guns are one of the most underrated tools. When you work with the correct nozzles, heat guns are incredibly versatile and can speed up your project. A heat gum looks almost the same as that of a hairdryer.

While it is the perfect machine to blow hot air, heat guns blow much hotter air. Here are some jobs where you can manage with a heat gun.

1. Removing old wallpaper

As said, heat guns are effective when it comes to softening the glue. That way, it can be used to remove old wallpaper because it melts the glue and detaches the paper from the wall.

Heat guns are specifically helpful on highly textured or woodchip paper that contains many layers of paint. And, they are always when it comes to soaking liquids. However, when you undertake such a task, maintain caution because there might be a fire risk.

2. Stripping paint

When it is about stripping old paint from woodwork or certain furniture, heat guns are quite effective. That’s because they are the best alternative to harsh chemicals or other types of paint solvents.

That way, it makes heat guns a safer and eco-friendly solution. Besides, stripping paint can be much quicker compared to paint solvents because they take more time to become effective and might not produce satisfying results. Also, you need to repeat treatments several times.

3. Shrink wrapping

If you want to shrink wrapping, nothing can be compared to the versatility of using heat guns. They are quick and deliver results instantly. However, be careful though because how quickly it works might amaze you.

4. Shrink plastic tubing

Heat guns work wonders when you are thinking about shrinking plastic tubing or connectors. Moreover, with a little practice, you can make good use of a wire coil and heat gun to bend pieces of PVC pipes. As such, you don’t have to use any kind of elbow joints or adhesives.

Besides, if you are good at it, that will speed up jobs. That’s because you don’t have to wait for the sealant to dry or impress your plumber otherwise so that you can have that connector you forgot to purchase.

5. Dry painting

If you don’t have the time to quickly dry the paint you have applied, heat guns are the best tools that you can have. The best part is that heat guns are useful especially when there is a risk of dust or debris getting in the drying paint.

Sometimes, even people can touch it and that ruins everything. While heat guns can rescue you from the situation, keep in mind not to get too close to the paint. If that happens, the chances of getting the paint burnt increase.

6. Tarpaulin and plastic welding

No doubt heat guns are the best tools when you need to create a strong, lasting bond in different types of plastics. When you use a few strips of welding rods and a heat gun, you can weld anything from floor tiles to PVC pipes.

However, even if you are looking to join two tarpaulins, simply overlap them and apply heat on their sides by using a specialized slit nozzle. After it becomes hot and starts melting, gently press the heated sides together by using a roller.

To prevent your hands from burning, ensure that you are wearing heat-resistant gloves.

7. Soften adhesives and glues

When you intend to raise the temperature on an adhesive or glue so that it softens and you can remove it effortlessly, heat guns are quite helpful in this aspect. The best part about these wonderful tools is that it is great for removing old labels and stickers.

When it gets done, you can use any kind of specialized solvent to remove and wipe the sticky residue.

8. Thaw frozen pipes

Another great use of heat guns that many people find helpful. But you should consider certain things in your mind. Gently and slowly warm the pipes and make sure that the temperature of the pipe doesn’t rise too quickly.

If that happens, the ice will expand and it could damage the pipe. The only thing that you can do is take your time while working. And, the water will flow once again in the pipe.

9. Restore plastic trim on your car

Although this might surprise you, heat guns have made their way to resolve the issue when it comes to restoring the plastic trim on your car as well. While it looks strange but it’s the truth.

10. Miscellaneous uses

Heat guns are indeed a versatile tool and it comes in handy in a lot of situations. Besides, you can use it in a wide variety of areas. In short, the uses of heat guns range from crafty and domestic to home improvement and car maintenance and everything that comes between. Here are some ways of using the tool that nobody can think of.

  • Loosening rusty or stuck bolts and nuts
  • Cooking bacon
  • Computer repairs
  • Craft embossing and other similar projects
  • Faded plastic can be restored to black by using heat from the tool
  • Use the gun to make candles
  • Roasting coffee


Heat guns are useful and effective tools for both industrial and home settings. However, there is no shortage of heat guns on the market. So, whether you intend to use them for professional manufacturing or DIY project, heat guns are a potentially dangerous tool. Hence, safety precautions are a must when using them.

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