Best Liquid Electrical Tape

Top 5 Best Liquid Electrical Tape

Liquid electrical tape is one of the most important tools in any electrician or DIYer’s toolkit. It can provide a protective coating that will keep wires insulated, minimizing the risk of a fire or damage to your electronics. But what liquid electrical tape should you choose?

Here, we’ll walk you through the best options for liquid electrical tapes, depending on what you need. All of these tapes are great options, although if you have specific needs, some may do better than others.

Top 5 Best Liquid Electrical Tape

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1- Star Brite Liquid Electrical Tape ( Best Overall Liquid Electrical Tape )

If you need high-performance electrical tape that can coat even the most frayed wires, then the Star Brite Liquid Electrical is you best option. No matter the fray, it will give a long-lasting protective seal that will protect your electronic devices.

Quick Look

  • Fast drying formula
  • Air tight, waterproof
  • Multiple color options
  • Cap can be used as a brush applicator
  • Will adhere to just about any surface
  • Creates a flexible seal


Star Brite offers some of the best performance of any electrical tape. Whether it’s a laptop charger or speaker wires, you’ll get the seal you need to keep your devices running.

The seal is truly waterproof, so it can be used in applications where the wire will frequently be exposed to water.

The flexible seal means the wire can bend without the coating cracking.

Most importantly, the seal holds over time, even when used for outdoor wiring.

The Star Brite tape does a little bit of everything, and it comes at a reasonable price. That’s why it’s the best all-around option if you need liquid electrical tape.

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2- Gardner Bender LTW-400 Liquid Electrical Tape ( Best Liquid Electrical Tape For The Price )

Sometimes you need to get the job done for as little money as possible. That’s where the Gardner Bender LTW-400 comes in. It can repair just about any wire or splice connections, all for one of the most reasonable prices of any tape.

Quick Look

  • Quick drying formula
  • Resistant to saltwater and a whole range of chemical solvents
  • Protects against shortages
  • Comes with applicator brush


Gardner Bender LTW-400 liquid electrical tape gives you just about everything you need for an affordable price.

The seal dries quickly, so any wire will be usable within a day of coating.

Waterproofing is good, although not quite as impenetrable as some other brands. However, it still performs well with outdoor wiring.

The LTW-400 tape isn’t the best option out there, but it can do just about everything the other tapes can do, and costs less. If you have a bad fray or one where the wire will constantly be exposed to water, you may want to consider a higher-performance option. For small to medium-sized tears, this is one of the best tapes available.

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3- Performix LT14023 Liquid Electrical Tape ( Best Insulating Liquid Electrical Tape )

One of the most important jobs for any electrical tape is to make sure the wire is well insulated. And that’s what the Performix tape does best. No matter the wire, this tape will make sure that the connection is not impacted.

Quick Look

  • Some of the best insulation of any tape
  • Excellent waterproofing
  • Flexible coating


Performix LT14023 liquid electrical tape is one of the best insulating brands out there.

It is an excellent option for old wires that need a fairly heavy coating. It offers excellent insulation, and the seal lasts for years.

The drying time is a little longer than some other options, but not to the point where it will inconvenience you.

If what you need is reliable insulation, then the Performix is one of the best options out there.

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4- Gardner Bender LTB-400 Liquid Electrical Tape ( Best Outdoor Liquid Electrical Tape )

This tape offers some of the best all-around sealing and protection, and is an excellent option for anyone needing to coat outdoor wire. The robust coating won’t fail even in the most inclement weather.

Quick Look

  • Quick drying formula
  • Excellent insulation and waterproofing
  • Comes with applicator brush


The LTB-400 is one of the better all-around performers, offering excellent insulation and waterproofing. Because of its sturdy seal, it’s the best option if you have wire that is often exposed to the elements.

The quick drying formula means it’s ready to go quickly.

Excellent temperature range keeps the seal from cracking even in the coldest or hottest weather.

Despite its strong coating, the seal remains flexible, and does not crack even when twisted and bent.

This tape is one of the best options for those that need something that can handle even the most extreme conditions.

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5- Permatex 85120 Liquid Electrical Tape ( Best Quick Dry Liquid Electrical Tape )

Sometimes you need a tape that can dries as quickly as possible. The Permatex coats well and dries faster than just about any option.

Quick Look

  • Quick drying formula
  • Excellent brush top applicator
  • Good weatherproofing


The Permatex tape is a flexible, quick try option that will serve for even the largest frays and tears. But where it really stands out is with its quick dry formula.

It is a little more liquidy than other brands, so it can make a bit of a mess. This is a minor inconvenience, and is well worth it for such quick drying.

If you need a seal and you need it fast, then the Permatex 85120 is your best option.

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How To Choose Liquid Electrical Tape ?

There are a lot of different liquid electrical tapes out there. How should you make a decision? Here are some factors you should consider before choosing a tape.

Size Of The Fray

The size of the tear or fray in the wire could affect the type of tape that you should buy. If you have a wire that is in need of a serious coating, you may want to choose one of the higher-performance tapes that can handle sizable tears. If you are dealing with fairly small frays, then one of the cheaper tapes should get the job done.

Color Of The Wire

It sounds simple, but make sure that you buy a tape that matches the color of your wire. Most brands come with multiple options, but check before you buy.

Indoor Or Outdoor?

The brand you should buy could depend on where the wire is. Are you planning on using it for wire that will be exposed to the elements? Then you’re going to need heavy-duty coating, so you should buy a brand that is up to the task. If you’re sealing wire that will sit indoors, then you might not need the same level of protection.


Why use liquid electrical tape instead of regular electrical tape?

You might not think there is much of a difference between the two. But liquid electrical tape can offer a lot of features that you won’t get with regular electrical tape.

It is better able to coat and seal then normal tape, and as a result is a better insulator and also better at waterproofing.

Why, then, would you use normal electrical tape? It doesn’t have to dry. If you need a quick fix, then it is still a great option.

Can it be used outdoors?

Most brands of liquid electrical tape will also work for outdoor wiring, although some will be more effective than others. If you plan on using it outside, make sure that you let the wire dry properly in a dry environment before putting it outdoors.


Although it may seem like liquid electrical tapes are all the same, there are many differences between brands. Some offer better insulation, while others are quicker drying. You should choose a brand based on what you need for your particular frays or tears. No matter what type of wire you need repaired, you’ll be able to get the job done with one of these tapes.

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