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Top 9 Best Heat Gun for Phone Repair

As technology has advanced, our phones have become smaller and more intricate as well. As a phone repair technician, having the right tools can be the difference between building clientele and losing them.

Heat guns have become an essential part of any phone repair technician’s arsenal. These handheld devices blow hot air, which can be used to remove screens or loosening other components that are attached by an adhesive without much effort. Keep in mind that various types of adhesives may require different temperature settings as well.

Features to Consider

Before we talk about specific heat guns, however, let us go over the basic features you should look for while comparing the many different types of heat guns on the market today. The most important feature for any heat gun being used for phone repair is the temperature setting. Not only do you need a heat gun that provides a range of temperatures, but also it is imperative that you are able to adjust and control it. Some heat guns have an auto-calibration feature that will detect the required temperature for you. While this feature is great, it is typically only available on the more expensive models.

There are nozzle attachments for heat guns that make certain types of phone repair tasks easier. If you plan to use a nozzle, make sure you select a heat gun model that is compatible with it. Surface stands and LCD displays are nice features to have as well. While they are not necessary, they certainly enhance user appreciation. Size and durability are also important features. For most phone repair technicians, having some compact, portable and long lasting is ideal. They take up less room on your work surface wherever you are and can withstand a fall or two should you accidentally knock it over.

But enough about the features. Let us check out the best heat guns on the market for today’s phone repair technician!

Top 9 Best Heat Gun for Phone Repair

  1. Black & Decker Heat Gun (HG1300).
  2. DEWALT Heat Gun (D26950).
  3. Drill Master 1500 Watt Heat Gun (Model No. 96289).
  4. FURNO 300 Heat Gun (Model No. 503059).
  5. Genesis Dual Temperature Heat Gun (GHG1500A).
  6. ProTect Heat Gun (Model No. AH001A).
  7. Tacklife Heat Gun (HGP73AC).
  8. Wagner Spraytech Heat Gun (Model No. HT400).
  9. ZeopoCase Mini Hot Air Gun (HAG001).

1- Black & Decker Heat Gun (HG1300)

The Black & Decker HG1300 has a lot of positive reviews, and for good reasons. This lightweight device is compact enough to take anywhere. It requires 1375 watts of power to work. A built-in stand allows users to safely set this heat gun aside while they continue to work. The HG1300 is a dual temperature heat gun; you can select between 750 degrees and 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition to the temperature settings, this heat gun is compatible with most generic nozzles.


The dual heat settings on this product are reliable. Users commented on how durable this heat gun is, whether using for prolonged periods of time or storing for months between use. The fact that even generic nozzles can be used with this tool is also nice as it helps to keep costs low. Users have remarked about how quickly this product heats up too.


Some users noted a burning plastic smell during the first initial use of this product. While this is not necessarily a sign of a bad quality product, you should make sure you are in a well-ventilated area when using this heat gun. Also, do not leave it on and unattended.

2- DEWALT Heat Gun (D26950)

DEWALT products are often considered to be solidly built and reliable. The D26950 is no exception. This DEWALT heat gun comes with a range of temperature settings, controlled by a clearly visible knob on the back of the unit. Ranging between 120 degrees and 1100 degrees, the D26950 requires 1550 watts of power to work. A 10-foot power cord gives you a lot of room to move while a small kickstand will let you set the unit aside safely while you work. Lightweight and compact, the DEWALT D26950 also comes with an ergonomic grip to keep you comfortable even while working.


DEWALT really thought of everything with this heat gun. The D26950 comes with a cone nozzle and a fishtail surface nozzle. For increased user safety, the D26950 also has a built-in overload feature that will shut the heat gun down is the heating elements are in danger of burning up. They also included a built-in hanging loop for easy storage when the D26950 is not in use.


While the D26950 does have a control knob, it does not indicate the exact heat. Instead, it is a relative range that simply indicates cold to hot. Users have advised that you have a separate temperature gauge to test the heat output with before using.

3- Drill Master 1500 Watt Heat Gun (Model No. 96289)

Many phone repair technicians have found the heat gun produced by Drill Master to be reliable as well. The 96289 is a 1500-watt heat gun with dual heat settings controlled by a large dial on the rear of the unit. The Drill Master’s output ranges between 572 degrees to 1112 degrees. It comes with a 6-foot power cord and three-way switch.


Users agree that this unit heats up fast. It is an affordable product that users have liked for it’s compact, lightweight and easy to use nature. The grip is ergonomically designed and comfortable as well.


This heat gun does not come with a stand or holster. Additionally, several users complained of the flimsy design. After a few falls, your Drill Master may not be quite as functional as it once was. After several months, you may even need to consider buying a new heat gun in general.

4- FURNO 300 Heat Gun (Model No. 503059)

The FURNO 300 is one of two Wagner Spraytech heat guns to make this list. The FURNO 300 is a dual-temperature heat gun that allows users to select between 750 degrees (low) and 1100 degrees (high). Wagner integrated a stand on the back of this heat gun for hands-free use. They also incorporated a cool-down function to help quickly reduce the nozzle temperature while storing by the built-in hanging loop. (If you like this model, check out the FURNO 500 or 750 for even more great features, like digital displays and controls!)


This device heats up very quickly. Many users raved about the comfortable ergonomically shaped grip, durability, and easy-stand feature. It is lightweight, compact and easy to take with you on the go as well. The detachable power cord makes it easy to store too!


While the FURNO 300 includes a cool down feature, many users have pointed out that the nozzle remains extremely hot even after it has gone off. Be cautious with touching the nozzle for several minutes after it has turned off and do not leave it against flammable materials.

5- Genesis Dual Temperature Heat Gun (GHG1500A)

The Genesis dual temperature heat gun is a 1500-watt product that allows users to select between 572 degrees and 1000 degrees. Four nozzle attachments are included with this purchase as well. The rear stand makes it easy for hands-free use too.


This heat gun heats up quickly. The included attachments are also of quality grade and useful according to many user reviews.


The Genesis is a bit larger than other models, which can make it a bit more cumbersome to deal with. Although only fractionally heavier than other products, if you have wrist problems, it is something to consider.

6- ProTect Heat Gun (Model No. AH001A)

The ProTect heat gun is a 1500-watt heat gun that comes complete with a carrying case. This lightweight heat gun has two temperature settings, 750 degrees and 1000 degrees. As with a few of the other models, the ProTect also has a hanging hook attached to it and a rear-stand for easy storage when not in use.


The ProTect heat gun not only comes with a carrying case, but also includes four nozzle attachments and two different scrapers. Many users have found this inclusion nice as it means there is less they need to buy separately.


The ProTect does not have a cool down function, as some of the other models do. Some users have noted that the electric cord becomes extremely hot when using it for an extended period of time. The device itself does not have any type of overheating protection. Be careful when using the ProTect for extended periods as you can damage extension cords and circuit breakers.

7- Tacklife Heat Gun (HGP73AC)

The Tacklife heat gun, model HGP73AC, offers users more control that many of the other options on this list do. Not only do you get a range of temperatures (between 122 degrees and 1112 degrees), but you also get to choose from three different airflow modes to ensure you have the right heat and pressure needed to get the job done. The built-in rear stand and overheat protection help to prolong the life of your heat gun. The HGP73AC also comes with four different nozzles and a comfortable, slip-resistant and ergonomically designed grip. At almost six feet, the power cord allows you quite a bit of space for use.


Many users found the degree of control over the temperature and airflow to be the HGP73AC’s best features. These two things, plus the device’s lightweight and compact design make it a sound investment. Although not a professional-grade model, the HGP73AC comes highly recommended by experts and hobbyists alike.


The instruction manual that comes with this product is not very useful. If you have questions on use and control, consult YouTube or Google. Tacklife’s customer service department also leaves a lot to be desired should you encounter issues with any of their products.

8- Wagner Spraytech Heat Gun (Model No. HT400)

If you are looking for a seriously compact unit, the Wagner Spraytech HT400 may be for you. While it only comes with a single heat setting (650 degrees), it is good enough for several types of electrical repairs. This pencil-like heat gun does include a built-in stand that supports hands-free work.


The HT400 is extremely compact, which makes it ideal for the phone repair technician on the go. Slender, lightweight and durable, the design makes it easy to throw right into your workbag.


The limited range of heat can be problematic with some adhesives used on phones. If you purchase the HT400, make sure it supports the products you are working on.

9- ZeopoCase Mini Hot Air Gun (HAG001)

As with the Wagner Spraytech HT400, the ZeopoCase HAG001is very compact. The ZeopoCase only heats up to 390 degrees so make sure you know what type of heat you need! (It will certainly work for wire wrapping.) A built-in kickstand makes this device easy to use without holding as well. It is very lightweight, compact and ready for the phone repair technician on the go.


This device is seriously easy to use and transport. It heats up extremely quickly and is durable enough to toss in your workbag as needed.


Most nozzle attachments will not fit this device. The low temperature heating may also be off-putting depending on your desired usage.


Selecting the right device for your use is important. Most phone repair technicians like to have a range of heat settings that go from 500 degrees to 1000 degrees. However, your particular requirements may be different. Larger models are ideal for stationary workers, whereas smaller ones that can be carried in a workbag may be better for mobile technicians.

There are more, and less, sophisticated devices out there as well. If you are interested in digital LCD temperature controls, for example, there are plenty of advanced options out there for you. However, for those looking to save money but still invest in a quality heat gun, the above list includes several options that can meet both budget and requirement criteria.

Always do your homework, though. Read reviews to ensure other users doing the same work you do would recommend it. Warranties, return policies, and manufacturer responses all vary from product to product so make sure you test your device out upon receipt as well.

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