Why Is There no iPhone 9

Why Is There no iPhone 9?

With their iconic and dynamic product production line-up, the world didn’t get to understand why Apple would seemingly skip their long-time looked forward to tenth-anniversary product iPhone 9. ‘Why is there no iPhone 9?’

This question not only ran across our minds but also massively on Google search engines. This became a buzz in late 2017 when apple released iPhone 10 to the market; confirming to have skipped the iPhone 9 sales and marketing.

Was iPhone 10 Launched?

Yes, an iPhone 10 was launched to the market in late 2017 as the famous iPhone X; X being the roman numeric representation for 10. However, many people recognized it as iPhone Ex rather than iPhones 10 unless they worked in an apple store or somewhere relative.

You can check out its marvelous features and functions on the internet for the short time it lasted in the market. Later on, Apple launched its ‘twin’ successor iPhone XS (dual camera) which has now been sequenced by the current triple-camera iPhone 11 pro.

Being the 10th anniversary of the iPhone series, Apple decided to leave a mark that its customers would live to remember for generations to come. They unleashed a grandiloquent design which was a real masterpiece.

They got rid of the iPhone’s touch ID and came up with a new external design for the new brand. Regardless of what brand name you chose to go for, i.e. either iPhone X or iPhone 10; Apple wanted to make a statement to tell the world that not owning one meant you were missing out on something big.

Was iPhone 9 Released?

In early 2020, the world knew that Apple was about to release a new product to the market since they’d already started the new product budget. Everyone was eagerly waiting and highly expected it to be iPhone 9. Little did we know that Apple had switched lanes already and iPhone 9 wasn’t a thing they would think about anymore.

iPhone SE hopped in and took the place. Apple’s sales and marketing strategies are top-notch and unmatched. They usually go for the customer’s likes and ensure the product is as appealing as possible to increase their sales; while branding comes second.

Why Is There no iPhone 9?

Due to reasons only the producer (apple) knew and kept to themselves, iPhone 9 was skipped. Many people could not understand why Apple would go for such a decision.

After launching iPhone 8 as well as the iPhone 8-plus, Apple decided to go for iPhone X also known as iPhone 10 due to reasons they claimed to be strategic towards the company’s goal and objective accomplishment.

For the past twelve years, Apple has been flawlessly launching and releasing iPhones to its market. The first iPhone brand was launched in 2007 and it used a 2G network which was the basic wireless network during that time.

A year later, the next product was built to use a faster network i.e. 3G. This supplemented to the name iPhone 3G which was later upgraded to an iPhone 3G’S’. Adding ‘s’ to the brand name was eventually made a pattern by apple and it eventually became their culture.

iPhone 4, 5, and 6 all had their ‘s’ versions as their upgrades. However, the iPhone 7, as well as iPhone 8, took a different path since its advanced version was branded iPhone 7plus.

The absence of the Windows 9 version gave us the dynamic windows 7 then ate 9 since after that they released the next and current operating system for our PC’s which is windows 10 due to unknown reasons.

People assumed windows were anticipating further and this was a sign of a more advanced operating system for us. The amazing windows 10 came in handy with extremely fascinating features you can’t run away from.

What a product! Microsoft decided to skip 9 and make 10 the successor because they were alarming their market and making them ready for a new and bigger update. With sequenced updates just like iPhone, Microsoft will be making smaller and minor updates to the Windows 10 database.

These ‘same feathers’ make people believe that the same reasons answer the big-time question ‘why is there no iPhone 9’.

To avoid mid-range sales

With their genius sales and marketing strategies, Apple released three iPhone phones namely iPhone 8, 8plus, and X. Placed in one basket, a customer would pick one iPhone and they would most probably go for the better choice. Both iPhone 8 and 8plus are no match for the iPhone X to the iPhone lovers.

Therefore I hope you understand why Apple went for the 8, 8plus and X shot rather than a subsequent 8, 9, and X (10) release which would lead people to make mid-range purchases.

X for the tenth anniversary

Even if we would be at iPhone 4, Apple would still instantly jump to iPhone 10 (X) to refer to its tenth anniversary. This whole idea was to celebrate and mark 10 years of successful iPhone products; i.e. the first of its models to the tenth which was going to be a major and most outstanding transformation to the iPhone history.

If you get to think of it, you’ll see reason in the 8 to 10 jump and understand apple’s objective towards the sudden change.

You could also read how long iPhone 7 will be supported by apple.

Is 9 the Only Number iPhone Has Leaped?

Why is there no iPhone 9? Well, 9 is not the only number Apple has ever skipped in the iPhone history. This wasn’t the first time Apple did this to improve their sales marketing strategy and get to win more. iPhone 2 was seemingly skipped since they concluded that it won’t be as beseeching as iPhone 3G was going to be.

After launching the successor for iPhone 3G, they dived right into their numerical brand naming technique right from iPhone 4 sequencing constantly to 8. The iPhone 2 gap was left unfilled and Apple moved forward to other upgrades and models.

Just like iPhone 2, the iPhone 9 will probably never be launched. Why is there no iPhone 9? I believe we eventually know and understand the reason as to why there’s no iPhone 9 and there might probably never be one.

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