What Does The Arrow Mean On My IPhone

What Does the Arrow Mean on my iPhone?

The arrow icon on your status bar appears at the top right corner of your iPhone to show you that some apps or a certain app; is accessing your phone’s location. However, this icon can appear on our status bars in different variations thus giving some iPhone users a hard time interpreting what it means. What does the arrow mean on my iPhone? Finding out what the arrows mean is quite easy-peasy. Various applications on your iPhone use your location to run effectively e.g. maps. The arrow on my iPhone might sometimes appear hollow or colored. How to find out what the arrow icons on your iPhone mean.

In the short steps below, I’m going to take you through short steps that you could use to answer an iPhone user’s question ‘what does the arrow mean on my iPhone?

  1. Open your iPhone’s “settings”.
  2. Go to “Privacy”.
  3. Click “location services”.

Following the steps stated above, you’ll be able to tell what the different arrows appearing on your iPhone means i.e.

A Hollow Arrow

This indicates that an app may be copping your location under a specific condition. This arrow may appear when an item is about to use your location thus indicating that a section will be in operation as you approach the set location.

What Does the Arrow Mean on my iPhone – A Purple/Blue Arrow

This arrow indicates that a certain item accessed your iPhone’s location recently.

A Gray Arrow

A gray arrow will appear at the top of your screen to indicate that a certain item has been using or accessing your location for the previous 24hours.

You can adjust your location’s settings and configurations on your iPhone’s location service page. Hereby, you can turn your location on and off anytime you want to adjust or ensure no apps can access your location.

Toggle your status bar icon off to prevent the location arrow from appearing at the top corner of your iPhone. Turning off your iPhone’s location will mean no item or app will be able to access your location until it’s turned back on.

However, this will hinder the effectiveness of certain apps that completely depend on your location to work efficiently i.e. Maps, Weather, and other location-based reminders you’ve set. Remember that; location and location services highly drain your battery.

What Does the Arrow Mean on my iPhone? – How to Toggle on/off the Arrow Icon on Your iPhone

Hiding the arrow icon from the top of your screen doesn’t mean that you’ve disabled your location. It will only mean that you’ve disabled the status bar arrow icon from popping up at the top right side of your iPhone. Your location might be on but the arrow icon will not appear since it’s been turned off from the display.

Follow the steps below to toggle of the status bar icon on your iPhone:

  1. Go to your iPhone’s “settings”.
  2. Open your device’s “Privacy” and click location services.
  3. Scroll to the bottom to toggle off your iPhone’s status bar icon.

How to Enable and Disable Location Services

You may want to turn your location off due to denying some apps access to avoid tracking. Sometimes you might want to turn your iPhone’s location after you’re done using it to save and extend battery life. Remember that some apps may stop working when your location is turned off. Therefore, stop the apps that use location before turning it off to prevent them from crushing.

  1. Open your iPhone’s “setting”.
  2. Click Privacy and go to “location services”.
  3. Toggle off your “location’”.

Sometimes you may want to selectively allow some apps to access your location so that you may use your p[hone for a longer period with your location services on. All you have to do is turn on the location for the respective apps and leave the unused off. Follow the below procedure:

  1. Open your “Settings”.
  2. Click ‘Privacy’ and open your “location settings”.
  3. Check out the app list and toggle on/off its location services. Prompt ‘never’ on an app you want to deny access to location services. Go for other prompt options depending on your needs and preferences. The ‘While using app’ prompt means that the app will only use your location when it’s running.

It’s advisable to regularly check your iPhone’s location services to check the service history and point out the apps that have been using your location the longest. Hereby, you can set and customize prompts for each app to decide which apps use your iPhone’s location at a given plan and time. Determine which apps can use location in the background as well as the foreground. Make restrictions for apps to never access your location or ask for permission first before using it.

Since and after IOS 14 was launched, you can set only the approximate location to be trackable. Some apps can efficiently work using the approximate location. Therefore, you can keep your privacy undisclosed by disabling “Precise location” and toggling on the “Approximate location” option.

After you’re done prompting location services for specific apps, the status bar arrow icon disappears from the top of your iPhone screen. If it still appears even after the process, go back to the app list and troubleshoot the app which might be using your location at the moment.

Troubleshooting Location Services

If your location services stop working, you might want to reset them to solve the problem. Go to your settings and open ‘General’ then hit the reset button. Reset your location and privacy settings to put them back to default. After resetting your location services, you might have to start setting prompts for your apps again.

Apps will be asking for permission to access your location after you launch them. By keeping an eye on this app list you’ll be able to lengthen your battery life of your iPhone by a very big proportion.

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What Does the Arrow Mean on my iPhone? – Conclusion

I hope by now you’ve already come into contact with the answer to your all-time question ‘what does the arrow mean on my iPhone?’ Turn your location services on and off whenever you want and ensure you keep your location information undisclosed and secured.

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