Square Root Symbol On Keyboard

Square Root Symbol on Keyboard

Inserting symbols is one ultimate feature performed by computer keyboards. For a shortcut to be complete, one has to press certain keyboard buttons simultaneously to create a pattern that will bring up a result or action on your desktop. So how do you insert the square root symbol on keyboard? Read on to know more.

With all the technology evolution and development, computers have made it easier and automated since you can easily find the square root of a number in a split of a second. You can go for the online square root calculators or use your PC’s keyboard to get the action done in a jiffy.

The ‘ALT’ Key

The ‘Alt’ key being the open route to inserting a wide range of symbols to the PCs as well as Macbooks; it will be your path to getting the square root symbol on your keyboard displayed on your screen. Windows operating systems have been modified to offer this shortcut on your device. Looking for ways to insert a square root symbol on keyboard?

This article will help insert the symbol in your Microsoft word document easily. I’m going to take you through the steps and … you should take to accomplish this piece of cake. Some methods can even be used to insert this symbol on a wide range of applications e.g. Excel, PowerPoint, and Google docs on your browser.

Square Root Symbol on Keyboard – Finding Square Root on PC

I believe we all came across the squares and square roots of numbers in a mathematics class or when playing with numbers somewhere. Squaring a number will mean multiplying the number by itself to attain a result.

Finding the square root is the inverse of finding the square of a number. Regardless of all numbers having their squares and square roots, some are simple while others are too complex to be solved on paper. This is where our computers’ operating systems come in.

The automated software of your PC is capable of finding the square root of the biggest number you can think of, in a second! Your computer comes in handy with in-built systems and algorithms that will help you save on time and increase your efficiency when performing numeric tasks.

Go to your Pc’s Calculator on your windows by searching ‘calculator’ on your search-box and running the action on it. Moreover, you can use Google on your device’s browser to get your result faster than you can imagine. Google can be more time-saving than your calculator.

The Google search engines have been built with a calculation operation that helps you solve your mathematical mysteries in the shake of a duck’s tail. On your Google search box, type the square root function, followed by the respective number. As soon as you hit the search button, your answer will be on your screen. You can even search for online search engine calculators to use the square root operators.

Square Root Symbol on Keyboard

Copy and paste the following symbol to insert the square root symbol on keyboard to your document: , You can also type the key ‘sqrt’ on your keyboard followed by clicking the space bar. As soon as you click the spacebar, Microsoft Word turns the sqrt into a Square root sign on your document.

Inserting A Radical √ Symbol on a Keyboard

Tap and hold the alt button and type the number 8370 on the numerical keypad. However, ALT code numbers above 255 only work in supportive apps. If the app doesn’t recognize the code as a word, the shortcut won’t be supported. Tap and hold the option button then press V.

ALT +251

When inserting the square root symbol on your PC’s keyboard, it’s always recommendable to unlock the numeric keypad on the right side of your keyboard. If your desktop or laptop has a numeric keypad, remove the num lock or turn the keypad on.

As soon as the keypad is open and active, press and hold the alt button followed by the number 251 to insert the square root button on the part of the document that you want.

√ Symbol on your Mac

Option+ V key

This method can be used on any app on your MacBook that supports typing. Your ‘alt’ key on the MacBook is the option key.

√ Symbol in Microsoft Word

Go through the symbols menu on your Microsoft word and insert the square root function followed by the respective number. Click on insert on top of your screen then go to symbols and open the ‘more symbols’ option. Tap the subset that pos and go to ‘mathematical operators’ and click on the insert button to add the radical to your document.

Apart from using your PC or MacBook, you can use other various devices depending on which one is within your reach. You can go for your phone or calculator and find the square root of a certain number. You can even engage your windows assistant (Cortana) sometimes and ask for the square root and you’ll have it in no time.

221A + ALT + X

This feature is present in very few Microsoft word processors. Therefore, if you’re lucky enough and the word application you’re using supports this feature; go ahead and type 221A then click the Alt and X buttons. Make sure you hit the two keys at the same time to complete the code. If the shortcut is successful, Word will turn the 221A into a square root symbol.

Square Root Calculator

This alternative comes in handy especially if the information on the document is supposed to be detailed and to the point. In this case, we need to insert the specific and final number acquired after the square root operation.

Enter the square root calculator on your computer and copy the answer that has the radical sign. Go back to your document and paste the number in the required space.

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Square Root Symbol on Keyboard – Conclusion

Use the above steps and guidelines blow after blow to insert the square root symbol on keyboard to your document. Last but not least, I’ll leave you with the last alternative that can help you easily insert the square root symbol on keyboard. Type -221A on your keyboard followed by ALT + x to turn it into a square root symbol.

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