RYOBI P3100 18-Volt ONE+ Hybrid Soldering Station

RYOBI P3100 18-Volt ONE+ Hybrid Soldering Station

The RYOBI P3100 18-Volt ONE+ Hybrid Soldering Station offers the homeowner as well as professional a tool that they can take with them. Promising the durability of the RYOBI name and the convenience of corded and cordless use, this soldering station is sure to catch the eye of more than the casual do-it-yourselfer. Will it fill the need, though?

Today’s page will address the common questions that come up with regards to the RYOBI 18-Volt ONE+ hybrid soldering station. These questions will include, does it perform to RYOBI standards, is it worth the asking price, and who should be using this soldering tool?

RYOBI P3100 18-Volt ONE+ Hybrid Soldering Station

The Pros of the RYOBI P3100 18-Volt ONE+ Hybrid Soldering Station

  • Operates as a corded or cordless tool.
  • Compatible with all RYOBI ONE batteries for convenience.
  • Ability to use tips from other brands.
  • Dedicated cleaning sponge placement is ideal for convenience.
  • Power-Saving mode that turns off when not in use for safety.


  • Hybrid design for corded and cordless use.
  • Fine point tip.
  • Variable heat ranging from 300⁰ F to 900⁰ F.
  • 3-foot reach.
  • Four onboard tip storage slots.
  • LED Ready Indicator.
  • 3 Year Warranty

What Is Included?

The first thing anyone buying this soldering station inevitably wants to know is what is included. When ordering the RYOBI 18-volt ONE+ hybrid soldering station, you will receive the soldering station, a chisel tip, a fine point tip, solder coil, and a tip cleaning sponge. The battery and charger are sold separately.

However, if you already own any other RYOBI ONE+ tools, the batteries are interchangeable, so the battery and charger for your other devices will work for this soldering station.

Features and Design of the Soldering Station

The RYOBI 18-volt hybrid soldering station offers a sturdy design that stands up to the quality specifications the RYOBI brand is known for. This tool features a hybrid design that allows the machine to be used in a stationary position while plugged in or as a mobile cordless tool when travel or movement is needed.

The fine and chisel tips provide the essentials for many soldering projects. If they are not what is needed, interchangeable tips are available separately. If you know, there will be a need for differing tips, ordering them at the same time as the soldering station might be a good idea.

The heat adjustment dial provides the user with a wide range of settings from 300⁰ F to 900⁰ F. Making adjustments is as simple as twisting the dial to the desired temperature and waiting a minute or two. The LED heat indicator will turn red while the tool is heating up and will turn green when the tip is ready for use.

This hybrid soldering station includes a 3-foot cord reach on the tool itself, providing convenience while working and eliminating the need to move the device around to accomplish the task. This cord along with a dedicated sponge and tip storage slots provides convenience, while the cordless capability offers mobility. Making getting the job done a little easier.

The durable construction of this RYOBI soldering station will withstand the continual use needed to perform many tasks. Take care not to drop, though, as the elements inside are delicate and easily damaged. Add to this construction the three-year warranty that comes with all RYOBI tools and this tool makes sense for any DIY project or soldering need.

Does the Tool Perform?

The RYOBI 18-Volt ONE+ hybrid soldering station performs precisely how the manufacturer states it will. The hand tool heats quickly and stays hot while in use, eliminating the need to wait for reheating. This tool offers both a corded and cordless option. Both of which provide the same level of performance. There is no change between the two, as is the case with some tools when changed from corded to cordless. The RYOBI soldering station maintains the same heat and output when ran cordless as when plugged in.

When it comes to meeting the high standards expected from RYOBI household tools, this soldering station fits the bill. Making it another exceptional tool in the Hybrid line offered by the manufacturer.

What Could Make This Tool Better?

  • Does Not Include Battery or Charger.
  • Power Saving Mode Does Not Turn Off.
  • Tips Selection.
  • Heat Dial Does Not Have Precision Markings

While this soldering station is of high quality and performs as expected, there are a few things that could be better. Only one of these items has a bearing on the performance of the tool, so it will be first. The heat dial has a wide range of heat settings.

However, there are no precision settings, and the knob is a bit loose, allowing for movement if bumped. Finding the exact temperature can be done with an IR temperature gun, but this is not a tool that every homeowner is going to have in their toolbox. A digital display would make this portion of the tool better for the user.

The next drawback for the Hybrid soldering station is the power-saving mode. This issue is not so much of a problem, as it tends to be a hassle for some users. When the tool has been sitting for a short period without use, it will automatically turn off. This safety feature is meant for safety and performs its task well.

However, for those who have frequent waits between using, this can be an issue. The automatic shutoff means that the user will have to wait for the iron to heat back up to the desired temperature to finish the job. This problem is easily avoidable, however. With a tap to the dial during periods of non-use, the tool will remain on and hot, ready for the next solder.

The final two could be better items are simply a matter of convenience. The tips that come with the tool are a great start, and there are some options for buying more. However, the number of tips that are compatible with this tool could be better. The variety is not enough for some projects causing a need for a different tool to do such projects.

The final drawback of this soldering station is the fact that the tool does not come with a battery or charger. This flaw is not a problem for those users who already have another tool in the ONE+ line. However, if this is a first purchase in the tool line, users will need to purchase a battery and charger separately.

Who Should Buy This Hybrid Soldering Station?

This is an excellent tool for any do-it-yourself project or homeowner who has some soldering needs. However, this tool would not be ideal for industrial use that requires precision temperatures and constant use. Although it would make an excellent tool for any professional to have in their toolbox. The convenience of the cordless operation would make finishing tasks a breeze and keep any professional from having to run a long extension cord for remote work.

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Final Thoughts About the RYOBI 18-Volt ONE+ Hybrid Soldering Station

With the pros and cons of this tool listed, it is time to answer the frequently asked questions about the RYOBI 18-Volt ONE+ hybrid soldering station that were listed at the beginning of this page: does it perform to RYOBI standards, is it worth the asking price, and who should be using this soldering tool?

Does this soldering station perform to RYOBI standards? The answer to this is yes. This product performs to the high standards expected from RYOBI tools by homeowners and professionals alike.

Is the hybrid soldering station worth the asking price? Again, the answer is yes. Though the hybrid version is a bit higher than some corded soldering irons, the convenience provided by the cordless mobility more than makes up for the difference in price.

Finally, who should be using this soldering tool? As stated above, this tool is ideal for homeowners who have soldering projects that need to be completed. It is also great as a backup for any professional for those occasions when an electrical outlet is not available.

Whether the user is a do-it-yourselfer or a professional, the RYOBI 18-Volt ONE+ hybrid soldering station will offer convenience and functionality in one compact tool.

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