Klein Tools Electrical Test Kit

Klein Tools Electrical Test Kit ( MM320KIT )

If you are a DIY electrician for small projects at home or need something to help you diagnose problems quickly before starting work, this Klein Tools Electrical test kit might be the perfect fit for your needs. Klein is known for its durable tools that withstand the trials of the job, and the tools in this kit stay true to their name. Combining three valuable necessities in one package, you will have less to look for and more time for testing.

This page will try to answer the most common questions about this kit: Is the equipment worth the price, do the devices perform as stated, and who will benefit from this kit?

Klein Tools Electrical Test Kit ( MM320KIT )

The Pros of the Klein Tools Electrical Test Kit

  • Easy Use Functionality
  • Kit Includes Three Useful Tools
  • Multiple Functionality
  • Carrying Bag Included
  • Durable Construction
  • Non-Contact Voltage Detection


  • Manual AC/DC Voltage Selection
  • Receptacle Tester
  • Large LED Backlight
  • Min/Max/Avg to Record Signal Fluctuations
  • CAT III 600 V Safety Rated

What Is Included?

What will you get when you order the Klein Tools Electrical Test Kit? The kit will include an MM300 multimeter, an NCVT-1 LED Volt Pen, RT105 receptacle tester, test leads for the MM300 and batteries for both the MM300 and NCVT-1.

Features and Design of Each Tool

Each of these tools alone is invaluable for do-it-yourselfers in many household and shop projects. Combining them into one kit provides convenience to your projects. The following are some of the features and a bit about the design of each tool included in this kit.

MM300 Multimeter

The Klein Tools MM300 multimeter included in this kit measures AC/DC voltage, DC current, and resistance; it will quickly test continuity with audible and visual continuity indicators. With a CAT III 600V safety rating, you can be sure that the product has been designed with your safety in mind.

This is a class 2 multimeter that has double insulation. The casing of the multimeter is made of a durable plastic that will withstand all of the drops that come with DIY projects. The Klein Tools MM300 multimeter is a measuring tool that was intended to be used.

NCVT-1 LED Volt Pen

The Klein Tools NCVT-1 Volt Pen is designed with a digitally controlled on/off power button, which will automatically turn off when not in use to conserve the battery for longer life and fewer delays in testing. With a bright green LED that indicates that the tester is working, you will never have to wonder if you are getting the job done.

The light will change to red, and a warning alarm sounds when the voltage has been detected where you are testing, aiding in safer testing. The volt pen will allow for automatic detection of standard voltage in cords, circuit breakers, cables, switches, outlets, wires, and lighting fixtures. This tool is also designed of the same durable plastic as the MM300 multimeter, and its slender design fits easily in a tool belt, pocket, or additional carrying case.

RT105 Receptacle Tester

The receptacle tester in this kit detects wiring configurations to indicate that correct wiring has been us, allowing it to identify common wiring mistakes. This tester is a useful item to have when rewiring your home or adding additional outlets as it will locate open grounds, open neutral, open hot, and if the hot/ground is reversed. It will not indicate the quality of the ground, multiple hot wires, or numerous defects.

By combining these three measuring tools into one kit, Klein Tools have facilitated any small electrical project or do-it-yourself home projects. The kit provides you with the tools required to stay safe and to check for errors that may be causing havoc on your life.

The small design of each of these tools makes them ideal for home projects or as backups to be kept in a tool pouch or toolbox while on a job. Each tool is lightweight, making them easily placed in a tool belt while working on any home project, so they are conveniently accessible when needed.

Do The Tools Perform?

Each of these tools performs as the manufacturer states they will. While these are top-quality electrical tools, they are not meant to be used in a professional capacity, and such may not stand up to more rigorous needs. They do, however, work exceptionally well for home wiring projects from adding lighting fixtures, additional electrical outlets, checking old wiring for issues, and any other small electrical testing that needs to be done. With the MM300 testing AC/DC volts and the manual adjustment knobs, it performs adequately for the task.

Holding with the Klein Tools brand, these tools meet and in some cases, surpass expectations. Providing three quality tools in one convenient package. Adding the durability of these products into the mix, make them perfect for at home or in training usage.

The Cons of the Klein Tools Electrical Test Kit

  • Supplied Leads are not up to Quality
  • Carrying Case Not Included

Though these electrical detecting devices are of top quality and serve the purpose they were designed for, there are a couple of cons that were found. The flaws that are listed have no bearing on the overall performance of the electrical testing devices but are a convenience-based drawback.

The first complaint is concerning the leads that come in the kit for the MM300. These particular leads do not seem to be on par with the quality expected from Klein Tools. The connection provided with the included leads is often faulty, thus requiring the purchase of additional leads.

Though additional leads are not overly expensive to purchase, it is a hassle when you are in the middle of a project and have to postpone work to find new leads. An easy fix would be to purchase an extra set of leads at the time of the kit purchase.

The other complaint is that this package does not contain a carrying case. Though this is a preference that not everyone has, the addition of a case to this package would make this great product even better.

Who Would Benefit From This Kit?

This kit and its included testing devices would be ideally matched with the do-it-yourselfer or those just starting out in working with electrical wiring. Though they are top-quality devices they are not adequate for professional electricians on a daily basis as they do not offer the precision that some other tools do. They would work as a backup for other devices to have in cases of emergencies while on a job.

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Final Thoughts About the Klein Tools Electrical Test Kit

Now that you have seen the pros and cons of these devices and the many uses and features they offer, it is time to answer the initial questions of this page.

Is the kit worth the price? The answer to this is yes. The safety alone that these devices provide you when working with electrical wires and outlets in your home is worth the amount paid for these tools.

Does the kit perform as stated? This too is a yes. The product performs to the levels indicated by the manufacturer and at times exceeds the stated performance levels.

Finally, who will benefit from this kit? Any homeowner or DIYer that dabbles in electrical wiring will benefit the most from these devices.

The pros for the Klein Tools electrical test kit outweigh the cons with this product, and each device holds up to the Klein Tools standards for quality. Providing safety, durability, and expected levels of quality, any electrical hobbyist or DIY electrician would be amiss not to include this kit in their toolbox.

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