How To Transfer Photos From Google Photos To IPhone Gallery

How to Transfer Photos from Google Photos to iPhone Gallery

Since its launch, Google photos have been dynamic and outstanding in sharing, storing, and photo synchronization. Transferring your photos from Google photos has been made easy as pie. In this piece of text, I’ll take you through the process of how to transfer photos from google photos to iPhone gallery.

All you need is familiarity with the procedure and your photos will be in your iPhone’s gallery in no time. You just need to have the photos or videos saved on your Google photos then easily download them to your iPhone’s photos storage/gallery.

Google photos come in handy with a bunch of amazing features that are big-time lifesavers for Its users. On this app, you can save your pictures on its cloud to save space on your phone. When saving the photos and videos, they are automatic Moved from your phone gallery to Google photos.

Want to know how to transfer photos from google photos to iPhone gallery? Read on

Is the App Available on Apple’s App Store?

The app is not only available on the android google play store but also on the iPhone’s app store. This even makes it easier for someone who’s switching from an android phone to an iPhone or vice versa. All you need to do is make sure your memories are saved and backed up on Google photos. Want your old pictures on your new phone? Install the Google photos app on your new phone and log in to your profile to download the whole library to your phone within a second.

Google’s amazing features like Collage, Film-makers, and throwback stories help you keep memories and reminders in a systematic and organized manner.

Turning your sync on helps Google point out which photos are already on the cloud thus not putting the ‘save button’ next to them. This helps save on both time and space since duplicates won’t be saved to your Google photos cloud.

The guidelines below for how to transfer photos from google photos to iPhone gallery will help you transfer your shared photos or videos to your google photos library:

  1. Open your Google Photos application.
  2. Use the navigation buttons at the bottom of your screen to find the appropriate pictures you want to download and save to your iPhone gallery.
  3. Want to save a single photo? Click on the photo you want to save and hit the ‘save’ button on top of your screen. The photo will be immediately saved to your google photos library.
  4. When saving multiple photos, tap and hold to select the photos you want to save to your cloud then hit the blue ‘cloud’ icon with an arrow top-left of your screen.
  5. Go to the Google photo lab button on the bottom right of your screen.
  6. Scroll down to check out the recently saved photos. The photos are always sorted in a ‘Date added’; with the most recent ones starting from the top as the rest follow simultaneously.
  7. After downloading all your selected pictures to the google photos library, you can now easily transfer your photos from google photos to your iPhone gallery.

Here’s How to Transfer Photos from Google Photos to iPhone Gallery:

  1. Select the photo you want to transfer and view it on full screen. Click the three dots on the top right of the photo.
  2. After clicking the drop menu, tap the ‘save to device’ button to download the respective photo to your iPhone gallery.

If you’re up to saving several photos, select the photos you want to download by tapping and holding to mark them then place the export button at the top of your iPhone’s screen (with an arrow projecting out of it). Click on the pop up ‘save to device’ and wait for your photos to be downloaded to your phone.

If the picture you want to download from Google photos is already on your phone, the ‘save to device’ button will not pop up. This helps you avoid downloading and storing duplicates on your device to save space.

How to Transfer Photos from Google Photos to iPhone Gallery – Moving Photos from Google Photos to iCloud

Moving your photos to your phone’s iCloud is quite an easy procedure. Just open your application and open/select the pictures or videos you want to move and hit the ‘Share’ icon then click save files. From the list of choices provided, go for your iCloud drive.

How to Back up Your Media on Google Photos

If you want to back up your photos and videos to your Google photos cloud, go to your app’s settings and prompt automatic Back- up and sync.

How to back up photos from Google Photos to iPhone gallery

  1. Launch the Google Photos app on your phone.
  2. Hit the three-dot menu button on the left of your search bar.
  3. Tap the settings button and click the ‘Backup & sync’ option.
  4. Switch on the slider to activate automatic backup.

How to download a whole library from Google photos

  1. Go to on your MacBook or windows desktop.
  2. Pick the most recent video/photos on the library then hold the shift button. While still holding the shift button, pick the oldest that you want to move. All the media in between will be automatically selected.
  3. Click on the menu bar on top of your screen.
  4. Tap the download option.

Google Take-out

It helps you convert and export data to a downloadable file.

  1. Open and sign in to your Google profile.
  2. Select the data you want to download from the list.
  3. Go to the next step provided at the end of the list.
  4. Select the file type, file size, and the means of delivery you’re about to use.
  5. Tap the create export button.
  6. Hit the Download button to download your file.

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How to Transfer Photos from Google Photos to iPhone Gallery – Conclusion

I hope by now you’ve learned how to transfer photos from Google Photos to iPhone gallery within a span of a short time. It requires a little patience depending on the size of files you’re uploading at the moment.

The time used to download or upload an entire album will be longer than the time used to upload a single picture. This article will help you transfer your old photos and videos to your new iPhone in a split of a second.

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