How To Take a Screenshot On iPhone 8

How To Take a Screenshot On iPhone 8?

Your crush or enemy tells you something and you cannot share it with your best friend? Is this the primitive age where people were so concerned about surviving that they barely communicated about anything other than survival? It’s not. So, you ought to be able to share your best moments with whoever necessary.

It might even be a colleague sending you important messages that you need to keep saved somewhere. What better way is there to preserve the information easily with a screenshot? Luckily, we are past the age where people had to use a camera from another phone to take the picture of the screen.

You do not need two phones now to take a screenshot. In fact, you can just make the device take a picture of its own face. It’s much like the phone looking at itself on a mirror.

Now, different devices starting from computers to smartphones take screenshots differently. While you may have to use a snipping tool software on a computer to take a snippet, you may just need to press the right buttons on a phone. Have you bought an iPhone 8 recently and cannot figure out how to take a screenshot with it?

Well, look no further. Here we will tell you about every way that you can take a screenshot in on an iPhone 8. Let’s begin!

How To Take a Screenshot On iPhone 8 : The First Method 

Yes, there are, in fact, more than one methods to take a screenshot on an iPhone 8. So, let’s begin deciphering the first one.

This is what you need if you do not want to use your brain much. With time, this method will become an automatic feature on your hands, that is, if you take screenshots enough. The moment you feel that you need to capture the screen, your hands will do the job just fast enough.

The Method:

The screen first: Before you leap to taking a screenshot, you must know that you have to open the screen you want to take a screenshot of first. It is not the other way around, meaning you cannot first choose to take a screenshot and then open the desired screen.

So, first, open the photo, message, list, or whatever it is you want to take a screenshot of.

Press the buttons right: Now comes the tricky part. Apparently, you have to press the sleep/wake button along with the ‘Home’ button of your iPhone 8. This is usually the part everyone struggles with.

Apparently, you have to press both the buttons together. If you press one earlier than the other than the button will only do its single function. So, let your coordination skills out and press both the buttons at the very same time.

It does not end here: So, you have finally taken your screenshot but it has not ended yet. Apparently, you will see a preview of your screenshot along with options to edit or crop it. You can add text or signature and then save the photo to your gallery or share it directly over an app.

So, there you go, this is the first way to take a screenshot now let’s get to the second.

How To Take a Screenshot On iPhone 8 : The Second Method

This actually requires less manual skills and more digital ones. In order to take a screenshot that can build or break things, you have to first go to settings.

The place to go: First, click settings then click General, and finally click accessibility. When you get to accessibility you will find an option- ‘Assistive Touch’.

Turn on the Assistive Touch: Apparently, this Assistive touch is what will assist you to take your screenshot. So, keep it powered on to get to where you want to go.

It is not over yet: You have selected your assistant, it is time to teach your assistant what to do. In fact, you will find the “Customize top level” menu in which you will find plus sign. And, you know what have to do. Or, do you?

Time for the screenshot icon: Click on the plus sign and choose the screenshot option this time. Congratulations, you have programmed your phone to assist you during screenshots.

Open the screen you want: Finally, it is time to open what you need to keep preserved so much. The screen you want to keep in memory should be open.

Take the screenshot: Now, it is time for you to look for assistance by clicking the Assistive Touch Button. When you do, you will find the screenshot button too. So, click it and you will get a snippet of the screen you wanted to take a screenshot of.

Edit the Screenshot: When you have taken the screenshot you will find a small preview of it on the screen. If you want to open or edit the screenshot just click on this preview and the screenshot will cover your screen.

Then, you get options to edit. You can add texts, mark with colors and also crop the image.

Save or Share: After you are done playing with the image you can move on to save it or share it. The options for doing both are quite clear on the screen.

There you go! Now you know how to take a screenshot on an iPhone 8. Not a difficult task is it?

However, you also know when to be careful (refer to pressing buttons). Knowing how to take a screenshot will actually make many things easier for you. You can come with evidence of what people said in seconds with this blessing.

But, you may use it to harm as well. Make sure you take a screenshot does not diminish a person’s reputation which he does not deserve. Also, do respect privacy and words spoken in trust.

iPhone 8 comes with many blessings. Let’s use the screenshot feature for a good purpose.

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