How To Screenshot On Lenovo

How to Screenshot on Lenovo

Screenshotting is done for a variety of reasons and purposes. You may screenshot your computer screen to capture and keep contents of desired movies, capture a webpage so you can reference it in the future, or capture guides to help someone understand specific issues. Some tips fall only onto “how to screenshot on Lenovo” while others suit different types of computer brands. 

Lenovo is undoubtedly among the best laptop brands, and if you own one, you would definitely want to know how to take screenshots. This article is created especially for you Lenovo computer owners.

How to Screenshot on Windows 7

If your Lenovo laptop is running on Windows 7, the screenshotting process is just a breeze. It’s as quick and fun as holding the PrtScn and Ctrl keys concurrently. Holding those keys executes the command of capturing the entire laptop screen. 

Users who want more detailed captures should click on the Select Mode, click on the arrow found next to New Button, and then select snip type so they can highlight and select the screen they would want to capture.

How to Screen Shot on Windows 10

Windows 10 is the most efficient and lavish operating system that provides more than enough when it comes to screenshotting. 

Most modern laptops, including those from Lenovo, support Windows 10, so most people who ask the question “how to screenshot on Lenovo” are simply looking for ways to take screens of their windows 10 run laptops.  

On your Windows 10 Lenovo laptop, hold and press the Print Screen key on your keyboard. Once pressed, the key will initiate the screenshot command, and the shot screen will be saved in your laptop’s clipboard. Now, hold the PrtScn and Windows keys to select and save the captured screenshot to any of your preferred computer files.

If that doesn’t give you the quality of screenshot you desire, use the built-in snipping tool. On the updated Window 10 software, it’s found on an icon called the “Windows Ink Workspace.” Once you click on this feature, you will be directed to the Full-Screen snip and the whiteboard icon. Click on any of them, depending on whether you want to capture a full screen or a customized one.

Taking Screenshot on Windows 7 Enterprise

Windows 7 enterprise doesn’t offer the best of screenshotting features. However, you’ve multiple options to consider when it comes to taking screenshots on Windows 7 enterprise. One of those ways is to press Ctrl and Print screen buttons concurrently. You can also capture the screen using the snipping tool.  To capture screenshots this way, you have to press the Esc to launch the menu option.

On the menu screen, you have to select the arrow that directs to “New” and then pick the Free-form button, the rectangular button, Full-screen, or window button to take a snip of the screen.

How to Screenshot on Lenovo – Why You Would Want to Take a Screenshot on Lenovo

Widely known as screengrab, screenshots are vital components of everyday workstations and functions. A screenshot grabs or caps the target screen’s contents, providing a simplified and quick way to reference essential data or information.

Screenshots are the finest and smartest modern age artifacts that serve dozens of purposes in the contemporary workspace. Here are reasons you may want to cap a screen on your Lenovo laptop.

Show what’s currently happening

One of the reasons screenshots are captured is to inform another party about what’s happening on your side. That happens mostly when someone is informing another about a bug or error they have faced while trying to load certain pages or websites. A good example is when you’re trying to login into a website, and you happen to encounter a bug or error.

The IT technician, on the other end, will want to know what you’re experiencing so they can offer the best solution. Therefore, they will ask you to capture a screen of the error you’re getting. With these visual captures, the team on the support end will help solve the issue to enable you to run the function as you’ve always done.

Help highlight essential parts of the content

When you’re editing large volumes of content, you may want to highlight some areas that need to be corrected. Instead of going through the entire piece pinpointing the content sections that don’t add up according to the theme, you can screenshot such sections.

With a screenshot, the person you are sending the feedback to will have a clear visual image of what they are supposed to modify or edit so they can make the piece more outstanding. Screenshotting has become the world’s most preferred technique that enables editors to pinpoint content issues and help writers correct them without wasting so much time and energy.

Educate someone on how to execute certain functions

Another instance screenshots serve a fundamental role is when someone is explaining the functions of certain machines or tools. A screenshot gives those on the receiving end a better visual understanding of the information you are trying to pass.

It saves you time because the target audience will better understand the piece of content you’re trying to explain and in a less period compared to if you were to do it manually, voicing out every word. 

A good example is telling your customers how to log in to an online store and add products to the cart for easy buying. You don’t have to explain the entire information in words, as screenshots could do a better job.

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How to Screenshot on Lenovo – Conclusion

You’ve your Lenovo laptop with you and fully understand how to screenshot on Lenovo. It’s time you made the most of every single moment you log on to your computer, keeping memories and screens of every inimitable action or function for future reference. 

Check out the tips outlined, so you know how to capture the screens, depending on the type of Windows your Lenovo laptop runs on.

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