How To Screenshot On Asus Laptop

How to Screenshot on Asus Laptop

In this era of sophisticated photo-editing and Photoshop tools, computer users have turned the internet into their ultimate source of information whenever their knowledge level hits the block. Out of the many questions, ‘how to screenshot on Asus Laptop’ is one of the most researched keywords in Google searches.

With so many ways to take photos and screenshots to create short, simple, and conclusive messages, Asus Laptop owners are bombarded with multiple questions while exploiting the amazing features in their computers.

With Asus, regardless of the model, you’re not limited on how to screenshot your content or pages. Enjoy taking clear and inclusive screenshots with our all-inclusive guide!

A Quick Full Screenshot Using PrtScn

Is your Asus laptop running on windows seven and above? Screenshot whole screen pages by pressing your laptop’s PrtScn. Screenshots captured this way are saved to the clipboard. You can locate it from the original save box and paste it on any graphic software. Enjoy the drill!

  1. On your Asus laptop keyboard, find the PrtScn and press on it.
  2. Identify any graphics software on your computer and open it.
  3. Now, press the control keyboard key alongside the V key to take the screenshot.
  4. You can now edit and modify the screenshot to your likings.

Shoot Active Screens Using Alt + PrtScn Keyboard Keys

Sometimes, you want to screenshot a part of your screen or a website page. You can capture any screen regardless of the size by pressing Alt + PrtScn commands. You will love how easy it is to press Alt + PrtScn to capture the most intriguing shots of your target screen.

Once the two commands are pressed, Windows respond instantly by saving the shot screen in your computer’s clipboard. If the screen is not smooth and conclusive, you can paste it to the MS paint function to edit and enhance it for better looks. Here is how to quickly do that:

  1. Hold the Alt and PrtScn commands simultaneously.
  2. Head to the clipboard to copy the screenshot, open MS paint and paste it there.
  3. Now press the Ctrl and V commands to paste the copied screenshot.
  4. Edit and modify the screenshot to your preferences.

How to Screenshot on Asus Laptop – Screenshot Using the Snipping Tool

Every avid windows user has come across or even used this essential screenshotting tool. If you know nothing about this tool, it’s not yet time to quit, though, as we will help you capture every single detail on how to capture screens using the tool. Just watch out for this inclusive guide.

  1. Head to your Asus laptop’s windows accessories.
  2. From the many accessories, select snipping tool and click to launch it.
  3. On the snipping tool app, find and click the new option to launch the crop type tool.
  4. The crop type tool has a standard rectangular shape. You’re not limited to the available shape only as you can change it to any of your preferred shapes, including a star or circle.
  5. Now, use the crop type tool to screenshot the screen you want.
  6. The screenshot will be in the shape of the crop type tool you created above.
  7. The snipping tool creates screenshot copies and adds them to your laptop clipboard.
  8. Locate it from there and paste it to any app you like to quickly and easily edit it.

Screenshot Using Snip and Sketch Program

The snip & Sketch program comes already installed in most Asus laptops. It’s the standard screenshotting app for Asus laptops installed with Windows 10. You will be required to launch the program to shoot the screens. However, it’s quite time-consuming and demands more effort than using the keyboard shortcuts we mentioned above. This is how to go about it:

  1. Head to your computer’s Windows search bar, type snip & sketch program, and launch it.
  2. Once the program is launched, find and click the feature named “New.”
  3. Once the feature opens, the screen will fade, and a crosshair cursor will replace it.
  4. Now highlight and select the screen you would want to capture.
  5. Once that’s done, the screen you just captured will be opened in a snip & sketch viewport.
  6. Edit the image to your liking and save it.

The snip & sketch program offers you the best opportunity to add amazing looks and designs to your screenshot. The superior editing features and qualities include the built-in protractor and ruler, which lets you develop amazing arcs, straight lines, and perfect circles.

How to Screenshot on Asus Laptop – Screenshot Using Third-Party Applications

If you are not comfortable with the built-in commands and applications for taking screenshots, third-party apps can be great alternatives. Lightshot and Techsmith are the favorites of most Asus laptop users because they allow for quick and smart screenshot capturing experiences.

Lightshot has been around for quite some time and works fine with Mac, Windows, and Ubuntu. The application allows you to select the surface area of the screen you want to capture, enabling you to save the screenshots in BMP, JPEG, and PNG formats. Screenshots taken with this application can be edited right from the application.

If you found Lightshot interesting, you will likely love TechSmith capture because it’s almost the same but with more sophisticated features. With this application, you can screenshot and record the screens.

The app combines the use of different keyboard commands to take screenshotting a notch higher. After highlighting a section of the screen you want to shot, the program will give you the option of recording it in video format or capturing a shot of the screen. With the screenshot, you can change, modify, and adjust it to your desired size and shape.

You could also read how to screenshot on Lenovo’s laptop.

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How To Screenshot On Asus Laptop – Conclusion

Screenshotting is today’s most efficient way to shoot and save screens of different computer pages or screens. With the incredible range of solutions to the question “how to screenshot on Asus laptop,” you’ve everything to create the best screenshots.

Don’t be lazy not to explore all of these options for you to settle for the perfect option based on your unique preferences. You can easily settle for the perfect screenshotting solution that suits your current project’s needs or matches your unique screenshotting preferences.

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