How To Reset Time Capsule

How to Reset Time Capsule ( Resetting Your Airport Station )

We know you might have a hard time trying to troubleshoot your time capsule. Therefore, we’ve given you this life-saver article to act as your reference whenever you need one. Having a hard time resetting your Airport air station? You don’t have to worry about it anymore. In this text, I’m going to teach you how to reset time capsule blow after blow. 

Following the guidelines and steps below, you’ll be able to recoup control over your base station in a split of a second. Losing control over your airport bus station can be brought about by forgetting your base’s password or maybe your time capsule would respond as usual. 

It’s advisable to go for the soft reset whenever you’ve forgotten your password or you want to configure your security setting. Resetting your Airport station is a sequential procedure that requires mastering and patience.

There are different types of resets you can perform on your base station depending on what problem it is facing at the moment; namely:

Subject to your station’s model, you’ll be able to reset your airport base and bring it back to normal. Beware that a default factory reset will not erase any saved information on your Airport base station.

In this article, you’ll learn how to reset your Apple airport express, airport extreme, or Airport time capsule as well. 

How to Reset Time Capsule – Resetting Your Airport Station

Depending on your station’s model, you’ll have a modified reset button. An airport reset allows you to access control settings so that you can make changes and stabilize your security system. One might perform a Capsule reset when they can’t access their Base’s administration utility or if your time capsule fails to respond like before. 

You can go for a soft or hard reset for your capsule depending on the complications your station is undergoing. Choosing between a soft and a hard reset is determined by how long you’ll be holding the reset button after pressing it. A soft reset is simple and time-saving since it takes a short time compared to a hard or a factory reset which is known to take a little longer.

How to Reset Time Capsule (Reset Methods)

Soft reset

It disables your time capsule’s security so that one can access the control section of your capsule. After hitting the reset button and the amber LED light flashes, you’ll easily access the system to configure and change your password to an easy and memorable one. 

Make sure you do the reset before 5 minutes are over before your time capsule reverts to its previous settings. Therefore, remember to keep the process short and precise since ‘time out’ will mean starting all over again. Forgetting your station’s password can be quite easy. Therefore, it’s advisable to have this process at your fingertips to avoid surprises.

  1. Hit the reset button and hold it for one second and release it (The LED light flashes) 
  2. Go to Airport utilities (click Applications then utilities)
  3. After choosing your time capsule on the select list, tap the ‘Edit’ button.
  4. As soon as you hit the edit button, your time capsule switches to soft mode. Go through the settings and make your adjustments as you please.
  5. Hit the ‘update’ or continue button to finish the process.
  6. Leave the ‘airport utility page.

hard reset

It resets your time capsule to default and unconfigured conditions but keeps the saved passwords and configurations backed up to the system thus allowing you to restore your previous and saved information from the previous configuration after the reset. This is the most recommended form of reset when facing software issues. 

This reset function should be performed when your time capsule is not responding at all or when checking for complications that cannot be tackled by any other methods. 

  1. Ensure your time capsule is connected to power. Click and hold your capsule’s reset button for five seconds then release it (Amber LED light will flash promptly).
  2. Give your time capsule about 1-2 minutes to restart. 
  3. Go to Applications then open the Airport utility (Apps > Utilities). 
  4. Tap the ‘other Wi-Fi devices’ section then chooses your station from the list. Select your base station and click the ‘Edit’ button.
  5. Go to ‘other options’. 
  6. Restore the previous configurations/settings and click ‘Next’ to navigate to the final page.
  7. Your airport utility will notify you when the set-up is done. Click ‘Done’ to curtain the process.

Factory reset (default reset)

Just like a hard reset, a factory reset wipes your time capsule, leaving it in an unconfigured state but goes ahead and deletes any saved data and configurations in the station. People rarely go for this reset option unless they’re selling off their station or giving it away. However, this reset method doesn’t clear data on the in-built drives or even on external drives that may be connected to the base station. 

  1. First, ensure your Time Capsule is unplugged from the power source. 
  2. Click and hold your time capsule’s reset button 
  3. While still holding the reset button, plug in your capsule’s power cable to the power source. 
  4. Keep holding the button until the amber LED light starts to blink rapidly 
  5. Your Time Capsule has completed the factory default reset.

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I am sure that by now you know how to reset time capsule. Note that you’ll have to perform the reset within the first 5 minutes after hitting the reset button on your station. If you don’t finish the process on time you’ll have to start all over again. 

It is advisable to try restarting your Airport time capsule first before making the reset decision. Restarting your station can help solve many minor problems that might be giving you a headache thus decreasing your station’s efficiency. 

When troubleshooting your time capsule, make sure you try resetting it before trying out any other alternatives. If a soft, hard, or factory reset doesn’t solve the problem; it might be a bigger problem like the breakdown of your internal hard drive. Take your time when troubleshooting your station to know which reset method to choose.

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