How To Photoshop Someone Into A Picture App

How to Photoshop Someone Into a Picture App

For several reasons, we always find ourselves in need of that missing someone to make a photo complete. The obvious bet is photoshop, it’s all most guys shall advise. It might look easy and actually is until you get that weird looking patch of that person on the photo. It is for this reason that we are going to help you know how to photoshop someone into a picture app. 

Get Your Image 

Choosing the correct image is very important as it shall determine how much natural the outcome shall be. First, choose a photo that has maximum possible matching elements with the picture you want to add it to. Check for a matching contrast, nearly the same background in terms of color, if you get the matching feature then even better!  

Take caution when cutting out the edge, ensure that it’s as sharp as possible. If your image has a plain color background, you’re advantaged since the erasure tool shall let you cut it out faster and save you time. 

With the eraser tool, you only need to select the part to be removed and click to have it disappear. Remember to always back-up your photo before this exercise since some of the actions such as erasing are irreversible. 

How to Photoshop Someone Into a Picture App – Cut Out the Person from Your Image

Here, we shall use the pen tool for it works perfectly in cutting compared to other methods. Just click on the pen tool from the toolbar. Next, make your starting point by a click and do it all around the image until you go round it. In the case of curves and Bezier handles, just continue clicking then hold the mouse down to drag them out.  

Now Concentrate on the Hair  

Note that we used the pen tool since it does perfect for sharp edges. However, for rough edges such as the hair and fabric, it is inefficient, which makes us give the hair some different approach. Designers have different innovative ways of going around it, for us, we shall use the ‘refine edge’ that’s now the select and mask option. 

Make a rough selection of the head of your subject using the quick selection tool. After this, refine the rough selection using the select and mask tool. This process requires your judgment on whether you have the background completely removed. 

Keep selecting and masking until you have most or all of the background gone to have the hair and the whole head area cut out. The aim here is to have the hair part of the head looking as natural as possible. By now, you shall have the person cut out accurately from your image. 

How to Photoshop Someone Into a Picture App – Copy Your Cut Person Into the Picture  

Refine your cut person then copy-paste into the new second picture. This is where your creativity and judgment kicks in again. Consider the point in your second picture where the photo shall fit perfectly with the least possible distractions. 

We suggest that you move your photo around different points of the picture while observing and finally pick on the best point. Resize the layer into the most realistic form possible while masking any parts that demand that the features come in the foreground. 

Deal With the Lighting 

The contrast and lighting are usually different no matter how good you try to match. However, this is not the end of photoshopping possibilities. You can easily adjust the contrast and lighting of your image to match or fit into the picture. 

Start by editing your photo’s color balance, try adjusting the contrast and access the results, if your matching was a near hit, this shall be enough. For instance, you could paint shadows of black into the photo and try adjusting the opacity to a perfect one that masks up the difference. 

Duplicate your photo at this point, then check for areas that need more shadow, the burn tool shall help you increase the shade.  

How to Photoshop Someone Into a Picture App 

The ability to photoshop your photos from your phone is amazing due to its convenience and ease of use. Here are some applications that will give the best results. 

Adobe photoshop express 

This app brings all the features of adobe to your mobile phone. All you need to do is upload or take your photos and get editing. From adjusting the contrast, applying filters, adjusting saturation, and so on, this application shall let you have your desired picture out of the raw ones. Adobe photoshop express requires that you sign up for a free Adobe ID before starting to edit.  

Adobe photoshop lightroom cc 

This one brings all the desktop version to your mobile phone. For professionals and those who need to do their photoshop on an advanced level, this is the app for you. You get most of the popular adjustment tools in form of slides and can even work on raw images! If you subscribe to the adobe creative cloud, you get additional refining features, something a professional photographer has to do. 

Adobe photoshop fix 

If you are looking forward to making more edits than just filters and contrast, you need to get Adobe photoshop to fix it. For professional edits and photo adjustments. The best part of this app is its ability to record each aspect of the photo’s face, giving you easy edit options if each part. The app allows you to share your resultant photo to your desktop’s adobe for more advanced edits. 

You could also read how to transfer photos from google photos to an iPhone gallery.

How to Photoshop Someone Into a Photo App – What to be Careful About 

As you photoshop, you shall be making permanent changes. Ensure that you have a back-up of both your photos. Also, in the process of editing and the whole photoshopping, keep duplicating before each step to avoid losing a fine copy with a subsequent mistake. 

To make your work easier, try to choose matching photos, for instance, if you want to photoshop a lover into another picture that you need, go through your previous picture to get the most near-matching one. With your other innovative approaches, this is how to photoshop someone into a photo app. 

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