How to hook up Super Nintendo to HDTV

How to hook up Super Nintendo to HDTV?

Walking down the memory lane each time you see your Super Nintendo console? Missing playing old childhood games? In spite of the fact Super Nintendo System was released way before HDTV sets were available for purchase, you can still enjoy the familiar rush of excitement while playing your favorite games.

Older consoles like Super Nintendo use classic audio/video cables for connecting, unlike the modern consoles that mostly use HDMI cables. As a majority of television sets still support this way of connecting, playing Super Mario World or The Legend of Zelda is just a few minutes away.

Fun fact coming! When launched, Super Nintendo came with three games only: Super Mario World, F-Zero, and Pilotwings. Compared to today’s massive game releasing, this sounds quite unbelievable.


You do not need to be a tech genius to connect your old console with your television set successfully. Just follow a few super easy steps below and you will have your Super Nintendo set ready to play in no time.

Step 1. You have to locate the HDTV’s audio and video inputs, which can be usually found on the back of the HDTV. They are colored in yellow, red and white.

Step 2. Plug the Super Nintendo’s AV cables into to compatible audio and video inputs on HDTV. Yellow end of the Stereo AV cable should be placed into the video in jack, red end into the right audio in jack and white end of the Stereo AV cable into the audio in jack on the left.

Step 3. The next step is to connect the gray rectangular plug of the Stereo AV cable into the connector on the back of the Control Deck.

Note: Steps 1 to 3 are almost the same even if you have a monochrome TV receiver with only one exception. As mono TV sets usually have only one audio input, there are two ways you can connect Super Nintendo’s AV cables to the HDTV’s audio and video inputs. First is by using the Y-Adaptor, to which you connect the red and white AV cables. The yellow one is placed into the video in jack, and another part of Y-Adaptor is plugged into the audio in jack. The second way is by ignoring the Y-Adaptor and leaving the white end disconnected. If you choose this way, you should set game sounds to mono if you want to be able to hear all the sounds.

Step 4. Insert the game into the Control Deck. Be sure you pressed it firmly. Do not forget to plug the controller into the far port on the left side for player one.

Step 5. Hook up the AC Adaptor into the back of the Super Nintendo’s console. Plug the other end into the AC power socket.

Step 6. Now it is time to test if you connect everything right. Try to turn on the Super Nintendo console and HDTV. On HDTV locate the input select or similar buttons like TV/Video, Source, AUX, EXT, Line or Line in. Switch from the TV signal to the game system. You may have several input buttons so refer to the one on the back of your TV set.

Step 7. If you followed the steps from 1 to 7 now you should see the game (both image and audio) displayed on the screen. Ready, set, play!



Some of the main issues with power are that your socket is not working properly or you did not plug firmly the AC Adaptor to the socket. Moreover, the other end of the AC Adaptor may be loosely connected to the AC Adaptor port of the Control Deck. Check if you switched on the power button on the Control Deck. Check your AC Adaptors for any damages like cut-ins, pin bent or broken, frayed cables or exposed wires. In addition, check if your AC Adaptor is a licensed one, with the name ‘’Nintendo’’ on the unit.


Check all of your system connections to see if they are all connected firmly. Check all the cables and units to be sure you are not using unlicensed elements that may not be compatible with the Super Nintendo console. Check if you plugged all the AV cables into the right port on the HDTV set. Try to find the manuals of the HDTV set to see if it has special audio inputs that are not controlled by the TV but by a different device. There is also a possibility your TV set has a small button, which controls the sending of the sound to the TV speakers and should be turned on while playing a game.


Most common problem is that people forget to turn off the system before inserting game paks, which usually results in the screen going blank. If the problem continues, check out if you connected all the cables to the right ports. Make sure your system has power. You can also remove all the AV cables and reinsert them again to solve the problems. Place them firmly to be sure they are connected.


You may experience problems with the game pak because you did not insert it in the right way – it should be facing the front of the system. Remove all the additional accessories and see if the game is working properly. If it does, then your accessories and the game are not compatible. If you have a problem with the Super Nintendo Entertainment System controller, try to clean it thoroughly with water and a brush (dry it with some paper towels before you use it again).

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