How to Get iPhone Apps on Android

How to Get iPhone Apps on Android?

How to get iPhone apps on Android, is it even possible?

The two giant smartphone operating systems iOS and Android are different in many ways. Android is an open operating system, while iOS is a closed system. In Android, you can personalize your phone to your liking, whereas in iOS, your customization options are limited. iOS is simply a product of Apple specially formulated for smartphone models from Apple. 

In contrast, Android is open to phone manufacturers all over the world, including LG, Samsung, Techno mobile, and more. With all these differences, is it possible to use iPhone apps on Android? Yes, it is, but the process is multifarious.

Understanding Software and Hardware Compatibility

Android and iOS have unique software and hardware compatibility requirements. An app made for Android will need Android-specific features to work efficiently. Getting iPhone apps on Android won’t be a two-minute assignment.  

An attempt to use iPhone apps on Android may fail if the version of the application isn’t compatible with the hardware architecture or your Android smartphone is not supported by the iOS emulator for the android phone application you are using.

How to Get iPhone Apps on Android – Is it Possible?

Android apps are APK, whereas iPhone apps are IPA.  The unique formulation of the apps means they aren’t compatible. The only possible way you can get an iPhone app to your android device is by copying or saving it. In its standard format and without any hardware modifications, an iPhone app cannot be installed on an Android smartphone. With the right emulators, however, you can quickly install and use iPhone apps on your Android device with few taps of your smartphone’s screen.

How to Get iPhone Apps on Android – Available Ways 

iOS apps are superior to Android apps in multiple ways. According to people who have tried installing and using iOS apps on Android, they have better UI, feel better, and load faster compared to Android apps. If out of curiosity or love for the fancy design of iOS apps you decide to install and run iPhone apps on Android, here are some great ways on how to get iPhone apps on Android.

IEMU emulator

IEMU is the world’s most used iOS emulator for Android that offers a great virtual iOS platform on your android device, enabling for quick and easy installation of iOS games and apps. The iEMU emulator consumes minimal spacing and doesn’t strain your android device.

It’s the brainchild of some of the world’s finest and most talented developers designed to be an open-source software that simplifies and eases the way android smartphone owners run iOS apps on their devices.

  1. Search and download the iEMU APK file to your device.
  2. Tap your app’s notification to find the downloaded APK app
  3. Click on the APK file and perform the actions as per the app’s requests.
  4. If you’re asked to verify security, head to your smartphone’s system settings, security, and then allow the device to install apps from unknown sources.
  5. Allow the app a few seconds to install.
  6. Once has been installed and working on your Android, head to the app’s drawer page and tap on the Padiod app.
  7. Launch the app, and you can now download and install iOS apps on your Android smartphone.


Looking to install and use iPhone apps on your Android, can save you the hassle. Running iPhone applications on Android using this web-based iOS emulator for androids is super fun and easy. eliminates the lengthy process of having to install and run complex applications. In simple words, you’re not required to install any third-party app into your Android device as you would have to do with other applications.

It’s a web-based website with a smooth and user-friendly interface formulated to make it easy and quick to install and use iOS applications on Android.

To use this app, you should have Firefox or Google Chrome browser installed on your android device. Ensure you’re connected to high-speed internet.

  1. Head to the official website and sign in to get started.
  2. Since you’re a new user, you should create a new account with your Gmail address
  3. Verify your account by clicking on the link sent to your Gmail inbox.
  4. There are multiple differently priced packages offered by the service.
  5. Beginners are strongly advised to consider the free plan
  6. Tap to play feature found in the iPhone Screen to get an iOS user interface
  7. If you wish, you can use the Upload App option to upload your apps.

Cider emulator

CIDER is similar to iEMU in function. It was developed by Columbia University students from the camera science department. It’s a user-friendly and smooth application that lets you access iOS games and apps via your android smartphone

The problem with Cider is that it’s designed for specific Android devices. You can check if your device is supported. But the good news is that it supports android smartphones from most if not all top brands. Also, it’s safe and won’t eat up lots of your smartphone’s internal spacing.

  1. Now search for Cider APK app on your smartphone’s browser and download it
  2. Once the APK file is downloaded and ready for installation on your smartphone, install it using sideload. The sideloading instructions are the same as the ones used in installing the IEMU emulator
  3. Head to the app drawer option and then get it launched
  4. Now, you’ve got an iOS version in your Android, which you can use to search, download, install, and use iOS apps and games.

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How to Get iPhone Apps on Android – Conclusion

Want to know how to get iPhone apps on Android? We have addressed in detail what it takes to install and use iOS apps on android devices. Peruse through to learn one or two things so when next the idea of turning your Android smartphone into a customized iOS tickles in your mind, you won’t have to spend hours searching the internet for solutions. You will as well save yourself the embarrassment of having to ask your friends who own an iPhone as some could term you a serial joker.

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