How to do handwritten message on iPhone 7

How to do handwritten message on iPhone 7?

Hundreds of years ago, nobody even considered that one day it would be possible to write on something other than a paper. A technology boom we are experiencing since the late 20th century brought us different tech gadgets who are taking our way of communication to the next levels.

Today it is even possible to download different speech-to-text applications and speech recognition software programs that are converting audio into a set of words. Who would have thought that with so many options, which are making our lives easier and more convenient, we would still have a need to use and appraise our writing skills? However, as we live in a world where it is easy to send and receive a message over Facebook, SMS message or an e-mail, it is not so strange we want to give our communication much wanted intimate touch.

Handwritten letters have always had the value of creating a close bond between a sender and a recipient. They are creating a different set of feelings, either love or despair, happiness or sadness, even anger compared to impersonal e-mails. It is a personalizing note, which made current tech giants start appreciating that old and archaic way of sending information and using it in their products. One of those giants is an American multinational technology company Apple.

How to do handwritten message on iPhone 7?

Now it is possible to send and receive handwritten messages or a simple drawing on an iPhone. The only thing you will need is a modern version of iOS, anything beyond iOS 10.0 on your iPhone or iPad. The handwritten feature is a great way of sending personalized messages to your friends and family using only your finger and writing skills.

For those who own an iPhone 7, you may want to know how to send a handwritten message on your cell phone. Below we will give you a full step-by-step guide which also works on other gadgets you may own that have iOS 10.0 or later versions. You can also send drawings and sketches to make your message even more distinctive and customized.

Step 1. Open your app Messages. It is a green app with a speech bubble inside the icon.

Step 2. Tap a conversation with the name of the person you want to send a handwritten message.

Step 3. For easier writing, turn your phone to landscape mode. If you see a text-entry field instead of a white screen, tap a button ɣ to enable handwriting features. This button looks like a cursive letter O or a simple loop.

Step 4. Write your handwriting message on the screen using your finger or use a pre-written text to insert it into your message. You can choose pre-written messages from the menu at the bottom of the screen. If you make a mistake, just tap a button Undo.

Step 5. When you are finished with your handwritten message, press button Done in the top-right corner. Your message will appear in your conversation.

Step 6. If you are satisfied with the result, press button Send just as you do when sending normal messages. If you want, you can even add a text message to follow your handwritten one.

More tips on handwriting mode on iPhone 7

If you want to exit the handwriting mode, you can easily do it by rotating your iPhone 7 between horizontal and vertical positions. This is also true if you want to enter the handwriting mode while in any Message field. A good thing to know is that a recipient does not need a newer version of iOS to receive and see your handwritten message. It will be shown as a nice picture looking animated initially, which is a nice effect.

The person can save it as a picture file to enjoy it later. If you want to cancel your handwritten message, you can easily do it by using the backspace button on the keyboard (note: if you have another cellphone, which is not iPhone 7, you have to tap the button X to cancel the message). Message length is limited to just two screens so think about the short phrases rather than long messages when sending a handwritten message.

Why sending handwritten message from your iPhone 7 matters?

It is all about the time and energy somebody put into the handwritten message that counts. When you put that much effort into sending something to your friend or a family, the other person feels like receiving a special gift from your side. They appreciate you use your time for handwriting instead of just sending a plain text. It is a much more personal way of communicating, just like letters in the old days.

Handwritten style can tell a lot about a person and it speaks a different set of thoughts and feelings to the recipient. Although it may sound like a step back in the digital age, it is actually a powerful way of finding means of an effective communication. Just a few personal handwritten sentences can achieve great results on the other side of a communication channel and make somebody smile throughout the day.

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