How Long Will iPhone 7 be Supported

How Long Will iPhone 7 be Supported?

Does how long will iPhone 7 be supported ask to seem logical to you? Well, it does to most iPhone owners. Apple, the gadget tech giant, has learned customer’s buying trends over the years. The findings forced this tech giant to toughen its policies on the sale and support given to its old iPhone models.

The results showed that buying trends for older iPhone models go up when new models are released because customers want high-end and superior smartphones without spending so much. Based on those findings, the company decided to support its discounted phones for a limited period.

So, When Does Apple Stop Supporting It’s Discounted iPhones?

Apple tends to release new iPhone models every year. Each new release pushes the older versions further from the market because customers are intrigued by smarter, more sophisticated, and efficient gadgets.

Apple’s policies limit the support to any iPhone device for a maximum of five years after it discontinues the sales. Provided five years hasn’t elapsed since Apple sold the last piece of the iPhone version you have, it is still supported by Apple. This tech giant has clearly confirmed on its website that Mac, iPhone, iPod, and iPad owners will have five years of full service after the sale of their devices is discounted.

Its support basically involves the sale of replacement parts and service at a fee.

How Long Will iPhone 7 be Supported – When was it Released and Discontinued

Apple released iPhone 7 and its brother 7 plus in 2016.  The company later offered iPhone 8, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro max, XR, XS, and XS Max as upgrades.

Apple declared 10th September 2019 as the last day for the sale of its iPhone 7 products. As of today, it has been a year and several weeks since Apple sold its last iPhone 7 device.

Then How Long Will iPhone 7 be Supported by Apple?

Within the three years, iPhone 7 was on the market; it enjoyed massive upgrades and updates. Adding five years to the discontinuation date, iPhone 7 owners will get support for their smartphones until 2024 if the 5-year support policy remains. 

Thus, if you own an iPhone 7 smartphone, you should be prepared to replace it by 2024 September because it’s likely the last date your phone will ever get an iOS update. In other words, though your iPhone 7 will be intact in 2025, any security threats or software crashes will solely be your responsibility.

Tips to Upgrade My iPhone 7 To the Latest iOS

As long as Apple still supports iPhone 7, you can always upgrade to the latest iOS. Those who have their phones stack to iOS 12 can upgrade to iOS 13.

However, while doing the upgrade, so much can happen, bricking your iPhone or causing data loss. Ready yourself to welcome any outcome with these simple upgrade tips.

Back-up your iPhone

Before you click the update to iOS 13 icon, ensure you’ve backed your iPhone. Starting an upgrade before you’ve backed up your iPhone 7 could end up in your list of the biggest mistakes you ever made. That’s because the chances of getting an incomplete update or error updating system issues aren’t zero.

If you have got the older version of your iPhone 7 intact, you can easily downgrade when need be. You can back up your iPhone 7 via iTunes or iCloud.  You can do both in case one fails to save yourself the hassle.

Uninstall the apps you don’t use

Often, we get moved by the stories we read about certain apps such that we just install them with no distinct goal or purpose for them. Months later, our phones are filled with apps we rarely use or have no clue how they work.

Installing multiple apps in your iPhone eats up the internal storage while congesting your phone screen. Based on that, locating your favorite apps will no longer be business as usual, as you’ll have to filter through the many apps to discover the ones you need.

Before you make that update, peruse your iPhone 7 apps to know which ones are worth being in your device. Weed out the ones with no value addition to your everyday need phone uses.

Clear your iPhone storage

All iPhone upgrades take up more spacing and are usually heavier than the previous iOS versions. Clearing up your device before initiating the upgrade is strongly recommended. It will ensure your device has enough spacing to accommodate the new upgrade, run smoothly, and load faster.

When clearing your device, you can start with the outdated movies and pictures you don’t need. For those you consider useful, backing them in an online storage system is highly recommended. The idea is to get things you don’t like cleared for you to space up your phone to work well with the new system update.

Study the system upgrade

One mistake iPhone users make is to upgrade to any new system update send their way. Most of them do so without even checking the features and functions of the latest update. Don’t just upgrade your iPhone because you’ve been notified of new system upgrades. Check through the updates to know what they are and the role they will serve in your iPhone 7.

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How Long Will iPhone 7 be Supported – Conclusion

The question of how long will iPhone 7 be supported has been fully answered. The most painful experience an iPhone owner can ever have is to upgrade their devices only for the phone to brick or the software to get corrupted.

Dating from September 2019, when Apple discontinued the sale of the iPhone 7, you will have five years to enjoy Apple’s service and parts support. Once the five years are over, you will no longer get support from the company.

So, it’s up to you to make hay while the sun shines and exploit your iPhone 7 to the fullest. You can always update to the latest iOS and programs within that period, as well. After 2024 September, you will still be able to use your iPhone, but you will never get the latest updates or features.

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