How Long Is the iPhone 6s in Inches

How Long Is the iPhone 6s in Inches?

Apple’s product line sparkle in quality, performance, and durability. However, Apple is a luxury brand for fancy buyers. The iPhone 6s, the successor of the iPhone 6 and Apple’s 9th generation creation, is the favorite of small-budget tech lovers. Its exterior and interior engineering delivers a tech-rich gadget that loads fast, works efficiently, and stands out in looks. So, how long is the iPhone 6s in inches?

How Long Is the iPhone 6s in Inches? – Design and Display Overview

The iPhone 6s resembles its big brother in some aspects of design and chassis. Its framing is thicker, and the durability is superior. The overall body design is defined by beauty, sleekness, and elegance. It weighs 5 ounces and fits in a 2.64 inches width and 0.28 inches thickness chassis. The small size and lightweight design allow for easy use.

The iPhone 6s has a 4.7inch IPS LCD capacity touchscreen. The screen is big enough to give you a superior viewing experience. With this Apple smart gadget, you’re getting 750 x 1334 pixels of screen resolution with 326 PPI density capable of generating luscious and attractive colors to make your movie watching or gaming experiences incredible.

What Software Does the iPhone 6s Run On?

This Apple smart device runs on iOS 9 software. Users can upgrade it to iOS 11.3. The phone is powered using a 64-bit Apple A9 system-on-a-chip. Apple has already discontinued the manufacturing and sale of iPhone 6s, so you can’t update it to the latest iOS. However, this iPhone model remains one of the most innovative choices available.

The iPhone 6s models come with 2GB RAM and internal storage of 64 and 128GB, so they carry enough storage spacing to cater to your unique data and app storage needs.

How Long Is the iPhone 6s in Inches? – Why Should You Buy iPhone 6s?

You and I know very well that Apple has stopped the creation and sale of iPhone 6s. It’s no rocket science to understand that this iPhone model has lived up its useful life. So why would you want to get an iPhone 6s smartphone in 2020?

Has 3D Touch

iPhone 6s is rich in a 3D touch that adds to the device operation’s superiority and efficiency. This iPhone model uses a haptic engine to detect when it’s pressed harder than it should be. Once you press the screen harder, the screen will offer a shortcut and menu options, unlike when you press it normally.

In this era of advanced tech and superior smartphone features, the 3D Touch in the iPhone 6s is truly a win. Deep presses are force-based and are registered instantly, while long presses are time-based, and so with a creative 3D touch, gaming with this amazing gadget will be a breeze.

The camera is amazing

Apple has never competed with other smart-tech gadget competitors in terms of camera modules. Of course, we have seen cameras with better apertures since the iPhone 6s model was released, but it still stands out with its f/2.2 lens.

Its sensor chip adds to the camera’s pixels, delivering more color-rich shots, free of light interference issues. And with that, you’re going to enjoy shooting without worrying about high imaging noise.

The camera module is a big stride towards Apple’s goals for superior photography. With its 12MP camera and superior 3D touch technology, you can always shoot the finest of photos with a touch of its screen.

Better speed and efficiency

Even in 2020, the iPhone 6s still reigns among the best budget-friendly smartphones that are efficient and fast. With its A9 processor, the phone loads 70% faster than similar phones and delivers 90% better graphics performance than its competitors.

The speed is awesome, and the performance is superb, but the battery is not up to the task. A 1810Ah battery is truly too small to handle heavy use.

Security is top-notch

The security in this smart Apple device is also top-notch. With its home button, you can access the home screen and still scan your fingers for safe locking.

The TouchID offers quick unlocking with a single finger swipe. Good enough, the device uses its iOS software and hardware scanner to read your fingerprints, so everything is fully locked for optimal security. iPhone 6s’s system has the power to remember all credit card information and passwords ever entered into the system, which maximizes safety.

Lightweight and easy to handle

iPhone 6s is super handy in its 0.28 x 5.44 x 2.64 inches size that’s only 142 grams heavy. That makes it one of the lightest and easy to carry smartphones in the market today. It’s more convenient to carry in the pockets, which is a plus considering how much people love carrying smartphones in their pockets today.

The world’s top smartphone brand offers it

Apple is a tech giant whose success story is firmly cemented in our hearts and souls. It has been around creating superior and amazing gadgets since 1976 and has garnered a large following thanks to its uniqueness and product superiority.

The company employs way over 130,000 employees, making it among the world’s biggest-ever smart gadget manufacturers. So, when investing in the iPhone 6s, you’re sure to invest in one of the best tech gadgets currently available for sale today.

In other words, an investment in an Apple gadget regardless of whether the product has been discontinued is a privilege that not many people get to enjoy.

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How Long is the iPhone 6s in Inches – Conclusion

How long is the iPhone 6s in inches? The post above provides the answer. It’s statistically confirmed that more than 50 million tonnes of electronic waste end up in landfills every year. Out of this waste, only 20% of it is recycled, while more than 80% of the unrecycled waste is burned in incinerators, releasing toxic hydrocarbons.

These massive toxic releases end up polluting the air we breathe, the underground ecosystem, and water systems. Using refurbished smartphones such as the iPhone 6s lowers the level of pollution released into the atmosphere, improving everyone’s well-being in multiple ways.

By investing in an iPhone 6s in 2020, you’re not only securing yourself one of the smartest gadgets available but also saving the atmosphere in many ways.

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