How Long Do Laptops Last

How Long Do Laptops Last?

Almost half of the world’s population today has either owned a laptop or if not at least used a laptop. Matter of fact if you are searching for answers to how long do laptops last? , Then you must be using an electronic device if not a laptop. 

Laptops in fact are not built to last that long as they are regularly updated and year after year the technology changes with time, so do laptops as they become more digitalized and efficient. Laptops can still be used even though they are outdated and can still work efficiently.

How Long Do Laptops Last Before You Replace Them With New Ones? 

There are some factors to consider if you want to know how long do laptops last before they become unusable or can’t cater to your needs. They are as follows: 

1- The specific hardware of the laptop

The specific hardware of the laptop is the main determinant of the average lifespan of a laptop. For good laptop hardware you have to invest so basically if you spend a lot of money to buy laptop components and hardware the longer it will last. For your laptop to last longer you have to achieve the following requirements; 

  • Hard drive- As the world is changing, the operating systems are getting bigger and bigger, so for your laptop to last long and function well you need at least 1TB of storage.
  • Memory- For your laptop to run smoothly and function well, your laptop should have at least 8GB RAM  and not less. 
  • Processor- For your laptop to perform actions and commands fast and last long, your laptop should have a 9th or 10th generation Intel Core I5 or I7 of which makes you use your laptop with ease. For gamers, you can update your graphics card and enjoy gaming.

2- Tasks the laptop is used for

Laptops last based on the type of tasks it does if a laptop does labor-intensive tasks such as gaming and video editing, your laptop is likely to last for a short time as the longer you work the higher you demand of which at a certain point the laptop won’t be able to offer or meet the requirements of the task.

Whereas if a laptop does regular tasks such as checking your email inbox or browsing the internet, your laptop is likely to last long as the requirements needed don’t need constant updates and still work efficiently. 

3- Maintenance of the laptop 

For a laptop to last longer, you have to maintain it properly. Avoid falling off the laptop at all costs and overcharging it. Even though you properly maintain your laptop some of the laptop components spoil faster than others. 

Components such as RAM and motherboard are often likely to spoil first than the others and components such as keyboards and drives are less likely to spoil and would last longer as they can be replaced. 

How Long Do Laptops Last – Signs That You Need a New Laptop 

Laptops tend to fail if they are not regularly updated and the components are old. In case you invest in your laptop hardware and components your laptop is more likely to last long. These is some of the signs that if you notice should consider buying a new laptop: 

1- The laptop becomes slow

Everything in the laptop feels slow, the processing unit of the laptop takes time before responding to your commands. If you see these signs it means you should consider buying a new laptop as your laptop is outdated and is not functioning well. This is a major sign that can show you how long do laptops last. 

2- The laptop has a poor display 

You can find that your laptop does not display its contents well. Sometimes you have to look deep to obtain a clear outline or use glasses. The poor display means that your laptop is outdated and the graphics card is old and doesn’t function properly.

3- The laptop crashes regularly 

You can find that whenever you are using your laptop to perform a certain task it hangs regularly or sometimes it crashes. In other cases, you can access other apps as for those apps to run you need a laptop with a large RAM and Operating System that are up to date. 

If your laptop crashes regularly it’s a major sign that you need to buy a new one or update the laptop components. 

4- The laptop’s battery is drained easily 

Batteries in laptops are meant to last long especially when the laptop is brand new. Overcharging the battery also contributes to the battery getting old and this is a major sign that you need to buy a new laptop.  

How Long Do  Laptops Last – How to Make Your Laptop Last Longer 

For your laptop, to last longer, you must be able to follow some tips and overall maintain your laptop and keep it in good shape. If you invest in your laptop the higher the chances your laptop is going to last. Here are some of the tips to make your laptop last long. 

  1. Please avoid spilling drinks or drinking near your laptop. Liquids damage the laptop and may cause you a lot of money to fix In case this happens.
  2. Please avoid eating while using your laptop. Foodstuffs such as cake crumbs can destroy your keyboard. 
  3. Always use your laptop in a well-ventilated area to prevent overheating. You should also avoid putting your laptop on your lap for a long time as it will overheat. 
  4. Always use your laptop on a clean desk as dirt can destroy your keyboard as it lodges and destroys your keyboard components. 
  5. Avoid using magnetic objects near laptops or electronic devices that have a magnetic forever such as TV and speakers.
  6. Avoid overcharging your laptop. If possible do not use your laptop while it’s charging to avoid tampering with the battery and as soon as it is done unplug the charger.
  7. In case when moving around with your laptop ensure that you have a good laptop bag that ensures the laptop is not damaged even though the bag falls. 
  8. Download and install the latest antivirus software to prevent viruses from attacking your laptop and damaging it. 

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Most Reliable Laptops That Are Likely to Last Long 

They include; Lenovo, HP, Apple, Toshiba, Asus, Dell, Samsung, Microsoft. Most laptops last long when you invest in them making them more durable. So money and how much you invest in your laptop can really determine how long your laptop could last.

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