Pistolet à chaleur à embosser Chandler HG603D

Chandler Tool est une entreprise familiale basée en Californie qui propose tout, des pistolets à colle aux brûleurs à bois et fers à souder. Ils ont lancé des ventes sur Amazon l'année dernière et connaissent un succès fulgurant sur le marché de l'artisanat bricolage. Si vous cherchez une solution fiable gaufrage pistolet à air chaud qui fournit une puissance multifonctionnelle impressionnante, Chandler Tool est notre principale recommandation. Nous avons répertorié toutes les fonctionnalités (bonnes et mauvaises), alors faites simplement défiler pour voir pourquoi c'est le meilleur choix.

Pistolet à chaleur à embosser Chandler HG603D

Caractéristiques importantes

  • Possède deux réglages de vitesse et de chaleur variables
  • Polyvalent pour tous les types de travaux manuels et électroniques
  • Isolé, ergonomique, léger et silencieux
  • Certifié UL pour une utilisation aux États-Unis
  • Une marque américaine fiable
  • Un pistolet de gaufrage professionnel robuste
  • Garantie à vie 100%

Avantages et inconvénients


  • Le contrôle de vitesse double vous permet de contrôler les tâches détaillées
  • An insulated body so it won’t burn your hands
  • Les réglages de chaleur réglables vous permettent d'augmenter la puissance de certains travaux
  • La liste UL signifie qu'il est plus sûr à utiliser que les autres marques d'importation
  • Marque américaine qui garantit sécurité et qualité
  • Livré avec une garantie à vie 100%

Les inconvénients:

  • Can get very hot on high heat setting
  • May be considered too bulky for smaller sized hands
  • Nozzle tip can get very hot
  • The unpleasant plastic smell when you first use it, then it goes away
  • You need to remove the plastic tip cover before using

We?ve come across many embossing guns over the years and they all offer something for everyone. Not too many pistolets à air chaud combine extra features that make it universal. The problem is finding the perfect all-in-one solution that pleases everyone with the same product. That?s when we took notice of the Chandler HG603D Tool Embossing Pistolet thermique. It gives you more control of the crafting jobs you enjoy and much more.

An important thing you must know about this product is the plastic tip cover. It needs to be unscrewed and removed before every use. This tip is made from plastic and can melt otherwise. The instructions tell you to remove it, though it simply looks like its part of the design. It only serves to protect the metal tip when you store it away. This is why we want to inform you before you buy this product of all potential hazards.

If you’re looking for the all-purpose tool that’s used for multiple applications, this should be next on your list. Not just for crafters, because of the versatility if this pistolet thermique is truly the best part you’ll get. From electronics projects and DIY crafts, you’re not limited to what this heat gun can be used for. Painters love this gun since it dries inks, paints, watercolors, and gesso, very effectively without cracking.

Crafters especially will enjoy the lower temperature setting that doesn?t blow their embossing powder away. The practical design makes it fun to create projects that can be enjoyed anytime. While some people all have different hand sizes, you can appreciate that the diameter is just two inches thick. Older kids who enjoy crafting might need to hold this heat gun with a gripped hand until they grow older.

Electricians like using it for re-melting old solder or shrink-wrap tubing for wires. The variety of functions it can be used for electronics is unlimited. Others who love candle making or resin-based decorations will never have bubble issues again because of this handy heat gun. It can even be used to re-position stiff molded plastic parts on ski or snowboard boots so they fit better. But that’s not all since there’s so much more this heat gun does.

It’s lightweight enough that you can control it with one hand. The temperature setting can be adjusted to the right heat you want to use. No more burning through the plastic wrapping on gift baskets. The insulated cover keeps the unit nice cooler, though if you do use higher heat settings, it can get hot. Like any other tool you use, you need to be careful to not burn yourself or your project materials.

In case you didn?t know, this embossing heat gun is very quiet. The drawback to standard heat guns is the blower which whistles and can be irritating to hear. You won?t have to worry about this model whining away while you use it. There is fan noise, but nothing as loud as a hairdryer would be.

If you’ve used embossing guns before, you know some other brands can be noisier. Chandler heat guns run at slower fan speeds to keep the noise down. The housing also keeps excess noise to a minimum likewise.

It’s great to know that you’re covered with a lifetime warranty if this heat gun ever burns out or is faulty in any way. That’s real American quality for your money’s worth, plus it’s made safer with the standard UL certification. The Pistolet à chaleur à embosser Chandler HG603D has a terrific top quality feel aside from the price.

That?s a genuine bonus considering many other embossing gun brands feel flimsy or too bulky. This heat gun looks and feels like it belongs in your tool collection.


Un pistolet à gaufrer est-il le même qu'un pistolet thermique?

Essentially this tool is a smaller version of a standard heat gun. The grip handle you see on standard heat guns was removed, so it can be held like a flashlight. It comes with insulated plastic on the frame so the embossing gun deflects heat from your hand. The name embossing comes from special inks or powders that use heat to set them.

Quelle est la chaleur d'un pistolet à chaleur à embosser?

This heat gun has two temperature settings for high and low heat applications. The low heat allows 392F for small jobs and 572F for larger jobs. As with any precaution that goes with work safety, any kind of heat gun can easily burn your skin. Higher temperatures can damage your project too easily if you don?t use caution.

We recommend that you should be more cautious using the higher heat setting. Long periods running on the high setting may even cause internal temperatures to build-up. Only use the high heat for short times between 5 to 10 minutes. You should always give it time to cool down.

Puis-je utiliser un pistolet thermique pour gaufrer?

Not all heat guns have a temperature setting and are not meant specially for embossing. Some brands of heat gun tools offer a 200F setting, though most can reach as high as 1000F. Higher heat can burn paper too easily, thus the embossing heat gun was invented for this purpose. A standard heat gun is mostly used for industrial jobs such as melting frozen pipes, shrinking plastic wrap, and stripping paint.

Puis-je utiliser un sèche-cheveux au lieu d'un pistolet thermique pour le gaufrage?

You should always keep in mind that a hairdryer is made for blowing air through the hair. It has a temperature setting that can get hot, but not enough to melt embossing powders. Many first-timers make the mistake of using a hair dryer and blow away their power completely. The difference between a hairdryer and an embossing heat gun is the heat output and lower fan control.

Éléments à considérer lors de l'achat de ce produit


This heat gun weight only 13.6 ounces. At just under a pound, this heat gun is ideal and lightweight to use. Despite the rugged heavy plastic look, this heat gun is built to last without all that added weight.

Ease of use

You’ll love that this embossing gun can be held comfortably in your hand, either as a wand or oversized pen. It comes with a built-in stand so you can turn it off and put it down without burning anything. The control switch lets you instantly select from low and high heat settings.

Safety and quality

Another thing you?ll be proud of is the American quality that Chandler products are proud to offer. They?ve included the branded UL listing to ensure your safety for electrical wiring and product compatibility. The design is well crafted and stylish for such a small heat gun. If your heat gun ever fails or stops working, their lifetime warranty will replace it for free!

Packs easy into storage boxes

If you?re a serious crafter, you probably have the craft box that you take everywhere. This embossing heat gun is only 11.5 inches long and fits easily into a toolbox or travel container. If you like to take your hobbies on the go, this space-saving heat gun fits inside any travel kit box.


Another great point to feature is the Chandler HG603D Tool Embossing Heat Gun is built to last. The design makes sure you don?t get burned, so Chandler has added built-in grip combinations to suit your holding style. It has an unmistakable Sears Craftsman look and feel to it, which most people will find appealing.

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