Los 5 mejores hierros de soldadura para vidrieras

Stained glass is an interesting hobby that requires patience and some skill. You have to be willing to listen and learn as it is not a simple task. Patience definitely comes in handy when working with metal and glass as it can be tricky at times. In addition, having an artistic flare can only add to the quality and uniqueness of your pieces.

For this particular piece, we are going to discuss the best solder iron to purchase for stained glass work. It is probably one of the most important pieces to have. However, before we run through our top picks, we are going to discuss the various tools to have on hand and some basic steps for producing easy pieces when you first start out.

Herramientas para trabajar con vidrieras

Besides a hierro de soldadura, there are a variety of other tools you need to have available when conducting a stained glass project. Not surprisingly you can purchase starter kits that include most if not all of the tools you need to get going, but here are the tools in more detail.

  • Stained Glass Sheets: Obviously, you cannot make stained glass without colored glass pieces. The stained glass comes in a huge variety of colors and shades to help you create one-of-a-kind pieces. There are several varieties of glass that allow lots of light in, some light, or provide a lot more privacy. Decide what your end look is going to be and purchased accordingly from a reputable glass maker. 
  • Stained Glass Grinder: Una amoladora puede reducir la cantidad de desperdicio que se puede producir cuando se usa una simple herramienta cortadora de vidrio. Vienen en una variedad de tamaños y funciones. Hágase un favor y diríjase a Internet para leer reseñas y recomendaciones. 
  • Glass Cutter: Glass cutters are used to etch your glass pattern onto the colored glass sheets. They are extremely useful for hands-on users, but they require a bit of practice and technique to use in combination with a grinder. 
  • Stained Glass Pliers: Estos alicates vienen en una variedad de tamaños y formas según el tipo de trabajo de vidrio y la técnica que planee usar. Son extremadamente útiles para cortar y dar forma al vidrio. 
  • Pattern Shears: Pattern shears are extremely useful for cutting out your patterns or templates for stained glass work. They are uniquely designed just for stained glass. They are a handy tool to have.  
  • Stained Glass Solder and Flux: Obviously if you use solder iron to make stained glass, then you need solder and flux to produce a nice finished product. We have touched on various solder options before, but to refresh there are two types: lead-based and lead-free. Either one is useful for stained glass work. Flux is what makes the solder flow more freely and produces a smoother finish. 
  • Copper Foil Tape: La cinta de lámina de cobre es lo que se usa alrededor del borde de las piezas de vidrio cortado. Esto permite que la soldadura sujete y mantenga juntas dos piezas. 
  • Patina: Este es un producto que cambia el color de la soldadura a cobre, latón o negro frente al color plateado. Todo depende del aspecto final que quieras lograr.

Pasos para hacer piezas básicas de vidrieras

Hay varios pasos importantes que se pueden aplicar a todas las obras de vidrieras. Aquí están:

  1. Buy the right tools: Ya hemos discutido una variedad de herramientas para tener. Investigue y compre suministros de buena calidad. 
  2. Figure out your design and produce it: Comience con algo simple antes de pasar a piezas más complicadas. Puedes encontrar patrones en línea o dibujar los tuyos. 
  3. Choose and purchase your glass: Averigua qué vidrio quieres usar y en qué tonos. Encuentre un distribuidor de confianza y compre su producto. 
  4. Create a glass template and cut out: Print out your design and etch the appropriate pieces onto the right color glass. Score and cut out each piece of traced glass. Make sure to mark each piece. 
  5. Smooth the glass edges: Con una amoladora, alise los bordes ásperos para asegurar puntos de conexión suaves. 
  6. Foil the glass: Aplique cinta de aluminio alrededor de los bordes de cada pieza en el grosor que mejor se adapte a su diseño. 
  7. Add flux and begin to solder the pieces together: Aplique fundente a la cinta de cobre si lo desea y luego suelde las piezas una por una. Recomiende tachar las esquinas primero y luego hacer una línea de soldadura sólida. 
  8. Finish with patina if desired: Finalmente, aplique pátina si desea un cambio de color sobre las líneas de soldadura.

Los 5 mejores hierros de soldadura para vidrieras

Ahora que hemos discutido algunos temas importantes, hablemos sobre los mejores soldadores para usar en proyectos de vidrieras.

  1. Weller W100PG Fahrenheit Heavy Duty Soldering Iron.
  2. Hakko FX601-02 Adjustable Temperature Controlled Soldering Iron.
  3. American Beauty 3138E-100 Heavy Duty Ergo-Iron.
  4. American Beauty 3158-200 Heavy Duty Soldering Iron.
  5. Hexacon SI-P250 Soldering Iron.

1. Soldador de trabajo pesado Weller W100PG Fahrenheit

We have discussed Weller products in the past for electronic soldering, but the more heavy-duty varieties are also useful for stained glass projects. This particular Weller product can handle up to 800 degrees Celsius, although it does have variable temperature options. It includes three different sized tips for the user depending on project need that can handle 600, 700, or 800 degrees Celsius. It has a fast heat-up time as well.


Las puntas intercambiables que vienen con esta unidad son una buena ventaja porque pueden manejar tres configuraciones de temperatura diferentes. Esto resulta útil según el trabajo que esté realizando. La unidad Weller es perfecta para principiantes y profesionales y es una marca reconocida en el mundo de la soldadura. 


It does not come with a soldering station. That must be purchased separately. Depending on what your setup is, that may or may not be a deal breaker for you. The most common complaint about this model was that the unit seemed to heat, but the tip did not render it useless.

2. Soldador Hakko FX601-02 de temperatura ajustable y controlada

The Hakko soldador produces approximately 67 watts of power and has adjustable temperature options. It has a ceramic heating element that allows for quick heat-up and consistent heat control. The Hakko is extremely lightweight and has a comfortable handle to enable ease of use.


Este producto incluye un selector de temperatura en el mango para un fácil control del calentamiento adecuado. También es capaz de mantener la temperatura dentro de varios grados de la cantidad establecida. Esto permite al usuario evitar puntos fríos en su línea de soldadura, lo que conduce a un producto de apariencia más limpia. El Hakko es ideal para proyectos de vidrieras de tamaño mediano a pequeño. 


This is an extremely popular soldering iron that works great for smaller stained glass projects. However, it did have a few complaints against it. The quality of the product was a repeated trend throughout the complaints. It had issues maintaining temperature even though the product description stated it was fully capable of doing so.

3. American Beauty 3138E-100 Hierro ergonómico resistente

This particular soldering iron comes with a bent heating element that allows for close-up detailed work. While this brand is typically used by professionals, it can be used by hobbyists as it is quite a good tool for stained glass projects. The handle is built to be ergonomic and prevent hand fatigue when working on larger projects. The 3138E-100 also has a lead-free tip that is paragon iron-clad for long-term usage. In addition, it includes a 3/8 inch diamond-style tip.


This company is a known brand amongst professionals and tradesman, but it is becoming more popular with smaller hobbyists and crafters alike. It has a unique design that is easy to handle and provides 100 watts of power. They have amazing customer service and repair any defects quickly. They stand behind their product quality. It also has the highest temperature of all the units we looked at. It can handle up to 855 degrees Fahrenheit. 


Actualmente, no hay críticas negativas para este producto ya que es relativamente nuevo. Sin embargo, es muy recomendable.

4. Soldador de servicio pesado American Beauty 3158-200

Este es otro producto de American Beauty. Viene equipado para manejar hasta 200 vatios de potencia. Tiene una punta de diamante de 5/8 de pulgada y 14 pulgadas de largo. Además, tiene un elemento calefactor de bobinado de compresión de Ni-cromo, lo que significa que se calienta de manera eficiente y mantiene la temperatura. Tiene un diseño modular que permite un fácil intercambio de piezas. Es otro producto de American Beauty que viene muy recomendado.


The customer service related to this product is top end. The company stands behind its product and strives to respond promptly to any concerns. The modular design is a plus for swapping out tips or even malfunctioning components. It is capable of producing heat of nearly 1000 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes it ideal for high heat projects.  


As with the other American Beauty model, this 200-watt version is quite popular. The only complaint we noted was related to regular maintenance. Since this costs quite a bit, users need to take special care to clean and handle this unit or be prepared to regularly send this to the manufacturer.

5. Soldador Hexacon SI-P250

The Hexacon produces 250 watts, which is by far the largest wattage unit we have reviewed. It is heavy-duty and strong for optimal use with stained glass work. It comes equipped with a 5/8 inch semi-chiseled soldering tip, but can be swapped out for other 5/8 inch sized tips. The SI-P250 does a great job of heating up and maintaining temperature over a long period of time.


This product is rated one of the best units over 250 watts. It is another heavy-duty unit typically used in industry but is gaining popularity with artists. The Hexacon is ideal for larger stained glass projects and can handle heavy, thick solder joints. It has fast heat recovery so that there is no cold spotting in your work. It is also ideal for quick solder points. In addition, it is also quite easy to use and handle for a decent amount of time. 


Este es otro producto que tiene una alta calificación, pero es relativamente nuevo en el mundo de las vidrieras. Actualmente no tiene críticas negativas.


If you are interested in starting stained glass projects, take the time to review what tools you need and what brands are ideal for the entire project. While we focused mainly on soldering irons in this piece, you also need to do research on good glass cutters, grinding tools, glass etchers, appropriate glass panes, as well as patina and copper foil tape. Any one of these products can prevent you from having a nice finished work, but they can also ensure your pieces look polished and complete. In addition, we provide basic steps for performing your first stained glass piece. If you require more specifics, we recommend doing some online research to see videos or additional reviews on unique stained glass tools.

We have mentioned several high-end solder irons for attaching glass pieces together. They come in a variety of sizes, with different tips, and are capable of a wide range of temperatures. Solder irons used in stained glass projects need to be capable of producing high heat points. This is because the metals you use for stained glass soldering are pretty heavy duty and require a lot of heat to be melted. Always determine your needs are ahead of time and take a moment to review tips and tricks for producing great products. It is especially important to get the right soldering iron because that can make or break your project. You need to be able to tack the glass together and have the solder hold.

We highly recommend researching appropriate solder as well for use with stained glass. Some products are best for electronics or plumbing while others might be more suited to this type of work. As always, we recommend researching online reviews as they can provide insight into the goods and bad of each product.

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