Top 4 Best Portable Anti-Static Vacuum Cleaner

For the electronic repair technician on the go, a portable anti-static vacuum cleaner is a great investment. Not only do customers like to get their electronics back in better shape than it was before, but cleaning out any dirt and debris can do a long way in reducing future problems.

Whether you just want to remove those chip crumbs from a keyboard, or larger particles from a computer tower ? a vacuum not only cleans out the gunk, but also does not blow it all over your workspace as compressed air would.

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To start, we are going to preface this entire list by stating that you should never vacuum the inside of your computer. This seems like a contradiction does it not since this is a list of vacuums to use on electronics? Let me explain. Your standard vacuum, which you use to clean your carpets, couch and other household surfaces, is great for picking up large and small particles all over your home.

This may lead you to believe that it would be ok to use on your electronics. Stop right there! Vacuuming creates a large amount of static build up. If you were to use your household vacuum on your electronic device, this static could discharge into it. If this occurs, the sensitive components inside your electronic device could be damaged, if not completely destroyed.

Because of this, it is extremely important you buy a vacuum that expressly states that it is anti-static. Computer vacuums, electronic vacuums, and other such expressly labeled devices are typically anti-static, but it is important you verify this before use. After all, you want to make your electronics last longer and causing them to short circuit and die prematurely because of a vacuum static discharge is counterproductive!

Elegir el vacío adecuado

Dust and debris truly are the enemies of your electronics. Not only can they interrupt circuits, they can also prevent proper airflow. In doing this, dust and debris can cause your electronic devices to burn up. Therefore, thoroughly removing dust and keeping your electronic devices spotless is important.

As stated above, it is essential that you look for a model that offers anti-static protection. But what are the other features you should look for in a great electronics vacuum? Let?s review them.

Cordones y Poder

There are plenty of corded and cordless models available. Purchasing a corded or cordless model is a matter of personal preference. However, it does tend to affect the level of power your vacuum will have. In a vacuum, power equates to its suction strength. Corded vacuums are typically stronger.

However, they are also bulkier and more expensive than their cordless counterparts are. In today?s technologically driven world, they also make portable vacuums that are powered via a USB cord plugged into a laptop!

Archivos adjuntos

As an electronic repair technician, computer savior, or hobbyist just looking to keep their own devices clean ? you know that electronic devices can have some tight spaces. Because of this, vacuum attachments can be helpful additions. Specialty nozzles can ensure every area is free of even the finest dust particles.

Utilizable en su entorno

Las unidades más grandes son obviamente más difíciles de mover fácilmente. Claro, pueden tener ruedas para facilitar su transporte. Sin embargo, almacenar, cargar y llevar estas aspiradoras a su sitio de trabajo puede hacer que un producto más grande sea problemático. Los dispositivos portátiles, en comparación, son mucho más convenientes para llevar con usted.


El precio siempre es un factor al comprar un nuevo gadget. Todos tienen un presupuesto diferente con el que están trabajando. Para alguien que limpia su computadora con poca frecuencia, sería mejor invertir en opciones más baratas. Sin embargo, para aquellos individuos que usarán uno diariamente o semanalmente, puede desearse un modelo más costoso. En cualquier caso, el costo es un factor totalmente personal.

El mejor aspirador antiestático portátil

Ahora que comprende las características que hacen que una aspiradora electrónica antiestática sea lo que es, podemos hablar sobre los mejores dispositivos portátiles disponibles en la actualidad. Tenga en cuenta que la portabilidad y el costo son criterios muy personales. Hay muchas otras opciones disponibles en el mercado hoy. Sin embargo, los siguientes son nuestros favoritos.

  1. Aspiradora / soplador de computadora Metro Vacuum DataVac Pro (MDV-1BA).
  2. Mini aspiradora USB multifuncional MECO.
  3. Mini aspiradora de escritorio LIVION.
  4. Aspiradora de mano Fuller Brush Mini Maid.

1- Metro Vacuum DataVac Pro Computer Vac/Blower (MDV-1BA)

Vacío de metro is one of the leading manufacturers of computer cleaning tools. The DataVac Pro is their flagship product. This anti-static vacuum measures just over 16 inches in length, 4 inches in height, and another 4 inches in width. It is easy to store when not in use or load into your vehicle when taking to a job site.

At only 3 pounds, the DataVac Pro is lightweight. A handy shoulder strap helps ensure you can carry it to and from easily. The 19-inch flexible hose means less time spent moving the vacuum around just to reach a specific area. The DataVac Pro is durable; it is made of an all steel construction and comes with a 2-year limited guarantee on its motor.

Speaking of the motor, this corded vacuum packs quite a bit of power. The 120-volt, 0.75 PHP, 4.5 amp motor makes this vacuum strong enough for all your electronic cleaning needs. Dirt is vacuumed into a disposable paper bag. (Extras are included in your purchase as well.)


The host of accessories included with your Metro Vacuum DataVac Pro are highly attractive features. These accessory nozzles include a crevice tool, air pin-pointer, and a soft bristle brush. For those particularly hard to reach places, the DataVac Pro also comes with a four piece micro cleaning tool kit.

The DataVac Pro also offers another option: it can function as a blower! For those with environmental concerns, this offers a green option to compressed air canisters. For all of the features and attachments included with this product, the price is moderate and reasonable.


Algunos usuarios han informado que Metro Vacuum DataVac Pro puede calentarse mucho. El diseño de acero se calienta mientras el motor funciona. Tenga cuidado al usar el DataVac Pro. Si bien no todos informaron este problema, tenga cuidado al tocar el cuerpo de metal durante o inmediatamente después del uso. Nunca coloque el dispositivo contra materiales inflamables, como papel, mientras lo usa.

2- MECO Mini Multifunctional USB Vacuum Cleaner

No se vuelve mucho más portátil que el MECO USB Mini Aspiradora USB multifuncional. Less than a foot long, this mini vacuum is 8.46 inches in length with a 5.31-inch handle. It includes flat nozzle and brush nozzle attachments. As the name implies, the MECO mini vacuum uses a USB power cord.

You can leave it plugged into your laptop or a 5V 2A charger or simply recharge the battery and use it cord-free. (MECO advises that, while a laptop will power your mini vacuum, the 5V 2A charger will offer more power). MECO claims a single charge can last up to three hours.

The MECO mini vacuum is also bag-less. Instead, it uses an easy to clean filter net. Simply open the filter area, remove the media, and rinse it under water. Once dry, the filter media fits right back into its slot and you can resume your cleaning.


A los usuarios les ha gustado lo portátil que es esta mini aspiradora. Para cualquiera que busque una aspiradora que sea lo suficientemente fuerte como para limpiar un teclado u otra área pequeña, la mini aspiradora MECO es una compra ideal. El sistema de medios filtrantes también es muy recomendable, ya que no tiene que preocuparse por quedarse sin bolsas. Este dispositivo de bajo costo no arruinará el banco, pero le dará una limpieza decente por el precio.


Este mini aspirador puede no ser tan silencioso como algunos otros modelos. Sin embargo, la mayor queja es el poder de succión. Como se indicó anteriormente, los modelos inalámbricos tienden a tener menos succión. Si bien muchos usuarios han declarado que este dispositivo es lo suficientemente potente como para limpiar pequeñas áreas electrónicas, es posible que no pueda usarlo por mucho más que eso.

3- LIVION Mini Desk Vacuum Cleaner

los Mini aspiradora de escritorio LIVION is ridiculously adorable. This pint-sized little vacuum is roughly the size of your computer mouse. Powered by rechargeable AA batteries, it can also be plugged into your laptop, a power bank, or an AC adaptor. However, this micro cleaner is, at best, a backup plan.

While it will not be strong enough for prolonged use, it can certainly tidy up keyboards, small devices, and take up less space than any other vacuum on this list. It comes complete with three attachment nozzles for easier access into all of the nooks and crannies you may encounter. Available in three colors, this simple to use vacuum can handle everything from dust to pencil shavings.


Este dispositivo es lo suficientemente pequeño como para caber en casi cualquier lugar. Es a la vez inalámbrico y sin bolsa. Para limpiarlo, simplemente retire la cámara de desechos y vacíelo en un basurero. Bonita, funcional y económica, esta mini aspiradora LIVION es ideal para una limpieza rápida mientras viaja.


La succión deja mucho que desear aquí. Al igual que con otras aspiradoras USB, el LIVION es más fuerte cuando se conecta directamente al cargador de pared. Sin embargo, incluso eso será menos poderoso que sus opciones con cable. Si bien usar esto solo para pulir un trabajo está bien, la menor potencia de succión es algo a tener en cuenta.

4- Fuller Brush Mini Maid Handheld Vacuum

Las calificaciones en el Aspiradora de mano Fuller Brush Mini Maid are so high, it has become one of the Amazon Choice products. This vacuum has a 15-foot power cord. The 600-watt motor gives this vacuum plenty of suction power. In fact, it is the strongest of all the products on this list. It comes with a quick-release dust cup. Instead of a bag, the dust cup contains a washable filter than you clean under fresh water.

In addition to the flexible hose, the Fuller Brush Mini Maid Handheld Vacuum comes with an upholstery brush, dusting brush and crevice tool. Not only will this vacuum clean your electronics, but also it can be used elsewhere in your home or garage. At 3.5 pounds, this little vacuum is light enough to take anywhere.

Overall dimensions put this vacuum at 9 inches long, 6.2 inches tall and 4.8 inches wide. Small enough to tote along and powerful enough for almost anything, the low price of the Fuller Brush Mini Maid makes it a great buy.


Las boquillas aseguran que también puede usarlo en cualquier lugar al que pueda llegar. Al igual que con el DataVac Pro, este modelo con cable realmente se destaca cuando se trata de energía.


Algunos usuarios han notado que este dispositivo puede ser demasiado poderoso para dispositivos electrónicos más delicados. Además de esto, algunos usuarios han notado que el cuerpo puede calentarse. El mango en sí mismo permanecerá frío al tacto, pero tenga cuidado con el aumento de la temperatura corporal al usar esta aspiradora.


Selecting the right anti-static vacuum for your electronic devices can help you keep them clean. Better yet, it can help increase airflow and ensure your customer gets a thoroughly cleaned product returned to them. In some cases, the real issue is caused by dust and debris creating a film over components and interrupting the current.

Removing these obstacles may not fix the problem, but it certainly can?t make them worse. If you are looking for a portable device with heavy duty cleaning power, the Metro Vacuum DataVac Pro or Fuller Brush FBMV4 may be the right vacuums for you. However, if you just want something extremely small and easy to use for small jobs, the MECO Mini or LIVION Mini Desk vacuum might be best.

Su presupuesto, necesidades y criterios pueden variar de los usuarios promedio. Es importante que siempre lea las revisiones de productos adicionales cuando considere comprar una herramienta que pueda mejorar su negocio. Las aspiradoras antiestáticas y portátiles pueden parecer superfluas. Después de todo, ¿viniste a reparar una computadora? No lo limpie. Sin embargo, puede ahorrarle tiempo, dejar felices a sus clientes y garantizar que sus reparaciones duren más.

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