Kit de soldadura de butano Power Probe PPSK

Una revisión exhaustiva de la soldadura de butano con sonda de potencia

Los técnicos desean portabilidad mientras buscan un kit de soldadura confiable y de alto rendimiento. Y, el kit de soldadura de butano Power Probe ofrece exactamente lo que todos quieren. La portabilidad y el rendimiento son dos de sus características destacadas que le permiten llevar la unidad donde quiera que vaya. Con una configuración inalámbrica pequeña, le ayuda a usar el dispositivo de soldadura en áreas que son más difíciles de alcanzar.

Además de la portabilidad, su rendimiento también sorprende a todos en comparación con otros dispositivos similares. Sube a una temperatura máxima de 950 grados Fahrenheit. Esto es suficiente para trabajar en una variedad de artículos, ya sean aleaciones o metales.

¿Qué hay en la caja?

El kit de soldadura de butano Power Probe contiene las piezas esenciales y algunos accesorios geniales. Todo combinado, el kit te hará la vida mucho más fácil mientras usas el dispositivo.

? Soldadura de colofonia

Cada kit contiene un rollo de soldadura de colofonia. El dispositivo cabe en su mano bastante decentemente y está listo para usar de inmediato.

? Cuatro consejos

Además de la soldadura de colofonia, también obtienes cuatro puntas adicionales, como un termocontraíble, una punta de soldadura, un punto caliente y un cuchillo caliente. La mayoría de los kits de soldadura en este rango solo proporcionan la soldadura de colofonia. Pero Power Probe ha ido un paso más allá y ha agregado estos accesorios también. Entonces, ¡aprobado por eso!

? Llaves

Los técnicos a veces necesitan reemplazar su punta de soldadura o ajustar el soldador. En lugar de usar su propia llave, debe usar la que viene en la caja. Obtiene dos llaves de ajuste junto con el dispositivo de soldadura.

? Esponja con bandeja

El mantenimiento regular de un dispositivo de soldadura puede hacerlo duradero. Y, Power Probe le insta a mantener limpias las piezas y accesorios después de cada uso. Es por eso que también proporcionan una esponja con una bandeja donde puedes guardar todo y limpiarlos uno por uno.

? Estuche de transporte

Todos estos artículos vienen en un estuche de transporte bien embalado, robusto y duradero. La fuerte calidad de construcción de la caja le permite mantener la unidad en cualquier lugar que desee.

Características increíbles

Esta herramienta de soldadura se encuentra entre un puñado de kits profesionales que le permiten hacer mucho más que solo soldar. Al usarlo, puede cortar sin esfuerzo cables, plástico, empalmes, paquetes termocontraíbles y mucho más.

It operates on 120 watts, and its soldering iron is rated at 500 BTU. Put simply, its soldering iron is capable of reaching temperatures between 900° and 950°C. If you plan to use this tool as a torch, it can reach a temperature between 2450°C and 2500°C.

When used as a torch, it uses butane as a fuel and is therefore capable of reaching high temperatures relatively quickly than most other equipment on the market. In addition, refilling is also very easy, particularly when you properly read some of the basic instructions listed in the user manual.

Looking at it, you can say that it is a fairly compact soldering kit, but even if it is small in size and easy to carry, you won?t have to compromise on its features or its performance. In addition to lighting this tool electronically, you also have the option of electronically adjusting the flame, which can vary from 1/2 inch to 2 1/2 inches in height.

A key feature of the PPSK butane soldering kit is its easy refilling. If you are a professional, you will certainly appreciate its operating time after its tank has been completely filled with butane and the ease with which you can refill it. As a professional, this gives you the freedom to focus on your project rather than worrying about when your tool dies down.

Now that you know what comes in the box, let?s talk about what features you can expect from the Power Probe Butane Soldering.

1. encendido electrónico

Forget about the days when you used a lighter or a matchstick to fire up your butane soldering kit. This one comes with built-in electronic ignition. Turn on the ignition switch and see the soldering device fire up. You can also lock the flame so that you don?t have to hold the ignition trigger down for time-consuming projects.

2. Ajuste de llama

Not every iron needs the same thrust of flame on them. So, adjust the flame size according to your job. It can go from an inch to a maximum of two inches. This soldering can reach up to 950 degrees Fahrenheit when you use it as a solder. However, it can go up to 2500 degrees Fahrenheit when you use it as a torch. That?s some heat you will deal with this solder in your hands.

3. Alimentado con butano

It?s not entirely electric; it?s not entire battery-operated. Instead, it runs on butane, which is an incredible option. You don?t have to rely on rechargeable batteries or electric power anymore. Also, butane-powered soldering kits offer more power. You get to experience its power, primarily when you use this tool as a torch instead of a soldering iron.

Now many have ?understandable? concerns about butane or any other fuel-powered tools. The concern is related to safety and filling. Fortunately, thanks to its user-oriented and secure design, the PPSK kit is very easy to refill, and you can rest assured of its safety.

4. Uso de dos horas

A single butane chamber can help you use the soldering for at least two hours. That?s only if you use it in maximum settings. Considering this is a portable unit, two hours is more than you can ask for. Plus, it will last longer because you will actually use the device in full settings all the time.


The advantages of the Power Probe soldering kit are obvious and self-explanatory.

? This is one of the safest and easiest to use soldering kit you will ever come across. Take the soldering device out of the box, and it is ready for use.

? The electronic ignition is another highlighting feature of this kit. You don?t need any external fire supply to light this thing up.

? It has a 5-level flame adjustment setting allowing you to increase or decrease the intensity according to your requirement.

? The ergonomic grip helps you reach tough spots easily.


In addition to its advantages, Power Probe PPSK has some disadvantages like any other butane welding kit. Some of the inconveniences raised by users include the following:

? You may have to refill the unit with butane frequently.

Lo que otros dicen sobre esta herramienta

Most people who have purchased this tool have very good things to say about it. In fact, on Amazon, this welding kit has been rated 4.5/5 stars based on more than 600 customer reviews. This number shows the volume of this product and gives you assertions about how useful it could have been for all those who bought it.

Some customers think it is a complete beast because they have been using this kit for more than five years, and it continues to operate with as much efficiency and power as the day, and they purchased it.

Some also expressed how satisfied they are with this butane welding kit because it continues to work without problems even after years of continuous use. Some also wrote that they made the right decision not to use an electric soldering iron.

Although the feedback section is inundated with positive reviews, some discussed reasonable issues regarding this kit. A major problem that many Power Probe customers face is that the printed circuit board becomes extremely hot when they use this tool as a torch. Some have even complained that after continuous use, the printed circuit board gets damaged.

Apart from that, some people have complained about the propane leak, which in any case is a hazardous situation.

Veredicto final

There are a lot of things that Power Probe Butane Soldering provides in this small portable kit. Starting with the incredible butane-powered soldering device: it is one of the most powerful devices ever in the portable section. Also, it has so many useful accessories that help you save a lot. There is no complaint regarding the performance of this device. The adjustable flame settings, electronic ignition, high temperatures, and firm grip ? everything is perfect.

My advice is to get one of these beauties in your toolbox right now. The price is a bargain. So, don?t waste your time researching other products in this range.