Cómo limpiar el ácido de la batería de la linterna

Las linternas son útiles en muchas situaciones de emergencia, como una tormenta y un corte de energía. Pero si permite que las baterías permanezcan en su linterna durante unos años, las baterías tendrán corrosión. Las baterías contienen ácido. Y cuando el ácido se escapa, causa corrosión.

La corrosión también puede ser causada por la humedad atmosférica. Puede considerar tirar la linterna si el modelo es económico. Pero si el modelo es caro, puede hacer algo más creativo sobre la linterna. En esta publicación, le mostraremos cómo limpiar el ácido de la batería de la linterna.

Pero, antes de discutir el procedimiento, es una buena idea aprender cómo prevenir la fuga de la batería, porque es mejor prevenir que curar.

Consejos para evitar fugas de batería

La fuga de la batería alcalina puede ocurrir por muchas razones. Pero hay cosas que puede hacer para evitar esta fuga. En primer lugar, debe asegurarse de que las baterías estén almacenadas correctamente. Las baterías de su linterna están en riesgo si se mantienen en un entorno con cambios drásticos de temperatura.

Batteries drain faster if they are exposed to fluctuating temperatures. The internal seals also wear down. The ideal temperature for storing alkaline batteries is between 50 and 77°F. That means where you live is a factor that determines the durability of these batteries. Yet there are a host of things you can do to prevent battery leakage.  

If your flashlight is not used very often, you have to make sure that the batteries are stored outside of the flashlight. And if you do so, you will never have to worry about how to clean battery acid from flashlight. This is the best way to prevent the damage of your flashlight. To keep your batteries safe, keep them in a battery caddy.

It is not a good idea to use batteries of different discharge states and different brands in your flashlight. The batteries will be weakened due to reverse charging, and it will hasten the process of leakage. If batteries are dropped unused for a long time, they can be damaged even if there is no external sign of damage.

It is even better if you buy a flashlight that requires lithium batteries. Lithium batteries will function better if you live in a cold region. These batteries are less likely to leak.

Así es como limpiar el ácido de la batería de una linterna

Step 1

The first step of the process is to collect necessary tools. The tools include a bowl, a toothbrush, baking soda and water. You will have to use a mixture of baking soda and water. Before you dive into action, make sure you have these tools ready.

Step 2

Now you need to disassemble the flashlight. Your flashlight has a cover in which the batteries are stored. First you need to open the cover. Then remove the batteries carefully off the flashlight. Your goal is to remove the battery without damaging the surface.

You need to determine the location of the electrical parts. In most flashlights, the electrical parts are located around the bulb. But they can also be near the battery compartment.

If they are not near the bulb, you can loosen the corrosion with a mild acid, preferably vinegar. Whether the batteries are acidic or alkaline, this acid will work. And if the electrical parts are close to the battery compartment, avoid pouring vinegar.

You want to know how to clean battery acid from flashlight. If the vinegar reaches the electrical parts, things will get complicated. The flashlight may stop working.

You may find that the battery is stuck with the inner surface of the flashlight. It happens due to the corrosion. Take a rigid and solid tiny stick. To make sure that the battery is separated from the surface, hit the battery.

Step 3

The next step is to mix the baking soda with some water. You can either prepare the mixture or use a wet brush. The effect of acid can be neutralized with the chemical ingredient of baking soda, and that is why we recommend you use baking soda.

If your flashlight has corrosion on the surface, baking soda can easily remove the corrosion. When making the mixture, make sure you do not make it too thick or too thin.

Step 4

Then carefully wash the area where the battery is placed. Dip your brush into water to make it wet. Put some baking soda on the brush and some on the inner part of the flashlight surface. Use the brush to clean the surface. Scrub the inside thoroughly. If needed, you can use a piece of wire.

The time needed for this cleaning will depend on the size of your flashlight, and the quality of the ingredient. However, you will know when the surface is clean. If you really want to know how to clean battery acid from flashlight, you need to be patient and ready to spend some time. But don?t worry. The process is short and simple.

Step 5

Now the flashlight should be kept in a dry place for a few hours. It is better if you can keep it aside for as long as 12 hours. Just make sure that no water is left. If there is some water left, the battery will not conduct well. So it is necessary to dry it.

Step 6

Now you have to assemble the flashlight again. Make sure that all the things are accordingly put in their places. Put the batteries into the vacant flashlight. Then put the cover and check the flashlight by pressing the ON button.

Consejos adicionales

If you want to know how to clean battery acid from flashlight, here are some additional tips for you. Hopefully these tips will make the job easier for you.

Make sure that battery acid is not in contact with your skin. When you clean the corroded batteries, wear rubber gloves to protect your skin.

Coca Cola can also remove corroded batteries. You can easily use Coca Cola for this purpose. Soak the battery in the liquid and tap lightly. The battery will fall out.

If the corrosion is not acute, you may be able to remove the battery by vigorously shaking the flashlight. But if the battery is badly corroded, you can not remove it this way.

You can use baking soda without mixing it with water. Take the flashlight, put some baking soda and shake the flashlight slightly. The powder will be evenly distributed. You can dislodge the battery by lightly tapping the sides. Remember, your goal is not to neutralize the corrosion but the remove it.


If you have a flashlight, you must know how to take care of it, and of course how to clean battery acid from flashlight. Your hard-earned money will be well-spent if your flashlight is taken care of regularly. An important part of the process is to clean the battery acid.

You have to do something before corrosion damages your flashlight. The path of circuitry is damaged by acid, and as a result the current flow is hindered. Your flashlight will have a longer life if you properly clean the battery acid.