How to Remove SIM Card From iPhone 6 without Tool

How to Remove a SIM Card from the iPhone 6 without a Tool

A SIM card is a necessary addition in every phone, including the iPhone 6. It makes calling and receiving data possible since the provider communicates over the SIM processors inside the phone. One thing is certain. If you want to change the SIM card, you must know how to remove it first. Sometimes, we are not equipped with the professional tool that comes with the phone. It might be lost or misplaced somewhere, but there is always some reasonable solution. If you want to know how to remove a SIM card from the iPhone 6 without a tool, keep reading.

Get the compelling alternatives.

Removing the SIM card is easier if you think about alternatives. We might not have the right tool for SIM removal, but we can make some alternative solutions. One of them is using a simple needle and paper. The needle is needed to eject the SIM card, while the additional paper is essential for overall safety. Follow these simple steps:

? Turn off the phone

? Take a piece of paper and fold it several times to make a solid structure (It will be important for handling the needle)

? Take the needle and insert it down the hole next to the card tray

? Pay attention to the top of the needle and place the paper so that you can protect your finger during operation

? Press the needle down the hole and do it with the folded paper so that you won?t get hurt.

? Once you press the metal part inside the hole, you?ll hear the click (It means the card is removed)

? You?ll see the top of the card tray push out, and that?s the result you want to get

As you can see, the SIM card is easy to remove with only two things we all have at home. A small needle and a piece of paper. If someone asks you ?How do you get the SIM card out of an iPhone 6 without a paper clip??, You know the answer.