Electronics Equipment List

If you know a bit about electronics, you know that professionals use numerous tools and equipment. Although hobbyists are familiar with most of these tools, some tools may not be found at your local hardware store.

Whether you are a professional or just a hobbyist, you should at least know what these tools are used for. The electronics equipment list provided in this post will help you learn more about electronics.


A multimeter is one of the most important tools for an electrician or electronics enthusiast. Without a multimeter, you can not troubleshoot circuits. A circuit may stop working for various reasons such as faulty wires. You will save a lot of time if you use a multimeter to check the connections.

If you do not have a lot of experience, we encourage you to get an auto range multimeter. You do not have to guess the value, which means you have to deal with less hassle. There are different types of multimeters on the market, and you will find a good one if you do a little research.


If you want to understand more about a circuit and debug it, you will have to use an oscilloscope. While a multimeter shows you the voltage at a certain time, an oscilloscope helps know the big picture?the fluctuations of voltage over time. An electronics equipment list is incomplete without an oscilloscope.

Hot glue gun

Hot glue is a very useful thing that can keep things stuck together. It is widely used in electronics. If you want to attach cables together or just fix a circuit to a surface, you have to use hot glue. As an insulating material, the glue can protect your circuitry. A hot glue gun will make it easy for you to use hot glue.

Wire cutters

We need to cut wires for automotive work and home wiring. There are special types of wire cutters designed for working on printed circuit boards. To prevent cut leads, these wire cutters come with built-in retainers. In electronics, the most common type of wire cutters is the flush cutter type.

3D printer

If you are going to set up an electronic lab, it is not essential for you to buy an electronic lab, but it can be useful. With a 3D printer, your projects can be taken to the next level. It will help you build personalized robot parts, box enclosures and more.