How To Clean A Circuit Board Of Corrosion

Cleaning a circuit board of corrosion can be a challenge. But it can be an easy and safe thing to do if you know exactly what to use for a cleaner and the right kind of material to clean it with. A circuit board with corrosion can cause problems for your computer if you choose not to clean it. Depending on the severity of the corrosion, there are several ways to clean it.


What Causes Corrosion?

One of the chief causes of corrosion being found on your circuit can be linked to water damage. For example, let?s say you?re playing a game on your PC. You take a drink from a bottle of water and you forget to place the cap back on because one of your computer animated enemies is continuously attacking you. After you?re finished, you shut the computer off and leave your desk.

Meanwhile, your cat jumps on your desk and accidently knocks down the water bottle. Water rushes to the edge of your desk and runs off. Little do you realize, that water is leaking into your computer tower. You return to your desk and notice a small puddle of water. It was from the water bottle you forgot to close tight. So you clean it up and all is well and good. Then you turn on your computer like nothing happened. About two days later, your computer suddenly doesn?t work and you cannot figure out why. Water damage has taken its toll on your circuit board.