How Long Will iPhone 7 be Supported?

Does how long will iPhone 7 be supported ask to seem logical to you? Well, it does to most iPhone owners. Apple, the gadget tech giant, has learned customer?s buying trends over the years. The findings forced this tech giant to toughen its policies on the sale and support given to its old iPhone models.

The results showed that buying trends for older iPhone models go up when new models are released because customers want high-end and superior smartphones without spending so much. Based on those findings, the company decided to support its discounted phones for a limited period.

So, When Does Apple Stop Supporting It?s Discounted iPhones?

Apple tends to release new iPhone models every year. Each new release pushes the older versions further from the market because customers are intrigued by smarter, more sophisticated, and efficient gadgets.

Apple?s policies limit the support to any iPhone device for a maximum of five years after it discontinues the sales. Provided five years hasn?t elapsed since Apple sold the last piece of the iPhone version you have, it is still supported by Apple. This tech giant has clearly confirmed on its website that Mac, iPhone, iPod, and iPad owners will have five years of full service after the sale of their devices is discounted.

Its support basically involves the sale of replacement parts and service at a fee.

How Long Will iPhone 7 be Supported ? When was it Released and Discontinued

Apple released iPhone 7 and its brother 7 plus in 2016.