What Does the Arrow Mean on my iPhone?

The arrow icon on your status bar appears at the top right corner of your iPhone to show you that some apps or a certain app; is accessing your phone?s location. However, this icon can appear on our status bars in different variations thus giving some iPhone users a hard time interpreting what it means. What does the arrow mean on my iPhone? Finding out what the arrows mean is quite easy-peasy. Various applications on your iPhone use your location to run effectively e.g. maps. The arrow on my iPhone might sometimes appear hollow or colored. How to find out what the arrow icons on your iPhone mean.

In the short steps below, I?m going to take you through short steps that you could use to answer an iPhone user?s question ?what does the arrow mean on my iPhone??

  • Open your iPhone?s ?settings
  • Go to ?Privacy?
  • Click ?location services?

Following the steps stated above, you?ll be able to tell what the different arrows appearing on your iPhone means i.e.

A Hollow Arrow

This indicates that an app may be copping your location under a specific condition. This arrow may appear when an item is about to use your location thus indicating that a section will be in operation as you approach the set location.