The Top 5 Best Flux Pens

Flux is used to prevent toxic fumes from forming while soldering. It helps with soldering, and unsoldering parts you may have messed up on. Those new to soldering may not understand how important it is to have good quality flux.

Flux is found in liquid and paste form, but a flux pen will make soldering a painless process. This list has everything you need to know about flux pens, including which pens are the best.

Quick Answer

  1. SRA #312 Soldering Flux Pen
  2. Chemtronics CircuitWorks CW8100 Flux Dispensing Pen
  3. Kester83 951 Flux Pen
  4. Kester 186 Flux Pen
  5. TekLine Flux Pen-Pak 951


The above flux pens will serve you well while doing electronics work. To help you choose the best pen for your needs the positives and negatives of each flux pen will be laid out. If you still aren?t sure which one to get the buying guide and FAQ below will help you on your search for the perfect soldering companion.

Let?s get started!

Best Flux Pen Overall

SRA #312 Soldering Flux Pen Low-Solids, No-Clean 10ml ? Refillable


best flux pen

This refillable flux pen is sure to guide your solder into place. Since it?s refillable, you can make your own flux to fit your needs, or buy a different flux infill.

Quick Look:

  • No rosin
  • Easily remove residue with hot water
  • Environmentally friendly refillable design
  • Non-Corrosive
  • Holds 10ml of flux
  • No-clean flux



The SRA #312 flux pen works great for all kinds of soldering jobs. The flux that comes in the 10 ml pen is compatible with lead and lead-free solder. This is also a no-clean and low-solids flux, This flux is best used on small electronics projects like repairing racing drones. Great for fixing SMD and PCB devices.

The SRA #312 pen leaves very little residue behind. Some flux pens leak when you hold them down. This flux pen doesn?t leak even when using it for extended periods. Guiding your solder into place is incredibly easy.

If you apply a little too much flux you don?t need to worry, this flux is non-conductive and noncorrosive. Accidents happen, but they won?t destroy your circuit board when they do!

The flux is excellent for giving wires and small components a thin coat before soldering. This pen great for people just learning to solder. It will even impress experienced electronic hobbyists.

The pen has 10 ml out of the box plenty of flux to get you through many soldering projects. If that runs out, you can purchase flux refills. You won?t need to buy a new pen every time you run out! It?s great for the environment and your wallet.

Using this pen is like using a whiteout marker. You just press the tip down on the board and flux rolls into place. It isn?t rosin-based so it is less toxic. You should always use ventilation, but this flux is useful for preventing oxidation.

Best Value

Chemtronics CircuitWorks CW8100

Chemtronics CircuitWorks CW8100

Quick Look:
  • Organic flux
  • No halide
  • Chisel tip for precision
  • 3-inch screen easily readable in sunlight, portrait and landscape views
  • Great for reflowing
  • Tip works great on printed circuit boards
  • Steady flow


The CircuitWorks flux pen has a nice wedge tip, made of felt. It creates virtually no mess. The flux is non-conductive, and mistakes are quickly fixed with alcohol. Works for coating wires and components.

The CircuitWorks CW8100 isn?t refillable, but it comes with 12 ml, much more than competitors! This flux pen is a great value. Buy one and keep it around, you never know when you might need it!

Best Flux Pen for Reliability

Kester 83-1000-0951 951 Soldering Flux Pen

Kester83-1000-0951 951 Soldering Flux Pen

Quick Look:
  • Pressure sensitive felt tip
  • 10ml capacity
  • No-clean flux
  • Works on car electronics
  • The tip is precise enough for small electronics
  • Low solid flux leaves your board looking brand new


Kester has made flux since 1899. They are still based out of Illinois, and they are always innovating the electronics industry. The Kester 951 is made in an environmentally friendly facility. Kester?s flux requires very little cleaning, a quick splash of rubbing alcohol does the trick.

The 12ml bottle is a great value. The extra 2ml goes a long way for small electronics projects. The felt tip requires very little pressure to release a flow of flux. Start out with a bit of pressure and work up in increments.

The Kester is great for reworking circuits. It is designed to avoid solder bridges and makes wave soldering painless. Very little experience is needed for the Kester 951.

Best Flux Pen for Reworking

Qualitek Rework Wand 302

Qualitek is an ISO 9001 certified solder supplier manufacturer. These products are environmentally friendly and made by a trusted brand.

Qualitek Rework Wand 302

Quick Look:
  • Environmentally safe and recyclable
  • Globally trusted brand
  • Works for automobile repair and reworking smaller circuits
  • Water soluble
  • The pen is a must-have for SMT work
  • Even coats of flux


Surface mounting small components has never been easier than with the Qualitek Rework Wand. Also works on ball grid arrays. Perfect for upgrading your side projects circuit board.

This pen is very sensitive. Don?t apply too much pressure or you?ll be left with a pool of flux. Luckily this flux is water soluble, so your mistakes can be corrected easily. The flux dries quickly upon contact with printed circuit boards.

Remove old solder and reattach surface mount quickly with this flux pen. You should keep the cap on your Rework Wand to avoid the flux drying out.

When your done reflowing your project uses a little water to clean up any residue quickly.