Square Root Symbol on Keyboard

Inserting symbols is one ultimate feature performed by computer keyboards. For a shortcut to be complete, one has to press certain keyboard buttons simultaneously to create a pattern that will bring up a result or action on your desktop. So how do you insert the square root symbol on keyboard? Read on to know more.

With all the technology evolution and development, computers have made it easier and automated since you can easily find the square root of a number in a split of a second. You can go for the online square root calculators or use your PC?s keyboard to get the action done in a jiffy.

The ?ALT? Key

The ?Alt? key being the open route to inserting a wide range of symbols to the PCs as well as Macbooks; it will be your path to getting the square root symbol on your keyboard displayed on your screen. Windows operating systems have been modified to offer this shortcut on your device. Looking for ways to insert a square root symbol on keyboard?