Fluke 117/323 KIT Multimeter and Clamp Meter Combo Kit

Whether you are an electrician, an HVAC professional, or an electrical hobbyist, one name that should be familiar is Fluke. If it is not, they make measuring products designed to help you do your job and keep you safe while doing it. They also generally sell these devices in kits like this Fluke 117/323 Multimeter and Clamp Meter Combo Kit.

The kit combines the 117 Digital Multimeter (DMM) with the company’s 323 clamp meter. A few of the questions this page aims to answer are: is this combo worth the price, should you buy a combo kit, or is it better to purchase the devices separately? Here are some of the basics about this kit, the features of each, and the uses they are suitable for, to help answer all of these.

Fluke 117/323 KIT Multimeter and Clamp Meter Combo Kit

The Pros of the Fluke 117/323 Kit


  • Easy to Use
  • Kit Combines Two Useful Devices
  • Multiple Functionality
  • Carrying Bag Included
  • High Leve of Protection


  • Automatic AC/DC Voltage Selection
  • VoltAlert for Non-Contact Voltage Detection
  • Large White LED Backlight
  • Min/Max/Avg to Record Signal Fluctuations
  • CAT III 600 V Safety Rated


So what will you find when you order the Fluke 117/323 Kit? The box will include the Fluke 117 multimeter, the 323 clamp meter, ToolPak magnetic meter hanger, TL175 Twist Guard test leads, and C115 carrying case.

The Design and Features

By following the custom of kits, Fluke brings tools that work well together and puts them in one convenient package. Combining these two measuring tools into one package will provide both convenience and quality to anyone who performs daily electrical measuring tasks as well as anyone who chooses to dabble in the craft in their spare time.

The Fluke 117 multimeter has measuring capabilities for both AC and DC voltage as well and amps. With it being a True RMS model it provides precise measurements for non-linear loads.

The Fluke 117 DMM has a small, durable design that is lightweight and easily operated with one or both hands as needed. The materials are sturdy enough to withstand a vigorous daily routine. The digital multimeter comes out of the box with an easy to install 9V battery. Simply unscrew the compartment, insert, and the tool is ready for use.

The 117 DMM has an ample display that lights up brightly, making it easy to read even in the harshest of lights. This feature is especially handy in areas where lighting is minimal.

The second device in the kit, the 232 clamp meter, is excellent for making exact measurements on non-linear signals. The clamp meter is also a True RMS model with the capability of measuring 600 VAC/DC and 400A AC.

The 232 clamp meter has a narrow design and slim jaw clamp. This feature allows for its use in even the tightest of spaces. The clamp design also allows for measuring the current of wires by clamping the tool onto them, meaning you will not have to bare them to get a proper read. This tool also has the durability in design that its counterpart has, with a sturdy case that will also withstand the rigors of the job.

How Does this Kit Perform?

The primary tool of this kit is hands down the 117 DMM with its ability to measure AC/DC amps, AC/DC volts, millivolts, capacitance, continuity, frequency, and resistance. The only measuring capability it does not have is that of micro-amp/milliamp, though everything else is doable with ease using this device.

The Fluke 117 DMM has an amperage range sensitivity of 1mA increments going up to 6A plus 10mA up to 10A. It is also capable of measuring resistance from 0.01Ω to 40MΩ, which is remarkable in this type of tool.

The quality of this product’s build has was stated above, but it is worth noting again that both of these tools are made of a durable material that will stand up to the needs of the job. The sturdy case has a rubber boot to prevent damage from accidental drops.

This device also provides overloading protection in the form of an 11 amp HRC ceramic fuse combined with tools for onboard suppression. With Fluke’s customary CAT-III rating and a case that protects from humidity, this device will perform up like the best of the best.

The Cons of the Fluke 117/323 Kit


  • Display Variations Dependent on Vantage Point
  • No Micro-Amp/Milliamp Range

With the many great qualities, this combo kit has, there are only a couple of minor flaws to these devices. The first item on the cons list is the display. While the lighting system on this device is a plus and adequate for almost any situation, the viewability is contingent on the angle in which the user is holding the device. When looking at the tool directly, the display is bright, and the light is abundant.

However, when viewing the instrument at an angle, the screen seems to dim and can be hard to read. This issue is easily fixed with an adjustment to your vantage point, however. It does take some getting used to, though, and thus the reason it has made the cons list.

The only other issue found with the Fluke 117/323 combo kit is its inability to measure micro-amo/milliamp ranges. While it works with precision, it might not be the greatest tool for elaborate jobs where a professional level of accuracy is necessary.

Who Should Use this Kit?

The Fluke 117/323 would be an excellent addition to the toolbox of an electrician working in a light industrial setting like a school or training center, or light home repairs. This device would make a fantastic tool for electrical trainees as well as any novice learning the trade professionally or as a hobby.

This kit would not be ideal for regular use by technicians who need to diagnose failures in complex circuits. However, it would be perfect as a backup for emergencies while on a job or where an extra device is handy.

Final Thoughts

Now to answer the questions at the beginning of this page. Is this combo worth the price? Yes, the quality of these products and the capabilities they provide make them well worth the amount that you may pay for them. Though there are devices that are cheaper upfront, they usually make up in price with inadequate quality that will have you buying more in the future. It is worth paying a higher initial cost to avoid spending more on subpar devices that will require replacement.

Should you buy a combo kit, or is it better to buy separately? As for purchasing a kit or choosing to buy the tools separately, the answer will depend on your specific needs, but overall the kit is preferred. Whether you are purchasing this kit for use on home projects or you will be using it as a backup to your precision tools out in the field and a lab, this combo kit will serve the purpose well. These tools work well together, and buying them separately will generally incur an unnecessarily higher charge.

The Fluke 117 DMM will deliver with its quality design and multitude of capabilities, while the 323 clamp meter provides convenience with its ability to measure without baring wires. This product holds up to its claims and serves the purpose it was designed for, in a quality package that will last through the daily grind.

Add to all of this a convenient carrying case with handles for convenience, and the packaging is complete. You won’t be wrong in the purchase of this Fluke 117/323 multimeter and clamp meter combo kit.

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