Best Soldering Iron for Cell Phone Repair

Soldering is used in a variety of applications from hobby work to professional repair jobs. In the past, we have talked about the best solder to use for electronics, the best soldering station that is less than $100, and the best soldering iron for stained glass. Now we are going to talk about the best soldering irons to use for cell phone repair.


Tools to Use for Cell Phone Repair

We have already mentioned that we are going to discuss some of the best soldering irons to use for cell phone repair, but let us look at a list of other items you need to get your hands.

  • Solder

Obviously, if you are going to use a soldering iron, you need solder to tack components down. There are two types of solder: lead-based and lead-free. Lead-base tends to be the preferred option because it melts at lower temperatures, but it is a health hazard. It must be used in a well-ventilated environment and safety precautions must be undertaken. If you want to avoid that risk, then lead-free solder is the better option. However, it melts at a slightly higher temperature.

  • Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Holder/Stand

This little device is used to hold the cell phone circuit board in place while you make repairs. It is meant to hold the board tightly without damaging the delicate circuitry. Outside of the soldering iron, this piece is the next important. Take the time to find a quality holder/stand. Do not cheap out.

  • Thinner/PCB Cleaner

This cleaner is used to clean off a PCB before repair. By removing dust or other contaminants, you ensure a good quality fix. Again, do not cheap out on PCB cleaner. Bad cleaner can actually damage the PCB further.

  • Jumper Wire

Jumper wire is a thin wire used to connect one point on PCB to another. This can allow for bypassing of bad areas and enable certain cell phone repairs.

  • Various Cutters

There are a variety of cutters you might need during cell phone repair work. A blade cutter can cut various wires such as jumper wire. A point cutter is used for more precise close-in cuts. A nose cutter can be used for wire stripping as well as cutting.

  • Various Small Tools

Some small tools that will come in handy include screwdrivers of select sizes, tweezers, and small brushes. All of these can help you with your cell phone repair depending on what the task is.

  • Various Other Supplies

Other tools will come in handy for cell phone repair work are: a multi-meter for finding faults, a battery booster for providing power to the cell phone, and an ultrasonic cleaner for small electronic components. We recommend you do a bit of research on the other tools that might come in handy outside of the ones we listed. It really just depends on how detailed you want to get with your work or if this is intended more as a hobby.


Best Soldering Irons for Cell Phone Repair