Best Dewalt Heat Gun

When it comes to home repairs and other large and small scale industrial applications, heat guns have a wide variety. They can be used to apply decals and other decorations, as well as ensuring smooth application of heat-sensitive sealants and paints. Many heat guns are used in automotive repairs to melt pieces or tape into place, and they are an excellent choice for when heat and sealing is needed but not on the scale of welding of soldering. Furthermore, welding and soldering are metal-based and heat guns do not require a specific type of metal to melt or shape. Rather, they are like more intense and specialized versions of hairdryers, able to focus heat on a specific area and even in a specific shape for intricate needs and projects.

What Can Heat Guns be Used For?

There is a wide variety of uses for heat guns. From simple craft projects and melting adhesives to automotive uses and stripping paint, heat guns are valuable, versatile tools.

Home Repairs and Modifications
Stripping paint, wallpaper, and other stuck-on wall decorations are a common use for heat guns. Hanging implements such as glued-on hooks and lighting fixtures can also be removed safely and cleanly with heat guns.

Heat guns can be used to bend plastic tubing without driving it to break. This is especially useful in plumping and other pipe repairs, as it can be difficult to get a solid object to conform to a certain space or angle.

These are just two examples, but the possibilities for heat gun use cover plenty more ground. As long as it is a heat-safe job, heat guns can be used for virtually any home repair project requiring melting or stripping of materials.

Automotive repairs can be complicated in that soldering pieces of metal together in a combustible and highly flammable engine can pose more risks than it is worth. When wires break or tubing comes apart, it can be easier or even safer to repair the part than to replace it, and this is where heat guns come in. Some have built-in flashlights that make them ideal for automotive repairs, and others have multiple interchangeable heads for the strangest of shapes and angles.

As well as stripping adhesive and melting plastic parts together, heat guns can be used in craft and small scale electronic modification projects. Circuit boards, motherboards, and other computer parts have small pieces soldered together and some heating elements could be far too powerful and damage the delicate components. Heat guns can be adjusted and used in smaller increments with focused points of function.

Drying, Softening, and Thawing
Adhesives, especially on glass, plastic, and metal, can be difficult to remove. Bumper stickers, stickers on secondhand furniture, and other adhesives can be scraped off or removed with chemical formulas, but both methods run the risk of damaging the material underneath. Heat guns are a perfect solution, as they do not harshly impact the underlying material or provide a potential chemical hazard.

Heat guns are also an excellent method for drying wet wood and paper. Hairdryers work but can take a long time and put a lot of volume into paper, such as books; they are meant to dry and volumize hair so the output is not as focused as the output of a heat gun, especially one with a flat head to focus the heat on each section. Drying wood can be useful if firewood is a staple of your life and it is caught in snow, rain, or gains moisture some other way, or even if you?d simply rather not have soggy pieces of lumber lying around waiting to rot.

Frozen items, such as important pipes, can be thawed with heat guns. This can make the difference between having running water and not, so people in rural and cold areas could especially benefit from this use.

But there are lots of options out there for heat guns across various brands, so how can you choose? Dewalt is a long-trusted manufacturer of tools and equipment and heat guns are among their list of products. The best Dewalt heat gun is easy enough to find, but determining which heat gun out of those purporting to be ?the best? is a little trickier. Read on to see several different options for the best Dewalt heat gun!

1) DEWALT Heat Gun with LCD Display & Hard Case/Accessory Kit

At a sleek but solid seven pounds, this heat gun boasts an LCD screen and a built-in ring for easy storage. The cord protector not only prevents shock or other injury from electrical exposure, it allows the cord to flex and bend without cracking or losing power. The kickstand provides a large amount of support as well, allowing the gun to heat up while standing without worry of it falling off a hook or starting a fire. 120 volts of power and a ten-foot cord make it powerful enough to get the job done without unplugging and reheating to get a new angle and jeopardizing the efficiency and completeness of the project.

This heat gun, due to having a cord, does not require batteries and enables the user to work around large or small projects. It comes with several different heads for various heating needs, such as narrow flat outputs and even rounded, graduated cylinder-shaped heads for more of a specific heat transfer. Rather than making a mess out of stickers and other decals, this Dewalt heat gun softens any glue or adhesive and makes it much more pliable and easy to clean. Rather than soaking a bumper sticker in chemicals and household cleaners, for example, a heat gun and some water could be all that is needed. Other tools, such as a putty knife and ?cupping? type head make the possible projects plentiful and varied.


  • Windproof; no flame for air to blow out or interfere with
  • Quick heatup time
  • Built-in stand for safe heating and cooling


  • Some units lose heat quickly after a few uses
  • Price can be steep for what is given with the product
  • Airflow can clog easily

Overall, this heat gun is a good choice for those with larger budgets and smaller projects. While heat guns can be pricey, for the quality models like the models from Dewalt the investment is well worth it.