Tekpower TP7244L 7-Funktions-Analogmultimeter mit 20 Bereichen

Multimeter sind wichtig, wenn Sie elektrische Arbeiten ausführen. Sie sind das perfekte Werkzeug, um die Stromversorgung der Quelle zu überprüfen, festzustellen, ob ein Relais ausgeschaltet ist, und vieles mehr. Eine gute Tekpower TP7244L Analogmultimeter mit 20 Funktionen und 7 Funktionen should be used to ensure accuracy and precision. These are built with electrical use in mind from robust components that are made to last.

 It is an electronic measurement system that is used to measure all kinds of electrical currents, voltage, and resistance. A multimeter is important as it is used for a variety of functions all packed into one housing.  This ensures that it is portable and easy to carry around for those electrical fixes.

The Tekpower TP7244L 7-Function 20-Range Analog Multimeter is a tool that every do it yourself should have in their toolbox.  It is used for many repairs of electrical components such as washers, dryers and ceiling fans. It is used to tell you if the appliance is getting the proper voltage or has current going to it. 

There are many internal fuses in these appliances that are built in to ensure that your home doesn’t burn down should there be a malfunction. These fuses are super easy to test with a Multimeter.  Doing these simple tests you will find the internal switch that has gone bad and can order up another one as the part number is often on the switch itself for easy reference.

Tekpower TP7244L Analogmultimeter mit 20 Funktionen und 7 Funktionen

There is a wide range of costs for multimeters.  However, for the average do it yourselfer, this is a very good but reasonable multimeter.  This model is certainly more on the higher end range because it’s a better range of capabilities.  An analog reader is better for those that are looking to measure the variable resistors such as tone and volume controls.  As these analog readers are the only ones that can give a true number.

The digital readers in this case typically just bounce all over and never give an accurate reading.  This reader is also great as it puts enough load on the testing subject to not have false readings as well. For example, if all the load is taken away and the breaker is switched to offer digital readers will sometimes read a load.  However, this false reading will not happen with this analoges Multimeter.

When compared to some of the more pricer versions out there this multimeter holds its own.  It is quite responsive and offers a mirror behind the needle for better accuracy in the readings.  This reflective strip is something only found on more expensive multimeters, however, that isn’t the case here.

Let’s look at the Aesthetics

So, we have determined that this multimeter can hold its own with some of the best of them.  In fact, the reviews on Amazon are outstanding on how some of the pros were testing it up against some of the super expensive multimeters and were saying how impressed they are. This is a great back up option for the pros as well as the Do it yourselfers, which means it’s an awesome deal for someone looking in this price point. But, what are the other aesthetics that people seem to like about this particular multimeter?

Es gibt einen tollen kleinen Ständer auf der Rückseite. Dies ist perfekt für diejenigen, die beide Hände benötigen, es aber trotzdem lesen möchten. Der Ständer ist angebracht und lässt sich in den Körper einklappen, damit er bei der Lagerung nicht im Weg ist. Es hat einen einfach zu bedienenden Knopf, mit dem Sie auswählen können, welche Funktion oder Funktion Sie testen möchten, und es wird mit einem Handbuch geliefert, das Ihnen alles über das Messgerät erzählt. Dieses Handbuch soll nicht als Ersatz für den Schulbesuch oder das Lernen von einem Profi dienen, sondern um zu erklären, wie das Multimeter richtig verwendet wird. 

Andere großartige Funktionen

It has a strong protective case.  After all, these things do tend to take a bit of a beating when out in the field.  However, for the handyman’s use, it will probably take less of a beating with minimal use.   However, in any case, the case is made to protect the multimeter. And, it comes with testing leads that have shrouded plugs and capped tips to protect them in storage.

This helps keep the testing leads in good condition between each use. And, are easily removed during use. It is powered by general AA batteries which are easy to replace from any store.  And, the batteries are included so it will work right out of the box. And, it weighs only 11.3 oz so it doesn’t weigh down a portable toolbox as well.

This particular model offers a mirror behind the needle for more accurate readings.  And, it has the option to light up the readings should there be low or no light. Apparently, it states that it is a backlight, however, the lights are in the top and front so it’s not backlit as one would think.  There isn’t an “on/off” switch per se, however, to have it shut off and save the batteries, you need to switch the dial to the voltage position and have no connections on the probe.

It’s a Great Price Point!

Overall for the price point, this multimeter is more than expected.  This meter is well made and versatile. It offers all the functions that are needed to read the various voltage, resistance, and continuity of various electrical components.   This multimeter is something worth investing in for anyone that works on things around the house as well as a backup for an electrical professional.

It runs on approximately 10 hours of continuous use, offers a light and the mirror on the needle.