Can Stolen Airpods be Used

Can Stolen Airpods be Used?

Airpods are the most intriguing tech fetish offering graceful audio all-day. It’s loved by music lovers, DJs same as tech-savvy transcribers. These smart wireless earbuds by Apple are versatile, efficient, and reliable. You can pair them to virtually any device, including Apple TV, computers, and smartphone, to soothingly enjoy your favorite music in full blast. So can stolen Airpods be used? Read on to find that out.

The value, the quality, and the superiority of these amazing earbuds come at a price, though. And despite the high cost, they’re prone to be stolen. Apple hasn’t added any protective feature in the Airpods to safeguard your investment in case of theft. Can stolen Airpods be used? Here is all you must know.

Can Another Person Use Stolen Airpods?

Sadly yes. Apple didn’t invest so much to make Airpods ownership one-off. Yes, you’re the original owner, but once the Airpods slips out of your hands, they will be someone else’s possession. That’s true because Airpods are open for use with any device, non-apple products involved.

You must not forget that Airpods offer only a connectivity range of not more than 100 feet. So, once the thief crosses that range, the odds of getting the AirPods back instantly drops to zero.

My Airpods Were Stolen, But I Still Have the Case, Can I Trace Them Back?

If the thief didn’t get hold of your Airpod cases, it could be mere luck. But don’t celebrate yet. On its own, the AirPods case is useless. First, Airpods are open to any Apple charge case. Apple created the Airpods with the users in mind since they knew how often you’re likely to forget your case at home.

The versatile design benefits the user only when they’ve got the AirPods with them, though. Once they’re out of trace and in someone else’s possession, the casing would be useless. The Airpods can be bought without the case. So fortunately for you, you can order new AirPods and use the old case.

Can Stolen Airpods be Used – What If I Only Lost One of My Airpods?

You’re in luck if the thief only manages to still only one of the AirPods. Yes, you two both can listen to music using your single AirPods, but the music may not hit so well into your ears as it did when you had the two AirPods. Sadly, the thief will benefit more from the thievery because they may steal other AirPods and pair them. After all, all Arpod generations and models are compatible.

Can I Trace Reset Airpods?

Tracing AirPods is only possible if the person using them is within a range of 100 feet, or the thief is yet to reset the AirPods. Airpods don’t have any unique location tracker that can help you track your lost gadget. The only possible way you can trace your Airpods is through the Find My App. The tracking only works if the Airpods are still connected to your iPhone.

If the thief resets the AirPods immediately after the theft, you will better forget about the earbuds. You cannot track the earbuds unless the thief comes close to you one fine afternoon or morning and your device detects the AirPods.

Is it Even Possible to Lock Lost Airpods?

Considering the high cost, it’s only normal to want to lock your AirPods once lost. Most Apple products, including Mac, iPhone, and iPad, can be locked via the Find My App. Once locked, the devices can never be set up or used. Unfortunately, Apple didn’t add any of these features to the Airpods. So, once the AirPods are lost, you are on your own to do everything you can to trace them, otherwise count the losses, and move on.

How to Prevent My Airpod From Being Stolen?

To protect your precious high-value gadget from thieves, you must unravel the basics of proper Airpod care and protection as suggested by experts.

  • Keep the AirPods in the charging case when not in use to optimize safety and care.
  • Keep the charging case safely whether at home or in the office
  • Once you move out of your home premises, store the AirPods in safe areas such as front pant pockets, concealed purse pockets, or any other safe place.
  • Invest in a strong latch, hook, or carabiner for attaching the AirPods case to your purse strap or belt loop to impede attempts by thieves.
  • Don’t let everyone know about your new investment. Thieves will only steal what they know you have.

How to Replace My Stolen Airpods?

If your AirPods are stolen, and all efforts to get them back fail and you let go, you can decide to live without or replace the AirPods. Some property and home insurance companies cater for lost AirPods, but for your claim to be justified, you must present a valid police report. Confirm with the insurance company to see if they can replace your lost AirPods.

If they can’t, you will have to replace them yourself.  The replacement cost for 1st and 2nd generation AirPods is $69, while that of Airpod pro is $89. The AirPods wireless case cost is $79, while the standard case is $59. The replacement cost of the Airpod pro case is $99, while the silicon ear tips are priced at $3.95. 

Wherever you order the AirPods earbuds or charging case, you will be required to provide the Airpod serial number, commonly found on the about us page in the iPhone settings, on the AirPods box, or the Airpod casing.

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Can Stolen Airpods Be Used – Conclusion

If you own an Airpod, you now know what could befall your precious gadget if unauthorized hands get hold of it. Can stolen Airpods be used? Well obviously, once they are lost, the chances of tracing them back are minimal, so why not treat them like the valuables they are. 

Avoid teasing friends and mates with your AirPods because you never know who desires to secure one but would be glad to use yours if an opportunity presents itself.

Don’t walk in streets considered black spots while wearing the AirPods because that doubles the odds of someone snatching them from you and finding their way in the crowd without a trace.


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