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Best Multimeter ( multimeter buying guide )

The multi-meter is common diagnostic equipment in electricians’ toolkits, and it may be used for everything from battery testing to determining the amount of voltage in an electrical circuit.

However, DIYers who wish to test their home’s wiring or fix electrical equipment will find multi-meters useful. Hobbyists who prefer to play with electronic circuits in the construction of items like pedometers, motors, and humidity sensors will find them useful.

Individual meters (voltmeters, oh1mmeters, and current meters) were used to test circuits prior to the advent of multi-meters (also known as multitesters) (ammeter). Multi-meters today integrate these testing capabilities into a single tool, allowing you to perform a wide range of electrical tests using only one gadget.

A large range of multi-meters are available, each tailored toward distinct applications and/or specialties and suited for both basic and advanced circuit testing. While a DIYer can typically get by with a basic tool, electricians and HVAC professionals can benefit from some of the more complex features available on professional models.

Please continue reading to find out what to look for and why we recommend Kaiweets KM601 multi-meters.

When compared to other brands, Kaiweets multi-meters are among the best and come at an affordable price. This information will help you acquire a better understanding of this brand of meter, please read through this Kaiweets Multi-meter review article.

There are a few questions you should ask yourself before buying a multi-meter. They include:

Why use a multi-meter?

A multi-meter’s principal function is to measure voltage and current. It is, however, also used to test Continuity and Resistance. Modern multi-meters also come loaded with lots of added advantages.

Who Needs a multi-meter?

Multi-meters are used by technicians, electrical engineers, electronics hobbyists, DIY enthusiasts, and engineering students. Multi-meters are available in a variety of styles and patterns. It is critical to choose the greatest so that one may benefit from the qualities they provide while also serving their purpose.

So, what is the greatest multi-meter for the money? You can choose a multi-meter from the available variety of Kaiweets Multi-meters.

What is the main use of a multi-meter?

Multi-meters have experienced a number of improvements in order to make them easier to use and read. Before choosing any excellent multi-meter in the market, it is important to make sure it serves its purpose and has the characteristics required.

Which is better analog or digital multi-meter?

This is the most important decision a person can make. Analog and digital multi-meters are the two most common types of multi-meters. You should understand the differences between these two types before deciding on one.

The most obvious distinction between an analog and a digital multi-meter is the display. The analog multi-meter displays the value as a needle-like pointer, but the digital multi-meter displays the measurement results as numbers on the screen. Each type has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Analog meter

The analog multi-meter travels its needle-like pointer along the scale during readings because it is good at measuring current, signal power, resistance, voltage, and frequency. One of the biggest drawbacks of this meter is that it can be difficult for newcomers to interpret the resistance scale.

Furthermore, with scales down, the analog meter exhibits great sensitivity and low resistance, making it difficult to use. Because of its accuracy, the analog meter is a good choice for people who wish to examine diodes.

Advantages of a good digital multi-meter

A digital multi-meter, on the other hand, is incredibly simple to use and is actually more accurate whether testing current, voltage, or continuity. Furthermore, it includes an LCD display that allows for quick and easy reading of results.

In addition, unlike analog designs, it gives accurate readings and is shock resistant. The only disadvantage is that it is more expensive than an analog meter.

Design And Construction Of Multi-Meter

It is critical to examine the multi-meter’s construction. This is especially true for those who work in the field. During work, the meter may slide out of the bag or even crash. As a result, selecting a tough design that can resist all of the adversity is critical. Some models are unreliable and will crash if they fall.

Choose the greatest multi-meter equipment that is compactly made and can withstand all of the hardships an electrician is likely to meet in the field for a long-lasting solution.

There are various factors to consider before purchasing a multi-meter device. They include:


The accuracy of a multi-meter is another crucial quality to consider. Not all multi-meters are equally accurate. Before choosing one, be sure it gives you correct results. Depending on the type of circuits you’ll be working on, the amount of precision may vary. Choose the right meter for the job.

You cannot Ignore Safety features!

Because good multi-meters are rated at different CAT levels, you can easily see if it’s safe for the range you’ll be working with. As a result, if you want a safe and secure meter, search for one that is CAT rated, as these meters are designed to prevent electrical arcing and keep you safe.

In addition, the voltage range should be appropriate for the meter you’ve chosen. Internal blast shields, wide flanges to prevent slippages, ample input protection, shrouded banana plugs on the probes, and isolation slots to prevent arc over are all safety characteristics to look for.

Compact Size

Multi-meters come in a variety of sizes and styles. When selecting a meter for your type of work, it’s critical to get one that’s the proper size to make things easier. There are meters that are large and meters that are small. Make sure you get one that is small and easy to maneuver. A compact and well-made design is the most desirable item to have if your job requires a lot of fieldwork.

Screen display

The user can readily read the figures or results obtained from the tests by using a display. Meters come in a variety of styles and brands, and their displays vary as well. Some are simple to see, while others are more difficult to see.

Depending on whether the gadget is digital or analog, a different interpretation is required. When compared to analog meters, digital meters are much easier to read.


Because certain gadgets are hefty and difficult to move about with, it is critical to choose a decent multi-meter that is lightweight.

If your electrical task requires you to move around, such as in an automobile, you’ll need a portable gadget. However, if the work you do is limited to a single location, such as at home, you can choose between a heavy and a lightweight device.


Another important factor that DIY electronics hobbyists overlook is the power supply. During operation, a multi-meter device for automotive or household purposes is held in the hand.

As a result, a meter with a good grip should be chosen so that it does not slip from the hands or become unstable while in use. A firm and steady grip can aid in not just easy handling but also full control of the tool. It should also have a rubber case to protect it from crashing.

Ease of use

Varying electricians with different levels of experience may find a tool to be simple or difficult to use. There are some advanced multi-meter gadgets that are really difficult to operate.

These are usually used by specialists because they might be difficult for beginners. Furthermore, digital multi-meters are far more user-friendly than analog equipment. This is due to the fact that they feature a digital display, whereas analog designs display results on a scale.

How to choose a multi-meter brand?

Despite the fact that there are numerous brands that sell multi-meters on the market, choosing one from a reputable brand is critical. Some companies advertise themselves as the greatest, but their products are ineffective and untrustworthy.

Select a reputable brand with a demonstrated track record. This can be accomplished by reading evaluations of some of the top multi-meter models available. Kaiweets is a affordable multi-meter brand that is well known all around the globe.


You shouldn’t rely your decision on pricing alone while looking for a good multi-meter tool. The first thing to consider is if the meter is appropriate for your work.

When compared to the more expensive and complicated meters, these are given at a low price for simple and easy to use gadgets. Choose a meter that is both inexpensive and equipped with the functionality you desire.

Warranty is Important

Another thing to consider is whether or not the brand provides a warranty. A firm that gives a warranty is confident in its products, and buying from them can be a good decision.

Meters are sometimes brought in when they are broken or not working properly. Purchasing a meter from a firm that offers a warranty ensures that the meter will be replaced if it is damaged.

Best Multimeter KAIWEETS KM601 ( Digital Multimeter )

Multiple functions:

KAIWEETS smart multi-meter correctly measures AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, and 10A current, as well as continuity, capacitance, frequency, duty cycle, resistance, diode, temperature, NCV, and live wire. You can troubleshoot industrial, automobile, and domestic electrical issues with this smart digital voltmeter.

Ensure safety:

 The multi-meter is CE and RoHS approved. The instrument’s design and construction strictly adhere to IEC61010-1 overvoltage safety standards for CAT III 1000V and CAT IV 600V, as well as pollution level 2.

The multi-meter is efficiently protected by the twin ceramic fuses, which feature anti-burn and overload protection functions. The multi-meter can be protected from wear and electric shock with the silicone cover.

Quality service

The multi-meter is designed for troubleshooting various automobile and household electrical issues in a safe and accurate manner. It is excellent for enhancing your house and company, whether you are a DIYer or an amateur.

We give three-year after-sales service and lifelong technical support, in addition to KAIWEETS’ great distribution.

10000 Counts True-RMS Meter:

Accurate measurements, even on non-linear loads. True RMS responsive multi-meters evaluate an applied voltage’s “heating” potential. A genuine RMS measurement is used to quantify the power wasted in a resistor, as opposed to an “average responding” measurement.

Independent of wave-shape, the power is proportional to the square of the measured real RMS voltage. For sinewave inputs alone, an average responding ac multi-meter is calibrated to read the same as a genuine RMS meter. An average responding meter will display significant inaccuracies for different waveform forms, as seen in the image to the right.

Error Detection

A red indicator light will illuminate and the screen will display the “LEAD” signal if the test leads are connected incorrectly during the mA testing.

NCV Detection

When the indicator light is on, it means there is voltage, please pay attention to your safety

Detects Live Wires

Live wire testing with the red test lead. When it detects a live wire, the clamp meter will reflect with the audio alarm.

Safe and Anti-Drop

CAT.III 1000V, CAT.IV 600V overvoltage safety standards and pollution level 2. The silicone protective cover can prevent electric shock

Best Multimeter KAIWEETS KM601
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