Best Heat Gun For Soldering

Top 6 Best Heat Gun for Soldering

Are you looking for the best heat guns that can be used for soldering? Look no further, because this article will give you a list of the best heat gun for soldering that can be purchased through Amazon!

Heat guns come in different shapes and sizes, and we listed down the best ones based on its features and functionality. On Amazon’s website alone, there are hundreds of heat guns that are being sold. When it comes to choosing the best heat guns, we considered several factors – how fast it generates heat, ease of use, and other helpful features that will assist users in soldering.

If you are torn between different brands of heat guns, you might use this list to finalize your decision on which tool to buy!

Top 6 Best Heat Gun for Soldering

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1- Wagner Spraytech Heat Gun

The Wagner Spraytech Heat Gun is considered as the best heat gun from Amazon. This product comes with dual temperature settings, enabling the users to generate instant heat with a temperature of 750 and 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. It received the most number of positive reviews from Amazon buyers, and it is a highly recommended product.


  • The Wagner Spraytech Heat Gun provides the users with a dual temperature mode that enables them to choose how hot the heat gun should be before they can use it. The dual temperature mode makes it possible for the device to generate heat up to 750 degrees Fahrenheit for the first mode, and up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit for the second mode. With this amount of heat, any projects can be completed in seconds.
  • The Wagner Spraytech Heat Gun is suitable for many household projects. It can be used to paint softening, caulking, and the removal of adhesives. It can also be used for shrinking wraps, bending plastic pipes, and loosening bolts and nuts that have an excessive amount of rusts.
  • The Wagner Spraytech Heat Gun has an adjustable setting, thanks to the two fans installed inside the system to let the users control the flow of air.
  • The Wagner Spraytech Heat Gun is designed to stand by itself, enabling the users to work for hands-free. The feature which makes it stand would also prevent damaging the work surface.


  • The product is inexpensive, and it has a lot of functionalities.
  • It works as designed, and it can finish tasks quickly without any issues.
  • It can sit perfectly on its back, especially if you wanted to cool it off.
  • It can generate heat instantly.
  • The product comes with two different temperature modes, enabling the users to generate really hot air.
  • The heat coming out from the product is variable, and you can change it whenever you like.
  • The product produces minimal noise when used.
  • It is very light and very easy to handle.


  • The products come with a short cord, limiting the mobility of those who would like to use it.
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2- Genesis Heat Gun

The Genesis Heat Gun is another favorite from Amazon patrons who are looking for a reliable heat gun. It is equipped with a dual temperature mode and four pieces of metal nozzle attachments that makes each project more personalized.


  • The Genesis Heat Gun run on a 1500W or 750W power, and it is equipped with a 12.5 very powerful amp motor.
  • The Genesis Heat Gun gives the users versatility when it comes to adjusting the temperature settings.
  • The Genesis Heat Gun is equipped with a deflector nozzle that protects the work surface from extreme heat.
  • Buyers should expect two deflector nozzles, one reflector nozzle and one air reduction nozzle when purchasing the product online.
  • The Genesis Heat Gun can be used for a wide variety of things, and it can even be used as charcoal lighter.


  • The nozzle gets very hot in an instant.
  • The outer body of the product stays cool, even if the heat reaches its peak.
  • Its cord has an ample length.
  • Sturdy attachments are included for every purchase.
  • The price of the product is worth it, especially when people would consider its functionalities and capabilities.


  • The case for the product is not included, and it is sold separately.
  • The product is huge, and it does not provide easy handling, unlike the lightweight heat guns on this list.
  • Additional care is needed when using this product because of its weight.
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3- Porter-Cable Heat Gun

The Porter-Cable Heat Gun is another impressive product that can be used in a variety of ways. It comes in a 1500W version that is heavy duty and very reliable. Online shoppers have also chosen this product whenever they wanted to buy heat guns because it has a powerful motor and there are many settings available.


  • The Porter-Cable Heat Gun comes in a 1500W motor, giving it considerable power.
  • The Porter-Cable Heat Gun is equipped with a dual-fan speed selector, which enables the users to customize how much wind power they wanted for the device.
  • The Porter-Cable Heat Gun has a temperature control dial, making it easier to customize the amount of heat that will be directed towards the project.
  • The Porter-Cable Heat Gun has a hands free support stand. The support stand makes it easier to finish the projects without straining your arm or hand.
  • The Porter-Cable Heat Gun comes with a cord that is six feet in length, ensuring mobility for the users.6-Feet high-grade cord.


  • The product is a solidly built tool that feels good to the touch.
  • It can rest on its back when laid on a flat surface.
  • The product heats up in an instant, saving time and energy when finishing projects that require heat guns.
  • It comes with two settings for airflow speed, and it can be easily adjusted.


  • The speed is not enough, and it can be higher.
  • The nozzle attachments are not available when purchasing the package because it is sold separately.
  • The filters on the back are hard to clean.
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4. Black+Decker Heat Gun

The Black+Decker Heat Gun is equipped with dual temperature modes, enabling the users to modify how much heat they would like to use for their projects.


  • The Black+Decker Heat Gun comes in two temperature settings: the first mode allows the device to generate heat up to 750 degrees Fahrenheit, and the second mode allows the device to generate heat up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The Black+Decker Heat Gun can be used in a variety of ways. You can use this device for stripping paint and loosening bolts and nuts that have excessive rusts, among others.
  • The Black+Decker Heat Gun has a built-in stand, and it cools down easily.
  • The Black+Decker Heat Gun is lightweight, and it gives you the ease of use.
  • Ideal for stripping paint, loosening the rusted bolt and my other applications


  • The product is working as designed.
  • The tool is sturdy, and it can be used for years without becoming faulty, especially if it is being handled with care.


  • There are no other color choices available for the users.
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5. SEEKONE Heat Gun

SEEKONE Heat Gun is a heavy-duty heat gun that uses hot air to solder metals. It has a variable temperature control that offers the users with two temperature settings that they can choose from. The heat that this product produces varies, depending on the setting that the user has chosen.

This product also comes with an overload protection feature that will protect crafts from heating up too much. This feature also prevents the shrinking of PVC materials and the stripping of paint. This product received a lot of positive reviews from the users because it stayed true to what they are advertising.


  • SEEKONE Heat Gun is known for its capability of soldering metals using its two temperature modes that give extra power. In a few seconds, the heat gun can generate hot air that has a maximum temperature of 1202 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the maximum temperature mode. The other temperature mode offers a heat up to 842 degrees Fahrenheit, and it is extremely useful if you only wanted to use moderate heat.
  • SEEKONE Heat Gun has an airflow control and an overload protector feature that will prevent extreme heat from damaging the device. Extreme heat has been linked to faulty heat guns, and it can also damage the whole circuit, but with the overload protector, the heat is regulated so it would not damage the whole system.
  • SEEKONE Heat Gun uses an ergonomic design, which enables the users to prevent straining their hands when using the product for longer periods of time.
  • SEEKONE is used ideally for shrinking tubes and wraps, heating PVC materials, fixing electronics like cell phones, wrapping vinyl, removing floor tiles, loosening bolts that have excessive rusts, and thawing frozen materials.
  • SEEKONE Heat Gun comes with four nozzle accessories that give the user full customization on how they wanted their work area to look like.
  • SEEKONE Heat Gun offers its users a lifetime free warranty. When it starts to become faulty, users can contact the company’s phone number and report about the issue, and the company will go from there.


  • The product produces very hot temperature, and it can heat up fast.
  • The product comes with a small adapter which makes it more convenient to use.
  • The heat produced and the speed of the airflow can be controlled using the dials installed at the back of the heat gun.


  • The sudden heat from the product might hurt users who are not paying attention.
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6. Homidic Mini Handheld Hot Air Gun

The Homidic Mini Handheld Hot Air Gun provides the users with the freedom on how they would solder metals and other materials that require hot air. It has a long cord measured at 6.56 feet to ensure mobility. This 300W portable heat gun is recommended for those who love making DIY projects, arts and crafts. It also has a favorable review from the users who have purchased and tested it.


  • The Homidic Mini Handheld Hot Air Gun has a 6.56 long cable that makes it easier to move when creating DIY projects. This cable is made from high-quality materials (stainless steel), and it is covered with ABS plastic to protect it from different elements.
  • The Homidic Mini Handheld Hot Air Gun is an excellent tool if you wanted to heat materials like shrinkable films, rubber stamps, and embossed powder. It is compact, and the design makes it self-supporting and suitable for tabletop use.
  • The Homidic Mini Handheld Hot Air Gun runs at 110V, and in a matter of few seconds, the temperature of the nozzle can reach temperatures up to 392 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also equipped with heat vents that regulates the extra heat inside the device, protecting it from damage and extending its life.
  • The Homidic Mini Handheld Hot Air Gun is a perfect tool for hobbyists who are working with polymer clay because it can harden the material in a few seconds.


  • This heat gun heats up fast and cools down quickly after use.
  • It is lightweight, and the design makes it suitable for tabletop work.
  • The heat can be directed easily.


  • The product only comes with a few settings, giving the users less control.
  • The temperature easily climbs to 392 degrees Fahrenheit, and it should not be used for more than ten minutes. You cannot work continuously because the tool heats up extensively in a short manner of time.
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Can you reflow solder with a heat gun?

The question “can you reflow solder with a heat gun?” has been asked on Google so many times, as people are wondering about the capabilities of a heat gun. The answer is YES – you can reflow solder using a heat gun!

Solder rework stations can be costly, beginning at a price tag of $100. However, if you would like to reflow a small number of parts, you can rely on heat guns to finish the job. A decent heat gun costing $30 can give you the best results if you wanted to do reflow solder.

You can also search for other recommendations online from people who have done it in the past to get the idea which type of heat gun they have been using.

Can you solder with a heat gun?

Let’s admit it – heat guns have a lot of functionalities and features, and their designs are top-notch – but can you solder with a heat gun? The answer is an astounding YES! Heat guns were created for soldering materials, and it is the perfect tool if you love creating DIY projects.

Heat guns are very handy especially when you are trying to solder copper pipes. The heat from the device will instantly bind copper, as well as other metals. You should try out for yourself and see how fast these heat guns can increase the heat that it produces.

However, keep in mind that for you to perform a perfect soldering task, make sure that your workspace is free of any debris that can burn, and the piece that you are working on is clean.


If you are looking for the perfect heat gun for your project, the Wagner Spraytech Heat Gun is the best choice. However, the five other heat guns on this list also gained a high review on Amazon because of their features. If you are not happy with the Wagner Spraytech Heat Gun’s design, you are free to choose the other five heat guns on this list and the results will almost be the same.

Always remember that if you are trying to buy heat guns that can solder metal and other materials, make sure to read the functionalities and features first, and use the posted reviews from the users as a guide whether you should purchase the product or not.

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