Best Butane Soldering Iron

Top 6 Best Butane Soldering Iron

Anyone looking to complete their toolbox should have a good butane soldering iron. These versatile tools can do a lot of different jobs around the house or in your workshop. They’re great for making artistic pieces, binding small materials together, cutting wires, and more. They’re lightweight and easy to use and refilling them with more fuel takes only a few seconds.

But finding the best butane soldering iron requires a little research. We’ve put this guide together and done the research so you don’t have to. We’ll show you the best butane soldering irons on the market, plus show you how to operate them safely. Let’s get started.

Top 6 Best Butane Soldering Iron

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1- Power Probe Butane Soldering Kit

This is an organized butane soldering kit that includes everything you need to get started right away. It comes with a sturdy butane soldering iron with a maximum temperature of 930°F, and an adjustable flame length between 0.5 inches and 1.25 inches. It’s perfect for both welding jobs or decorative burning alike.

The electronic igniter is consistent, and the purchase comes with some extra accessory tips and other attachments, such as a heat shrink shield, some adjustment wrenches, and a hot knife. All of the above are organized in a durable case for easy transportation from your workshop to anywhere you need to go.


  • Comes with lots of accessory tools.
  • Easy to keep everything together with case.
  • Good flame size range.


  • No “remaining gas” indicator.
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2- Dremel 2000-01 Versa Tip Precision Butane Soldering Torch

This sleek and stylish butane soldering torch can provide maximum temperatures between 1022°F and 2192°F. It also comes with an easy start ignition trigger that makes beginning your work faster than ever, which can be helpful if you have unsteady fingers or if you have trouble maintaining the finger strength necessary to start other butane torches.

Even better is the variable temperature control to let you precisely dictate how hot you want your flame to be at any given moment. You can also use the flame lock-on tool to ensure that the torch works consistently over longer projects. 14 accessory pieces are included in the silver case, so you shouldn’t need to purchase another butane soldering iron just because you need a different tip; practically every possible tip is already included.


  • Very good for use with extensive projects.
  • Excellent flame temperature range.
  • Lots of tips for different jobs, ranging from binding to decorative wood-burning.


  • The case is made of thin metal and the lid is not secure
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3- Weller P2KC Professional Self-Igniting Cordless Butane Soldering Iron Kit

This lightweight butane soldering iron can also work with hot air, as indicated by the attachable tool that comes with the purchase. It has a maximum temperature of about 850°F, which is manageable but a little low compared to many other irons. It also has a pushbutton ignition for easy startup and heats up very quickly; it can go from beginning its burn to melting in less than 40 seconds.

It has a high gas capacity for about one hour of continuous burning, plus an automatic cutoff switch when the cap is replaced. It comes with three accessory tips, as well, plus a stylish black carrying case that’s small enough to fit into most pockets. This case is fairly durable and should hold up even under significant wear and tear.


  • Excellent choice for longer jobs due to high gas capacity.
  • Very quick to start up.
  • Easy to use and refill.
  • The case is High quality.


  • The stock tip is a little too wide for precision work.
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4- Portasol P-1K Professional Kit

This butane soldering iron kit comes with four accessory tips plus a cleaning sponge and tray and a wire stand. In addition to these special accessory tips, 11 nickel and iron-plated soldering tips are also available to personalize the tool’s function. It uses a flint igniter and an adjustable power between 10 and 60 W.

As a result, you can start it up quickly and get to work faster than compared to many other soldering irons. It has a 60-minute run time when it’s full of fuel, and a maximum temperature of about 752°F.

You can also purchase the soldering iron by itself if you don’t want the case or the other accessories. This is significantly cheaper and is an ideal budget option for craftsmen who just need a new torch.


  • Comes in either kit or single-tool purchases.
  • Excellent run time between refills.
  • Fast startup sequence.
  • Decently durable case.


  • Lower-than-average maximum temperature
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5- LEXIVON Butane Torch Multi-Function Kit

This superefficient butane torch kit has an excellent fuel capacity that allows for up to two hours of runtime before you need to refuel. It has a flame lock-on function to ensure that the torch continues to run while you multitask, plus an ergonomic handle so your hand doesn’t cramp up during longer jobs. It has a precise flame control slider to control your working temperature more easily.

Everything comes in a convenient carry case, including the butane torch and six accessory tips, one of which can be used with hot air. A sponge and a kit with some extra wrenches are also included with the purchase, so there’s lots of value for money here.


  • Comes with a phenomenal array of tools and tips.
  • One of the longest continual run times among butane soldering irons.
  • Case is easy to carry and durable.
  • Lets you precisely control the temperature of your flame.


  • No fuel included out of the box.
  • Flame lock-on requires both hands to activate.
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6- Master Appliance Ultratorch UT-1000SiK Butane Powered Soldering Iron

This lightweight butane torch is entirely flameless and can be ready to use in just 30 seconds. It has power equivalent to a 20 to 80 W electric soldering iron and can provide temperatures up to 2500°F in less than half a minute. It uses specially designed soldering tips that have excellent iron and chrome plating with the thickness of standard brass; this improves thermal conductivity and ensures that the tips last for a long time.

An adjustable temperature lever allows you to change the temperature with a flick of your finger, and the gas tank is really high capacity. You can run the torch for about two hours on a full tank of fuel. Included with the torch are a few extra tips and a cleaning sponge. Everything comes in a thin carrying case that can be fit into a narrow pocket or compartment.


  • Great for longer jobs.
  • Case is compact.
  • Tips are long-lasting and great for conducting heat.
  • High maximum temperature.
  • Easy to control the temperature.


  • Doesn’t come with many extra tips.
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Best Butane Soldering Iron Buying Guide

There a few things you should look for if you’re after the best butane soldering iron available. Understanding these aspects can help you pick out the ideal soldering iron for your unique needs.

Minimum-Maximum Temperatures

Be sure to investigate how hot any given soldering iron can reach. Those irons that can reach above 2000°F will be better for certain types of jobs, while other cheaper soldering irons might only reach up to 900 to 1000°F. Think about the kind of work you’ll be using your soldering iron for and don’t settle for a tool that doesn’t reach the temperature you need.


When buying a particular soldering iron, see how long it will run without running out of gas before finalizing a purchase. Longer projects will require a soldering iron that can run for significant periods of time. Some soldering irons can only work for 10 minutes consistently, while others can work for up to two hours or above. Those who plan to use their soldering iron frequently will probably benefit from a tool with a longer range, while those who use them only once in a while can get away with a cheaper soldering iron.

Hot Air Option

In addition, check to see if each potential soldering iron option comes with a hot air option. This option gives you some more versatility when using your butane soldering iron. You can always tell if an iron accepts hot air by looking for a hot air soldering tip. This usually comes as an accessory packaged with the main tool.


Many of the best butane soldering irons come with safety caps or temperature controls. Both of these are excellent for ensuring your continued personal safety as you go about your business. You’ll also want a butane soldering iron that has good durability, as flimsy tools have a higher likelihood of causing personal injury while on the job.


Finally, don’t forget to examine the efficiency of the soldering iron. Check for things like the length of the flame or how long it takes for the tool to heat up. More efficient irons will have longer flames and heat up more quickly, although these are often more expensive. Still, if you use the tool frequently it’s best to invest in a high-quality soldering iron than to go with something cheap that makes you wait for a long time before you can use it.


Let’s go over some frequently asked questions concerning the use of butane soldering irons.

How to Refill Butane Soldering Iron?

When your butane soldering iron has run out of butane fuel, refilling it doesn’t usually take much time and can easily be completed in less than 20 seconds once you have some experience.

For starters, make sure that you aren’t in a room with fire already burning. You want a place that is well ventilated, as butane is super flammable and can combust into a large inferno if you fill the soldering iron next to a blaze that is already burning.

Once you’re in a perfect location, turn the soldering iron upward so the tip faces down onto a wooden table or workbench. There should be a fill valve at the bottom of the soldering iron, near the center of the tool.

Take your butane fuel can and push the nozzle into the valve. Both the valve and the nozzle should already be pre-sized to fit perfectly without any extra effort on your part. You should only need to hold the fuel can in place for about 10 seconds or so, as the butane transfers from can to tool relatively quickly. You can always make sure that your soldering iron is full by watching for excess butane leaking out of the valve.

In addition, the soldering iron will grow colder as you fill it with butane. Because of this temperature variance, it’s usually a good idea to let the soldering iron rest before you ignite it again. Wait about a minute to let the butane settle in the tool.

How to Light a Butane Soldering Iron?

To avoid a big jet of flame sparking right at the beginning of the ignition process, make sure that you adjust the gas lever or knob on your butane soldering iron to be around the middle of its intensity. This provides enough blame to start a healthy torch without overdoing it.

Most butane soldering irons have both an ignition switch and the safety lock button. These two switches must be activated in conjunction to safely start the torch. Press down on the ignition button while pulling the safety lock button downward at the same time.

After this, you should hear a distinct click that signals the beginning of the flame. If your soldering iron has a window near its tip, you should see the orange of the flame at this point. Make sure that you switch your continuous flame button to the “on” position. Finally, press the “flame off” button after letting the fire run for a few seconds to activate the tool catalyst.

After this, your butane soldering iron should be ready for work. The exact sequence or direction of button presses or motions may vary from model to model, but the general steps above should apply to all butane soldering irons.

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Overall, the best butane soldering iron is whichever tool best suits your needs. Don’t forget to grab some extra fuel once you’ve selected your iron and good luck on your next project!

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