I have been a computer nerd since way back in high school. I took every electronics class they offered and even fixed Commodore 64's for the school district. Some of my favorite things are old retro vintage electronics. Recently, I re-foamed some Cerwin Vega speakers to use with our Pioneer turntable. I hope I can help and share some of my knowledge with you.

What Temp Does Lead Melt

What Temp Does Lead Melt?

Lead has a lower melting point compared to most metals i.e., 327.5 degrees Celsius (Or 621.5 degrees Fahrenheit). What Affects Lead’s Melting Point? While the melting point of lead stands at 327.6 degrees Celsius, lead (and other metals) can melt at different levels depending on several factors discussed below; I. External Pressure Lead’s melting point …

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How to Desolder Pins

How to Desolder Pins

You need to desolder pins when replacing or salvaging components on a circuit board. Desoldering pins remove the connection/attachment to the circuit board. The most important consideration when desoldering pins is how to remove the molten solder that attaches pins. With this in mind, there are two main ways. First and foremost, you can use …

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How to Desolder SMD

How to Desolder SMD

Before discussing desoldering SMDs, it is important to define the term. What is SMD? SMDs are surface-mounted devices. A typical SMD is mounted on a circuit board and soldered in place. To remove SMDs, they must be de-soldered. How to Desolder SMD Step 1: Collect the Right Equipment/Tools/Supplies There are several ways of removing surface-mounted …

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What Can I Use Instead of Electrical Tape

What Can I Use Instead of Electrical Tape? ( Electrical Tape Alternatives )

To answer on What Can I Use Instead of Electrical Tape, it’s important to define electrical tape. Electrical tape is specialized tape meant for insulating, protecting, and shielding wires, cables, and other components that conduct electricity. Electrical tape (or thermal insulation/insulating tape) has widespread applications in professional and domestic settings. The tape also varies in …

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