Aoyue 968A+SMD Digital Hot Air Rework Station

Aoyue 968A+SMD Digital Hot Air Rework Station

The Aoyue 968A+SMD Digital Hot Air Rework Station is manufactured by a company called SRA. They have been manufacturing, importing, and distributing soldering and brazing supplies since 1962. They are widely recognized and trusted brand that most consumer pick for all their soldering repair needs.

The Aoyue 968+SMB Digital Hot Air Rework Station comes with a variety of products that not only help the consumer solder the component they are working on, but also move components and clean up the area with a breeze.

If you are someone who solders, or if you are someone who is new to soldering, you know the importance of having a product that makes the work you do go a lot smoother. The Aoyue 968A+ doesn’t only make it easier to work on your components, but it also gives you a piece of mind when you are in the middle of a difficult project.

Aoyue 968A+SMD Digital Hot Air Rework Station

It is always important to know the specs of a product before you buy it. Not all soldering stations are created the same, and not all stations are ideal for all types of working. Knowing how much voltage your machine puts out and the temperature range it keeps is just as important as how well it performs.

It has a weight of 5.25 kg or 2.2 pounds, which makes it easy to pick up and carry with you when you need to travel. It has an input voltage of 110 v or 60 HZ. It rates its temperature in Celsius and a hot air range from 100-480 degrees Celsius which is 212-896 degrees Fahrenheit.

The hot air power is 500 watts and has a diaphragm pump for the air source. The iron power is 70 watts and has a temperature range from 200-480 Celsius or 424-896 degrees in Fahrenheit. This device also provides accurate readings for all of its temperatures.

What the Device Comes With

The Aoyue 968+SMD Digital Hot Air Rework Station comes with multiple different features that are designed to make things easiest for you when you are making repairs. Its display is digital, and it has a microprocessor unit to make things very user-friendly.

It contains an intelligent error reporting system, digital calibration feature, and an adjustable sleep timer for the soldering iron as well in case you forget to turn it off when you are done working. It also has an auto cool-off blower as an added safety feature as well.

When you buy the device, you get the 968A+ main station with a hot air gun and a holder to make transporting a breeze. It comes with a soldering iron, a spring iron holder, and an air nozzle set. It also comes with nine spare iron tips and an IC popper. And of course, it comes with a spool holder and a sponge tray.

This set comes with all you’ll need for your first soldering project minus the iron you will actually need for the soldering. There is no need to buy extra tools once you purchase this unless you want more tips.

The machine also has a smoke absorber build in to help keep as much as the smoke from the soldering out of the way as possible that way you can always see what you are working on. It also has a vacuum pick up system that will help you pick up and move any small pieces you are working on.

If you are someone who has large hands or finds that plastic tweezers just don’t get the job done, you should never use metal tweezers when working with metal or electrical components, then this vacuum system might work best for you. It will pick up the component without damaging it, and you’ll be able to place it where you need to with ease.

What People Like Best About the Aoyue 968A+SMD Digital Hot Air Rework Station

The machine is very easy to put together. If this is your first soldering machine or someone who struggles with machines that have a lot of components, the Aoyue 968A+ will come as a relief when it is time to assemble it. It also has a user manual that will outline everything you need to know before assembling your station.

The machine is reasonably priced for everything that you receive. If you are someone who does a lot of soldering, having 9 different tips of different sizes can be very important. You can also buy up to 30 different tips separately, which makes this machine perfect for almost all soldering jobs. Instead of having to buy multiple guns and machines for different sizes of projects, it is nice to have one on hand that can do it all.

The iron also heats up fairly quickly and can maintain a consider temperature when it uses. The digital display on the unit also maintains an accurate reading of the temperature so the consumer can always be sure of what temperature they are using and how they may need to adjust it.

What Could Use Improvement

The compressor is known to be a little louder than most on the Aoyue 968A+. If you are someone who likes to work in more quiet areas, you might not think that this station is best for you. It is important to be happy with your machine if you plan on using it for long periods of time.

Another issue is that the machine is not built for heavy use over years of time. This might not be a problem for most consumers as they might expect any machine to have some wear down after years, but for some, they might be disappointed when the temperature reading starts to become inaccurate after they have had the machine in constant daily use for a few years.

Reasons the Aoyue 968A+ is Popular Among Consumers

The Aoyur 968A+ does what it was designed to do. It is a four in one machine that not only provides soldering work, but it also does hot air rework, has a vacuum to pick up and move components, and it has a built-in smoke adsorber to keep your area clear.

The digital interface makes it easy to use and read. It has a high range of temperatures for both soldering and hot air work, and it maintains an accurate reading so that the consumer can also be aware of the temperature they are working with. The machine also won’t overheat when working like some less expensive models might.

The machine is reliable and gets the work done for a great price. Consumers are always pleased with the type of performance it provides when being used for both heavy and light work. Having the four components built in always makes it to where they don’t have to switch between machines when performing a repair.

If you are someone who likes the convenience of having one machine that can take care of all your needs when making soldering repairs, this might just be the station for you. It will get the job done, won’t overheat, and make your repairs go by faster since you won’t have to switch between different machines or use small tweezers to move components.


  • It is lightweight and easy to travel with.
  • It has four different components built in to make repairs easy.
  • It has a digital interface that is easy to read.
  • It doesn’t overheat when it uses.
  • It comes with 9 different tips for the soldering machine that come in different sizes.
  • The machine comes with a spot to hold the gun for easy storage.


  • The compressor in the machine is louder than most and not ideal for someone.
  • The machine doesn’t hold up well to heavy use over a few years time.
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