Anesty ZD-915 Pro Digital Vacuum Desoldering Station

Anesty ZD-915 Pro Digital Vacuum Desoldering Station

If you are someone who works with a lot of technology and items that might need repairs by soldering or desoldering, Anesty ZD-915 Pro Digital Vacuum Desoldering Station could make your life a little easier.

Having the ability to solder and desolder things such as switchboards, electrical components, and some wires can come in handy if you are someone who likes to fix things themselves, works in a job that requires you to make repairs to certain metal or electrical components, or if you simply have an older piece of technology that requires consent repairs.

When it comes to soldering or desoldering, it is important to have a tool that you trust and makes the process easy. If you are not happy with your soldering tool or if it is too difficult to use, this might create issues in the finished product. Having a functioning tool that works properly with you is half the battle.

With so many soldering tools on the market, it can be hard to know which one is the right one for you. It is important to know all the specs and if something is the right fit for your needs before making a purchase. Always look at the pros and cons of an item before deciding if it makes sense for you.

Anesty ZD-915 Pro Digital Vacuum Desoldering Station

There are many details about the Pro Digital Vacuum Desoldering Station that makes it a great solution for all your soldering needs. First, it is designed for lead-free desoldering with a quick heating and strong power that is convenient and essential for clear soldering and desoldering of all DIP components.

It has a single hand operation with strong absorbing power that makes it easy to remove any and all residual solder from one-side or two-sided PCB. The desoldering iron gun is also controlled automatically by the microprocessor.

The Pro Digital Vacuum Desoldering Station also has a heating element that is made of PTC. The sensor on the tip of the desoldering device can also control the temperature quickly and accurately so that you can work quickly and efficiently.

Anyone who has ever done soldering work knows how important it is to have a device that is accurate and that you can trust in order to get the job done right. When soldering electrical components, it is important to be able to work efficiently and clearly so that nothing gets damaged in the process. One wrong move and you might risk damaging your components.

Here are a few of the specs on the station itself. The desoldering station has an input of 110-130 voltage and a power consumption of 140 watts. The main fuse is 3,15 A, and the AACUM pressure is about 600mm Hg. The temperature ranges from 160 C to 480 C with is 320 to 860 in degrees Fahrenheit.

The heating element is a PTC ceramic heater. The gun power is 80 watts that rates up to 130 watts when heated up, and the desoldering gun has a voltage of 24. Knowing the specs of your soldering or desoldering device is important when deciding if it is the right fit for your needs.

Why the Pro Digital Vacuum Desoldering Station is the Only Tool You Need?

The Pro Digital Vacuum Desoldering Station has a portable weight and is safe to use for frequent soldering needs. It can be used for your soldering needs on mobile phones, computer components, and any other small items you might have that need repairs or even manufacturing.

It comes with the station, the gun, three different tips, and a few supplies to get you started. It is ideal for anyone who is looking to get started with their project upon receiving this device in the mail. It also comes with a convenient clip on the side of the station to store your gun once it has cooled down for easy travel with the device.

The Pro Digital Vacuum Desoldering Station will provide you with the needed tools to make your soldering and desoldering projects quick and easy. When used properly, you can keep your mess down and soldering neat lines that won’t interfere with the electrical components on the section of metal you were fixing.

Reasons People Like the Pro Digital Vacuum Desoldering Station

This station is of a lighter weight and easier to set up than a production station. It is easier to carry around and clean when you are in the middle of doing a lot of soldering work. You will have to clean the tip regularly, but it is a quick and simple job.

The vacuum is powerful and will quickly clean up any solder that is being desoldered. It keeps the work station very clean and can go longer than other machines between having the soldered material cleaned out fo the catch tube.

One of the biggest pros that most consumers seem to like the most is that the machine is just really simple to use. The interface and buttons on the station make setting it up very easy, even for the newest of users. With a machine that is simple to use, there is less chance of a user error occurring that can ruin an entire project. This is great if you are new to soldering and desoldering.

Where the Pro Digital Vacuum Desoldering Station Could Use Some Improvement

One of the only complaints about the Pro Digital Vacuum Desoldering Station is that the station can sometimes get too hot and need to be cooled down to function properly if you are someone who does a lot of soldering or desoldering. If you are someone who only needs to use this for personal use and for only a short period of time, this might not matter.

There is also a section of tubing in the station that is only meant to catch the soldering and does not heat up, which means soldering bits can get trapped in this. This means it needs to be cleaned out a little more frequently than other devices. This is important to note if you do a lot of work at once and don’t want to be bothered with cleaning the catch often.

Why People Still Buy The Pro Digital Vacuum Desoldering Station

A lot of people report buying the Pro Digital Vacuum Desoldering Station as a beginner set up, or something to get them by until they can buy a better device, but they end up liking it so much they just decide to keep it. This has to do with how well it is built and holds up over time. Often people say they were thinking about replacing it after it broke down, but that after years of use it is still going strong.

If you are someone who actively takes care of their machine and doesn’t have an issue with cleaning out the catch tube often, this device is great. It will get the job done, keep things clean, and stay accurate over time. It is a great desoldering station to use if you like something that is easy to use and gets the job done.


  • It is simple to use.
  • The tip provides accurate temperatures.
  • It is lightweight and easy to transport.
  • The catch is rather large.
  • It has a holder on the side of the machine for the gun that provides easy storage when in transport.
  • It comes with three tips and tools to keep the catch lean.


  • The catch has to be cleaned often because a section does not heat up to keep the solder from getting stuck.
  • The device will need time to cool down if it is being used for hours on end.
  • Does not contain the power of a large production unit.
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